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Virgo is the sixth sign Six Sixes of the zodiac, symbolizing purity, curiosity, order, and perfection. The constellation vir Virgo depicts a virgin, who was traditionally seen  as a sensitive, wide-eyed soul, intent on discovering more about the world and their A Place To Belong within it. Though today’s Virgos are much more worldly than their naive Nativities symbolic counterpart, most still find comfort in sifting through the details of any new endeavor with an intense desire to grow with each experience. Interestingly, Virgos will occasionally research not only with the desire to learn, but to be prepared to fend off any individuals that might doubt their worldliness. They tend to become connoisseurs of a wonderful variety of subjects as a side effect of their incredible thirst for knowledge.

Upright, this card references learning and growth. If a person has been feeling self-effacing or over-critical, a class-like atmosphere with deadlines may prove most helpful to gauge personal growthas well as a new understanding of one’s abilities, emotions, or inspirations. Progress is more evident within an organized structure of milestones.

Reversed, the Virgo card may reveal that a person’s perfectionist tendencies may be getting in the way of true productivity. The release of a new project may be delayed, deadlines not met, or the slowing of progress may be a side effect of a struggle to make sure everything is “just right.” Reassessing personal values that determine success may be necessary in order to move forward at this time.

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vir The Star of Vergina   III The Empress       Starry Eyes   Calculate Stars  eyes  MaCroscopic scale   Calculate Zodiacs   Calculate Sacred Code  The Code Of English   The Code Of Gematria  Cant Fake Pattern   The Code Of A Number  Calculate God Of Bible  The Code Of Jesus  Calculate Christ  Calculate Dec Seven  Mighty Mouse

 The Empress  The Daughter of the Mighty Ones th 

 This card is attributed to the letter delta Delta Pyramid Trunk Cut  World Three west treeSoutheast East Lies Road , which means a Wooden Door  Door Of Heaven  The Door Frame O  Is The Door  The Door Mark  

Escape Route   Forest Path On A Mission  Wilderness  Full Steam Ahead And Witness Portofino   Villa Soleil  Restore Eden   Hanging Gardens  Flower Garden Im Low Level  Lowliness Cinderella Effect Housekeeper     Seven Rays  Seven Of Nine   Beyond ColorCome Up Higher  Solar Rays   Nuclear Sun Nuclear Blast Atoms Collide Nano Particle  Sun Energy  Our Energy  Amplification   Name Of Energy

Heavenly Real   Transcending Transference  Vortexes  The Megaverse  Wormholes  Where Can We Go A  When And Where ? Where Is Home ? A Stay At Home  This World World Healing The Healer Of All Heal The People  Lovely Place  Green Zones   Final Fantasy and Final Warning  Warning Tape also refers to the planet p9  linked to the Human Energy Template of the Rainbow Body Rainbow Girl Rainbow Rug A Rainbow Bridge  Bridge Vehicles  . This card is, on the face of it, the complement of The Emperor; but her attributions are much more universal.
On the Tree of Life Further Life Best Life Ever Guardian Of Life The Nightmare  A Nightmare Life  Life Is All False False Awakening Im Gonna Awaken, Sleeping Awake  delta is the path leading from  to Binah-Understanding ,  uniting the Father  with the Motherkun-8 . Daleth is one of the three paths Connect It All  which are altogether above the Abyss  linked to Dematerialize   Chariot Rider Cures Disease I May Have Cancer Cancer Profit hand jù xiè zuò Perfect Song Ghost Decibels. Feeling Better ..There is further more the alchemical symbol of p9, the only one of the planetary symbols which comprises all the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. The doctrine implied is that the fundamental formula of the u multiverse is Love Energy   Were In Love No Leaf Clover Bring Me Over How Do I Love which is  appleformula FORMULA for this alluring our understanding of the Creations Intentions.Be Calm Be Patient

Is i'mpossible to summarize the meanings of the symbol of the Woman, for this very reason, that she continually recurs in infinitely varied form The Extender  Black Magic Woman,Cosmic Woman,Medicine Woman "Many-throned, many-minded, many-wiled." Mind Program  Artificial Mind  Smart As Hell     I Am Being Mindread Proof Reading    You Tell Me  End Suffering

In this card I Decline One Bad Card , she is shown in her most general manifestation. She combines the highest spiritual with the lowest material qualities. For this reason, she is fitted to represent one of the three alchemical forms of energy, Salt. Salt is the inactive principle of Nature; Salt is matter which must be energized by Sulphur to maintain the whirling equilibrium of the u Universe. The arms andsb torso of the figure consequently suggest the shape of the alchemical symbol of Salt. She represents a woman with the imperial crown and vestments, seated upon a throne, whose uprights suggest blue twisted flames symbolic of her birth from Miracle Water , the feminine, fluid element found in Sabian symbols. In her right hand For Right Hand she bears the lotus of egypt godessIsis egypt godess shb u; the lotus represents the feminine, or passive power as Antiparticle . Its roots are in the earth beneath the water, or in the water itself, but it opens its petals to the Sun, whose image I Imagine You  is the belly of the chalice having truly SEXUAL interpretation suggestion.Boom Boom Done

It is, therefore, a living form of the Holy Grail , sanctified by the blood of the Sun. Perching upon the flamelike uprights of her thronet cassiopeia are two of her most sacred birds, the sparrow and the dove; the nub of this symbolism must be sought in the poems of Catullus and Martial. On her robe are bees; also dominos, surrounded by continuous spiral lines; the signification is everywhere similar.
About her, for a girdleherc  hbelt, is the Keep The Zodiac  babilonian constellations western zodiac eastern zodiac wheel 
Beneath the throne is a floor of tapestry, embroidered with fleurs-de-lys liliumand fishes cipher solver  fi  fi  Piscis Boreus lineol bolt paus   pa ff dor anq gryphites
they seem to be adoring the Secret Rose rose  rosecross, which is indicated at the base of the throne.  In this card all symbols are cognate, because of the simplicity and purity of the emblem. There is here no contradiction; such opposition as there seems to be is only the opposition between 8 (ruled by default from  Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng)and 2  (ruled by default from bu ) Houses in the Zodiac wheel, which is  programmable STUCK  BUG maybuginfluence  in  astrology charts wheels concerning the 2-8 Houses values  linked and  shown by the revolving moon phases smwave


The heraldry of the  is many-fold:Another Beast  The Wild Beast  

  • on the one side, the Pelican hand sw clr pe peof tradition feeding its young from the blood of its own heart; on the other, the handdove ea  elWhite Eagle ; of the Alchemist= WRONG INTERPRETATION  As the Pelican can be  actually a SWAN  sw . With regard to the  pePelican, its full symbolism roots can be found in    as is only available to Initiates of the otoFifth degree of the O.T.O. In general terms, the meaning may be suggested by identifying the Pelican herself with the Great Mason Works from Louisana State in US and their offsprings via an  ,  the Anagramer for the formula of Tetragrammaton + iceboot which is pure programmable matter language of teritory Earth Grid boot points as coordinates
  • The White Eagle dove ea  elin this trump corresponds to the Red or Blue Light Agenda Dark Blue Eyes   Blue Eagle in the Consort card, the  Emperordarkside emperors. It is here necessary to work back wards as the Eagle is US Country SYMBOL on Blow Fill Seal as was in NAZI Germany symbol before and now , but actually represent a Constellