13:20 Planetary Geomancy

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We  start with what is 13:20   which it's happend to be also   linked to  MAL-DEK drawn on the maps  down and you can imagine it like the Control Room of heavenly influences full with admins inhabiting thefor Connecting Different Space dimensions   around the galaxies in many Levels.Argo Navis like constellation is so Big that is cut off to several parts represented in modern constellations actual for 2014 . But still far back in the past the Ancients regarded this Ship like whole constellation which flows through the Space where we have actually many ships.

The Basic DOS lang  Bios used for  purpose connections of this writing is to explain and upgrade the systems represented as Law of Time.org simply as LOT +-O site as to  rearrange and simplify for Dummies  the schematics of  Basic /also the 13 Moons Ruler/Blue prints represented as base of  the point of view as Given  Reality Time Law and to represent  you also the OLD LAW . We continue as written by the Mastermind Guide + corrected by additional info where needed and remaind you that all is written in the STARS as Constellations as  FIRST ORDER followed by ANY OTHER ORDER and as last this of TIME as found by eg   serpents egg.In this regard we need also  electric stove as

Further more all the stars have signatures as GREEK Letters and added Numbers used for manipulating your FEELINGS via  constellation and the  sequence of Manipulation as to be the only Satelite near Earth. So the 13 Moons Calendar as represented is kind of  FIXED sequence of the Moonstations also Mansions which contain  just Fixed stars as given by ancient Arab Hindu and China systems so when we deal with the  we Deal with the  coded in  Constellations as influences over us.

The following is a step-by-step guide for navigating your way through the synchronic ORDER /means that you follow it by the BOOk of LAWs containing different patterns and systems correlated in One "NEW" system of the  exciting realm of universal synchronicity


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You can start to experience the magic of the synchronic order by finding your galactic signature=truth detector rc fiscan  fiscan  fiscan    reactor        

Your galactic signature is your code name for your mythic or fourth-dimensional self  dimension    u  which is just a Myth as written and MAY BE NOT REAL YOU but just a rcGUIDE      

Each galactic signature is a gateway or portal    galaxvort  galaxvort ? ?   t galaxvort galaxvort  galaxvortthat can be used to discover different aspects of your being.

Your specific galactic signature corresponds with a number, color, Earth family, chakra, planet, and much more, which is based of math moving frequency of code symbols and is NOT STATIC.

Through the synchronic order /which is MOVABLE/, events and people in our lives can be viewed from a higher-dimensional vantage point revealing ever-deepening patterns of meaning which MAY or NOT LIKE YOU as prediction Prophetic direction of FLOW on Earth GRIDs

Note: Your galactic signature occurs once every 260 days so has a cyclic  ORDER. Likewise, each day and night contains a specific galactic signature that can be “read” through the lens of the synchronic order signature .

 Use your galactic signature to find yourself in the .  Note that your particular signature correlates to an affirmation which as you read it AGREE IT by default  within a particular harmonic. A harmonic is always a color-coded set of four signatures that follows the sequence: red, white, blue, yellow which are part of the Spectre of Manipulating flow and also 1/2 usable  not covering the whole spectrum of the Rainbow and chakra arrangement.


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   Find and note your solar seal on the planet holon and the human holon which is just a sample  . A holon refers to the holographic essence of any given form: human, planet, star, galaxy and fix you in choosen coordinates without to be choosen by yourself but from the Creator as stated Sirius Influence.

Sample arrangemet of glyphs is shown so can be changed for places  according your wish or purpose of intention by this sample




 The 7 +-radial plasmas are not only each of the 7chakras, but also open 7 Heptad Gates in the brain. heart gear

Mirrored Image Left is Right and you pick and arrange  the wished Kins from the 260 days Module shown down

Sample chakras  initiation

Note:That every chakra has Seal and Elemental additional wheel for protection which is OTC or One Time code sealed via Annagramer scrabb of combining words which you pick just using the name of every chakra creating a code

 moulded soul Widdershins Deosil  
       aqua spermatozoom
red eastern dragon lair castle elemental sahasrara Protection seal-Sahasrara bluewesterncastleof burning
 wavespell  wavespell  right eye of horus    wavespell  wavespell
elemental adjna elemental adjna
 wavespell  wavespell      wavespell  wavespell
elemental vishudha Protection seal-Vishudha
 wavespell alien king  greencentralcastle   wavespell
elemental anahata anahata protection seal
 wavespell  harmonic      yellowcastleof giving
manipura protection seal elemental manipura
wavespell  wavespell  kukulx3  wavespell  wavespell
elemental svadhistana Protection seal-Svadhistana
   wavespell   chromatic  
  muladhara elemental muladhara seal.png  
  Widdershins Deosil  

2 Foot+2 Arms=20 Fingers equal to 4 Clans =The 4 Horseman of Apocalypse

equal to energy  Maya'n StarGlyphs 



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THE ROLE OF THE BRAIN buc  sparkdroid sparkdroid sparkdroid sparkdroid

There are some electromagnetic energies that are important in relation to experiencing the subtle energies of Earth called electromagnetic frequencies of the brain.

The fact that electromagnetic frequencies created by the activities of our brains play an important role in the understanding of our interactions with Earth makes it important to look as these frequencies of more detail. Brain wave patterns can be measured and are reflections of our states of consciousness in the sense of awareness.For example, our mental and emotional state has a strong influence on brain waves.The frequency of brain can be explained in cycles per second  or hertz Hz   ipo .Understanding our brain waves is important because it tell us   how our mov brain function also to understand certain     challenges people may have.Our brain use raygun13 Hz   for   Active Intelligence=beta state fixed with nu Choose another state  meteorshower  meteorshower    pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse  pulse

Often we find individuals who exhibit learning disabilities and attention problems having a deficiency of 13 Hz activity in certain brain regions.This affects a person's ability to easily perform sequencing tasks and math calculationsalpha

The brain is a organ that makes us aware of what is happening inside and outside of ourselves, therefore an important role in becoming aware of what happens when we connects with the subtle Earth energies.Without being aware, it seems that nothing is happening and will not stimulate the longing to continue with this connection. Awareness of subtle energies requires a shift in the activity of the brain when we are thinking too much , there is no space for awareness of more subtle signals, therefore our brain activity determines whether or not we aware of subtle experiences




MAP Possible Awareness Chip partial structure states upgrade consciousness

The Brain is powerful instrument by witch you can enter  in the Matrix through so called Universe Realm state via tau digamma-stigma

    aries hippocampus m arise andromeda pegasus    moulded soul arise
        arise delta eneagram of personality   arise
            impossible cube    
       Blivet-the devils fork        
 theta  phi latitude pan  tau kukulx3     kukulkaninf    
haarp phi latitude pan chi beta gamma alpha kappa delta  nu
gear move              

gear move   


Brain activity is described by the frequencies of different brain states.When the brain is active, it creates certain electromagnetic frequencies that we can measure with different instruments.Five main frequency stages are recognized each describing the different states of the brain activity which control thought and memory.
Every brain state is associated with characteristic brain waves. EEG (electroencephalograph) instruments are an accepted way to measure the electrical activity of the brain and thereby evaluate brain waves. Brain waves can indicate a state of health, consciousness, or activity. Some brain waves are optimum for daily life, others for meditation, and still others for achieving a healing state.are important part of connecting with subtle Earth energies.

Most people are familiar with the first 4 stages

  • beta BETA STATE

In this state the brain shows frequencies in the range of 12 to 36 Hz and this is the most active state.The patterns are generally  very irregular. These are the brain waves of Alertness-Concentration-Cognition.The heightened alertness is associated with

  • focused attention
  • peak concentration
  •  clear thinking
  • processing visual information
  • hand-eye coordination

an also with

  • anxiety
  • worry
  • fight-flight activity

For most people this is the dominant state of the brain during the day-when the eyes are open and we are listening and thinking and analytically problem solving oriented as passing judgments, decision making and information processing about the world around us.

  • alphaALPHA STATE

The brain waves in this state have frequency range from 8 to 13 Hz with a peak in activity around 10 Hz.The patterns are most regular than with beta  waves.Here the key words are :RELAXATION-VISUALIZATION-CREATIVITY.The attributes are

  • deep relaxation
  • detached awareness
  • nondrowsy alertness
  • reflective and contemplative energy
  • an open mental focus
  • introspection

The alpha state is the link between the conscious beta -focused attention theta -subconscious focus and Higher conscious delta-deeper awareness states.The frequencies of brain activity most likely move into the alpha state when you quietly watch a sunset or contemplate water flowing in a creek.

  • thetaTHETA STATE

In this state , the brain waves range from 4 to 8 Hz with a Key words MEDITATION-INTUITION-MEMORY.This is so called DREAM STATEouja board mayan nawal some call this the subconscious mind functioning.theta states are found during meditative states in prayer      , when we dream, and after we come out of delta state.This is the subconscious connection to the higher consciousness and the Akashic records.It is the state that leads to self -healing and has been identified as the Gateway to learning and memory.You need this state to connect on a deeper level with Earth energies.Also this state is natural in children until they are 13 y.o.nu when we have the feeling of Oneness and knowing

  • delta DELTA STATE

This is the lowest frequency ranging from      raygun  pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse0.5 to 4 Hz  and is defined as the pulse pulse pulse pulse pulse  pulse higher conscious mind.It acts as radar or   buc  buc  unconscious rc scanning device for

  • Intuitionzeta nu/hunches, your 6th sence  
  • Instinctive action
  • Inner knowing
  • Deep psychic awarness

 Some people call it the Gateway to the Soulmoulded soul.Normally this state is found in deep dreamless sleep, but is also found in trance.Can be also be induced by very deep meditation and even dowsing.neurons which are not involved in the processing of information, all fire at the same time .Certain frequencies in  delta range also trigger the release ofmov human growth hormone, which is beneficial for healing and regeneration.it is the dominant rhythm in infants from to 1 year of age till unlock longer wave lenght of remembering range

  • gamma GAMMA STATE

 This state has been the highest frequencies which is above 28-36 Hz.Research has shown that these frequencies can go up quite high to about 200 Hz.Initially this state was defined as the frequency range 36 to 44 Hz and most people stick to this definition.The research has found this level marked by mystical and transcendent experiences.Higher frequency ranges are called HYPERGAMMAdigamma-stigma up to 100 Hz and lambda longitude golden ratiofrom 100 Hz to 200 Hz.Basically gamma state represent the simultaneous processing of information from different areas which could be called High-level information processing precognition is also connected with this state.Research shows that long term meditation develops a high level digamma-stigma brain waves and shows high levels of brain synchronisity and coordination

In summary we can say that delta state is the state of deep dreamless sleep while beta is the state of normal dayly activities.It has been shown that both alpha & theta brings Zen meditation, although with Zen there is more beta activity.


When falling asleep you are in alpha then theta -dreaming sleep and finally you move to delta-dream-less sleep.While dowsing /a dowser is a person using a dowsing rod to find Earth energies/ is able to have all 4 states in the same time.This is true both for dowsing  with tools and for virtual dowsing with research.

Most of us are in the beta state during all out walking hours.it is very important state that helps us to function in this world.However we need the wisdom to access to other states of brain activity we wont to be in .When we are only in beta state we don't have access to other states of awareness.This is the case for most people, many of whom have forgotten how to relax.

From looking at the given definitions , it may become clear that some brain states help us to connect with information that can't be perceived with our 5 senses.In order to get there  we can learn to relax in the alpha and once we master the different states we are been able to access information other than through the active logical mind=beta These ways of accessing information are often referred to as being psychic, however they are normal activities of the brain available to everyone.This does not mean that there are no individual differences-We can learn to paint , but only a few are true masters.When e meditated enough to master gamma we will truly be able to coordinate the information we receive.

Increasingly we begin to understand that the brain is a transmission and processing system which receives signals and translates them into new signal which can be an action or an emotion therefor is said is the bridge between the subtle energy world and the physical world.


The functioning of the brain is supported by certain frequencies that Earth creates called Tesla -Schumann resonance belonging to a group of natural electromagnetic fields.They are very important to us because induce brain states that help us to relax, heal and perceive Earth energies like a tuning forkBlivet-the devils fork psiworks with sound .Technically the striking force id Lightning  in the resonating cavity that is formed between the terestrial surface and the lower edge of the ionosphere. forms a broadband electromagnetic impulses that fill this cavity and induces the 7 Tesla-Shumann resonance frequencies which are between 7 to 50 Hz but the most important is 7.83 Hz which falls in the range low alpha and high theta frequency of waves and is a key  in helping us experience Earth energies and effects.


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The purpose of this practice is to engage not only what is happening on the surface of the Earth, but to  consciously engage the internal, fourth-dimensional workings of interplanetary forces. In this way we begin to telepathically thetaactivate the noosphere, the mind sphere of Earth.
In the Planet Holon, Earth is divided into 20 zones. Each zone is coded by one of 20 solar seals that belongs either to a


 T-Cross influence Magnet compass.png  
 Solar/Prophetic SP Flow Galactic/Karmic  GK Flow 
chromatic chromatic chromatic wavespell wavespell   wavespell wavespell wavespell wavespell wavespell
      spectrum pick   prismrotator tau        

planetary grid

Choosen Quadrants for Remodelling X Crosschi

phi latitude pan     Celestial poles axe     lambda longitude golden ratio

Study these zones and also note the planet associated with each. Each flow is divided into two chromatics of five seals each, which diagonally (from the top moving down and right) span the planet from  to
This structure makes up the skeleton of the 4th-dimensional body of the Planet.

Here we will give a simple exercise to begin. To go more in-depth into the methods of planetary geomancy see Book of the Transcendence.

1. Find your  galactic signature truth detector
2. Locate your solar seal on the Planet Holon
3. Note what part of the Earth this covers
4. Note the chakra, Earth Family and Planet that is associated with this region

For example, if your galactic signature is Skywalker, then you would first locate on the Planet Holon. You can see that it is located in the South Atlantic ocean between South Africa and the South East Coast of Brazil and South America.

Visualize that part of the world as if from high above the Earth. Then note that belongs to the Signal Earth Family, which corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra. is also associated with planet Mars, and is the solar/prophetic flow or outbreath (Worldbridger is the galactic/karmic in-breath of Mars). Now, transfer the visualization of the South Atlantic ocean into your solar plexus chakra and feel that part of the Earth broadcasting through your solar plexus.

As you do this, think to yourself: “May the  zone of Earth be inseparable from my Solar Plexus, May I become one with the Earth.”

By identifying with your particular zone on the Planet Holon, you begin to create a telepathic link with one of the functions of the noosphere through your Earth Family/Planet Holon.
The key is to telepathically tune into and take responsibility for this part of the planet. Study the region and note what is going on in it. Work with it psychically on both the surface and interplanetary levels.
Also take note of which region on the Earth you were born and pay special attention to that region as well.
The Planet Holon is also activated on a daily basis through the 13 Moon calendar. Each day corresponds to one of twenty zones on the Planet Holon. This exercise is an example of everyday ceremonial magick for planetary transformation.
By continuously activating this grid, you are activating the fourth- and fifth-dimensional frequencies and thus helping to lay a foundation for the emergence of a new order or state of being: the Noosphere.

The notion of a planetary grid goes back to Plato who conceived of Earth as being like a -shaped ball.

R. Buckminster Fuller further developed this idea and laid out a   on the world map, and even made globes.

In the 1970s Russian scientist, Kiril Lachugin, conceived of the Earth as a giant crystal structure. This crystal structure creates a grid that is constructed of an integrated with a . This model was adopted by American researchers Becker and Hagens and developed as the Planetary Grid System.

The Planet Holon was discovered in 1986 by José Argüelles/Valum Votan who was meditating on Buckminster Fuller’s dymaXIon  world map.

Taking a small copy of the Becker-Hagens grid, he overlaid it with a unique 20-unit geometrical design that accommodates the 20 solar seals of the Mayan calendar glyphs. This was the first laying out of what is now known as the Planet Holon—also known as the Arcturus Protectorate Zone




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 Find your corresponding planetary orbit. In the synchronic order the purpose of a planet is to hold its orbit in relation to the other planetary orbits and altogether in relation to the Sun or stellar unit of the evolving star system. The frequencies of the planets in relationship to each other account for the creation of different stages or aspects of consciousness.





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Find your Earth Family. The four seals of your earth family recur every four years.  This creates a pattern that repeats 13 times in a 52-year cycle. There are five earth families: Polar, Cardinal, Core, Signal and Gateway. Each Earth family corresponds to a specific chakra. Note that the Earth families also code the planet holon in five horizontalphi latitude pan rows.
initiates the abundance
permeates the abundance with the power of healing
feeds the abundance with the ability of magic creation
expresses the magical force in a vision
harmonizes the responsibility for the power of revival
The ABUNDANCE has been achieved  
initiates the power of spirit
permeates the spirit with immortality
feeds the spirit with the power of feelings
represents the spirit of honesty and lawfulness
reveals the spiritual truth
THE FULLNESS OF THE SPIRIT has been accomplished  
the START into the NEW, blazes trails, summons to existence-INITIATION  
initiates the NEW as North –Earth –West
permeates what has been started with an instinct of survival
awakes the original memory and removes blockages in the karmic fields
introduces the original knowledge into the physical world
organizes cooperation for the sake of the common good
  The BIRTH has been achieved -the NEW has come into being
initiates the full bloom
permeates what has flowered with the aspects of beauty and harmony
chooses the roads where to move and open possibilities
enriches free will with the intuitive intelligence
adapts intelligence to the universal knowledge
The FULL BLOOM has been reached


chakra alignment




 Zones grid phi latitude pan check up via googleearth.exe

SUN ZONE North Polar 0=ϴ gp um      sdg   

Polar Family Yellow=Sound the Chromatics
We begin with the Zone of the Enlightened One, p15 (A) GK Pluto, Inflow of Galactic Influences

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence:European subcontinent, from western Siberia, Slavic land,across all of Europe, but not including Iberian Peninsula [Spain & Portugal],egypt pyramid projecting upward from Great Pyramid of Egypt, Syria, Turkey, the Caucasus, much of the Mediterranean and Black & Caspian Seas, stonehendgeStonehenge, heartland of Western Civilization, Christianity, ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Russia, Byzantum, Ottoman Empire.

DRAGON ZONE North Temperate  Qilin

Cardinal Family Red (Establish the Genesis)        

Zone of the Ancient of Days, 8GK Neptune, Activation of Galactic Memory

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: projecting east from Great Pyramid and north from mid-Indian Ocean, Arabian Peninsula, Middle-East, including Israel, Mecca, Jerusalem, Baghdad, “Cradle of Civilization”, Iraq, Indian subcontinent, Vedic root, Himalayas, Afghanistan, Tibet, much of China, into southern Siberia, root of monotheistic religions, as well as Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Yoga, Taoism, Hunza, Shambhala, the mother of human civilization.

WIND ZONE Equatorial

Core Family White (Mine the Tunnels)
Zone of the th  High Priestess,  p19GK Uranus, Galactic Spiritual Communication

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: projecting south from south China & China Sea, and north from Arabian land, Aboriginal North and Western Australia, includes all of New Guinea, Indonesia, Java, Bali, Borabadur, Southeast Asia, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam overlays, the Philippines and into the West Pacific Ocean, Aboriginal, Oriental and Polynesian mix

NIGHT ZONE South Temperate

Signal Family Blue (Unravel the Mystery)
Zone of the Dreamer, pGK Saturn, Distillation of Galactic Power of 7 th   

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: projecting from southwestern-most point of Australia, includes most of Aboriginal Australia [Oceania], Uluru, Tasman Sea, Melanesia, Polynesia, Aotearoa and Southeastern South Pacific, land of great Polynesian navigators, followed by Captain Cook & British imperialism, making present Australia & New Zealand part of the British Commonwealth

SEED ZONE South Polar

Gateway Family Yellow (Open the Portals)
Zone of the Innocent,p4 GK Jupiter, Magnification of the Flowering of Galactic Power

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: Antarctica, Transantarctic Mountains, Ross Sea and Ross Ice Shelf, West Antarctica, Amundsen Sea, Southern Sea, southernmost South Pacific Ocean, treasure vaults of the secrets of Lemuria & Atlantis. Completes Yellow Chromatic/Fire Clan.

SERPENT ZONE North Polar  serpent cypher serpent cypher   ophiuchi  serpent 

Polar Family Red Receive(Sound the Chromatics)         , Zone of the Serpent Initiate, dimension Untitled-1 plan GK Maldek
The Lost Planet Primal Initiations of Power & Knowledge

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: Northeast Asia, the Great Tundra, Siberian plains & plateaus, Arctic Ocean, Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, northeastern China, Beijing, the Forbidden City, Eastern Kazakhstan, Altai, the Korean Peninsula, Hokkaido, Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, northwest North Pacific, ancient Shamanic magic zone, Genghis & Kublai Khan, home of Sky Religion, Magic, Taoism, Buddhism.

raygun WORLDBRIDGER ZONE North Temperate 

Cardinal Family White Transmits (Establish the Genesis), Zone of the   Hierophant,p17 GK Mars
The Lost Civilization of Galactic Mars, Seat of the Hierarchical Knowledge

Zone of   iDisk twipsycho   geographic influence: North Pacific Ocean, Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, ancient mysteries of the Takenouchi, 7 Generations, Shinto and flowering of Zen Buddhism, leader of the later industrial civilization, Mt. Fuji, North Mariana Islands, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, atomic bomb/memory of Mars

HAND ZONE Equatorial

Core Family Blue Transduse (Mine the Tunnels), Zone of the Avatar,p8 GK Earth matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan 
Focalization Point of the Influx of the Lost Knowledge of the Otherworlds

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: Central, North & South Pacific, northern & eastern Polynesia,farthest reaches of the ancient Polynesian navigators, principle zone of influence, Hawaiian Islands,Hawaiian volcanos, last Polynesian kingdom contested by Japan, USA, WWII

STAR ZONE South Temperate

Signal Family Yellow Receive (Unravel the Mystery)
Zone of the Artist,p9GK Venus, Focalization of Influx of Galactic Artistic Knowledge

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: Malta,South Pacific Ocean, easternmost Polynesia, Easter island, Kontiki Aku Aku Ancient Star Mysteries, central Chile, and west Argentina, heart of Cordillera of the Southern Andes Mountain chain, southernmost reaches of Inca Empire, Mount Aconcagua seismic zone, Rim of Fire, Spanish Colonial Empire, liberator O’Higgens

MOON ZONE South Polar faceless  asteroid  ∞  ∞   p16

   galaxvort  galaxvort  ? ? galaxvort t galaxvort  galaxvort Gateway Family Red Transmit         (Open the Portals)   flip squarematrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave smwave 
Zone of the Healer, (Ω) p7 GK Mercury, Point of Influx of Galactic Healing Knowledge

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: Western Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, southern South America, Patagonia, the Healing Heartland, southern Chile, southern Argentina, Falkland Islands, southernmost Atlantic Ocean, Tierra del Fuego, South Georgia, Sandwich Islands

DOG ZONE North Polar

Polar Family White Receive (Sound the Chromatics), Zone of the Compassionate One, p7 (A) SP Mercury
Point of Influx of Solar Logos Love Frequencies

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: North Pacific Ocean, easternmost Siberia, ancient land bridge to North America, shamanic migration of ancient Amerindians, Alaska, Mount McKinley, Eskimo culture, north-northwest Pacific coast cultures, now Alaska, 49th U.S. State and northwestern-most Canada/Yukon

MONKEY ZONE North Temperate 

mayan nawal  Cardinal Family Blue Transmit(Establish the Genesis)

Zone of the Magician, p7SP Venus, Point of Influx of Magical Powers of the Solar Logos   

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: Most of Temperate & Tropical North America, Mexico and Central America, Seat of great civilizations, Olmec, Maya, Toltec, Zapotec, Aztec as well as sedentary & nomadic North Amerindian cultures, Hopi, Navajo, Ute, Lakota, Cherokee, etc., seat of Mayan Calendar & Galactic Maya Home Base, prophecies of time (Sunstone), Quetzalcoatl, U.S.A. (except eastern seaboard), Mexico and Canada.

HUMAN ZONE Equatorial

Core Family Yellow (Mine the Tunnels)
Zone of the Sage,p8 SP Earth, Point of Influx of Wisdom of Solar Logos

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: South Central America, Central Caribbean, major part of South America, Amazon, Andes, Andean civilization, Chavin, Nazca, Tiahuanaco, Inca Empire, Macchu Picchu, Kontiki Viracocha, Keepers of the Wisdom of the Atlantean Star Elders, colonialist Catholic Empire, modern-day Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

SKYWALKER ZONE South Temperate      

        Signal Family Red (Unravel the Mystery), Zone of the Prophet, p17SP Mars

Point of Influx of the Space of Prophecy of the Redemption of the Lost Planets

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: South Atlantic (southern reaches of ancient Atlantean Empire), southwestern-most African continent, present-day Namibia & Republic of South Africa, Cape Town, Namib & Kalahari Deserts, mid-Atlantic coast of South America, urban Brazil (Rio, Sao Paolo),
Uruguay and urban Argentina (Buenos Aires).

 WIZARD ZONE South Polar

  galaxvort  galaxvort ? ?  t galaxvort galaxvort  galaxvort Gateway Family White (Open the Portals)
Zone of the Wizard,  dimension Untitled-1 planSP Maldek, Storehouse of the Lost Wisdom of the Otherworlds

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: Antarctica, Queen Maud Land, east Antarctica, Valkyrie Dome, Atlantic Indian Antarctic Basin, point of generation: southeast African coast

EAGLE ZONE North Polar  dial lines    dove clr  ea      el 

mayan nawal  Polar Family Blue (Sound the Chromatics)  q words  
Zone of the Seer, ,p4 SP Jupiter, Planetary Fountainhead of Visionary Power

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: North Magnetic Pole, Arctic Ocean, Greenland, Iceland, north Canada, Baffin Island, Queen Elizabeth Islands, Hudson Bay, Great Lakes, eastern Canada, eastern Seaboard, U.S.A. urban zone, global industrial world center, former Iroquois Nation, Eskimo

   WARRIOR ZONE North Temperatecharacter in question canm character in question 

Cardinal Family Yellow (Establish the Genesis)
Zone of the Pathfinder, pSP Saturn, Atlantean Pathways of Cosmic Consciousness

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: projecting west from Giza Pyramid, northwest Africa, Sahara Desert, ancient Benin Empire, Ghana, Senegal, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, north Atlantic Ocean, ancient Atlantis “Beneath the sea she may be”, pathways of the great sea-farers, Iberian Peninsula,Spain & Portugal

EARTH ZONE Equatorial

         dial linesCore Family Red (Mine the Tunnels), Zone of the Navigator,  p19SP Uranus
Synchrotronic Evolutionary Space of the Birth and Rebirth of the Human Race

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: projecting south from Giza Pyramid, major portion of African continent, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Nigeria, Congo River, Angola, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, the Heartland of the Human Race, zone of the rebirth from global industrial colonialist oppression, the original tribes of man

MIRROR ZONE South Temperate

Signal Family White (Unravel the Mystery)
Zone of the Yogi(ni), 8 SP Neptune, Oceanic Consciousness of Cosmic Memory

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: Indian Ocean, Madagascar, Seychelles Islands, Mauritius, Chagos Archipelago, southwestern-most point of Australia, along with Hand zone as most oceanic of all the zones, Treasure Trove of the Lost Mysteries of the Cosmic Unconscious

STORM ZONE South Polar

  galaxvort  galaxvort ? ?  t galaxvort galaxvort  galaxvort Gateway Family Blue (Open the Portals), Zone of the World-Changer,   p15  (Ω)  SP Pluto,Magnetic/Transformative Field of Planetary Regeneration

Zone of twipsycho   geographic influence: South Magnetic Pole, South Indian & Southern Oceans,Antarctica, Transantarctic Mountains, George V Land, Wilkes Land, Ross Sea & Ross Shelf, plasma generator of the Rainbow Bridgespectrum pick

globe vortex netHUNAB KU 21 Earth Coreg

Generator of Solar-Galactic Electrodynamic Transmissions through Radio Polar Diffusion
Zone of th    the Magus of the Infinite, Solar-Galactic Root of Planetary Kuxan Suumsigma

Seat of Noosphere Consciousness and psi Bank Programs, Receptor of Solar Sunspot Cycle Transmissions Crystal Iron Octahedral Inner Core: Radius 1216 km =64 (DNA) × 19 (command) Outer Core Radius 2270 km. (1216+2270 = 3486 = BMU 399 ) Lower Mantle Radius: 2185 km.
Upper Mantle to Crust: 700 km. Total Kilometers, Center to Crust Radius: 6371 km.


[toggle title=” 6 Tzolkin/Harmonic module” state=”closed”]

 Locate your kin number on the Tzolkin/Harmonic module. Note that the 52 shaded units are known as galactic activation portals. These are days of extra high frequency. On the Tzolkin locate your birthwavespell. A wavespell is a cycle of 13 days, moons, years, baktuns, etc.



Rainbow Key

 alpha   Qilin catseye          
red eastern dragon lair castle                      
wavespell harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic chromatic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic

harmonic chromatic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic  harmonic harmonic harmonic  bluemonkeygenesis harmonic harmonic
bluewesterncastleof burning
wavespell harmonic
  harmonic alien king
harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic  harmonic harmonic  wavespell harmonic harmonic
harmonic harmonic
harmonic chromatic   wavespell
harmonic wavespell bluemonkeygenesis     harmonic
harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic  harmonic harmonic harmonic chromatic harmonic harmonic
wavespell    chromatic
yellowcastleof giving
harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic  chromatic harmonic harmonic  harmonic harmonic harmonic
wavespell  harmonic     wavespell

365 day cycle


[toggle title=”7 Oracle Board” state=”closed”]

Find your Destiny Oracle. Each galactic signature is defined by a five-part structure called the Destiny Oracle.

On the graphic above, each five-part cross is a Destiny Oracle. To find your oracle, locate the cross which has your Solar Seal in the center. For example if you are a White Dog, find the cross with the White Dog solar seal in the center.

Then use the chart below to find your guide Solar Seal (the blank square at the top of the five-part cross). The graphic below also describes the powers of the individual pieces of the oracle.


[/toggle][toggle title=”Destiny Castle” state=”closed”]

Chart your Destiny Castle. The Destiny castle defines the sequence of 52 annual signatures that occur from the time you are born up to your 52nd birthday. Beginning with your 52nd birthday, the cycle repeats. The basis of the Destiny Castle is the repeating pattern of four seals that constitute your Earth family.  Every year the galactic tones advance by one. Since there are 13 tones and 4 seals per Earth family, this creates the cycle of 52. The Destiny castle can be used to find different patterns in your life and to find higher meaning in our experiences, events and people in our lives.



[toggle title=”Rainbow Bridge” state=”closed”]


    •  degree Rainbow: 
    •  degree Bridge:









      • Ability to build a bridge for the leaping of a new direction into life
      • Bridges the to Chakra
      • Seraphinite /Clinochlore/->The ‘I am’ Stone-Warning !!! Bridge of I'M collapse Serpahine defence of the Fortress ask for the Magic Word!!!
      • Energetic Bridge that connects one’s thoughts with those of the Divine Mind
      • >Bridge between spirit and consciousness is strong within me
      • Bridge runs parallel to one of the banks
      • Bridge that supports our safety as we cross over troubled water, which is similar to how we are able to remedy uncomfortable behaviors and promote the celebration of something new to come
      • Bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual realms
      •  Acts as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds
      • Ability to bridge one with higher dimensions of consciousness-Acts a a bridge that is directly connected to Divine Source
      • -Bridges a link to the higher-self, which helps increase inspiration, creativity and imagination
      • -Bridge across St. Mary River near the city of Lethbridge/make bridge to Letha-the  Forgetting  river/
      • Bridge for community illumination
      • Bridge between consciousness and matter bringing practicality in so that you can transform insights with the power of manifestation
      • The Ascension Power Stone-stones which have been engineered etherically to carry the energies and communications of a group soul called the ’Azez
      •  Conductor and it is also a bridge in many ways
      • Terrestrial bridge between Heaven and Hell
      • -Suicidal tendencies can be efficiently offset by physical exercise
      • -Gap
      • -Bridge between matter and consciousness
      • -Open the inner eye to “far seeing” – Bridges and Opens the Gates into inter-dimensions  where interaction with beings of higher planes can occur
      • Awakens the Self -Wisdom and bridge it to Higher dimensions
      • -Bridges the conscious mind to the super-conscious mind
      • Bridge collapse solved with-Calcite can’t bridge anymore  the gap of the Veil and other Fluorite crystal are not connected with higher vibrational combinations between that reality and our own world, but a mineral such as Yttrium Fluorite will bring  important information down through the physical plane to a level more easily understood and you can use it when learn more about any problem





Law of Time 












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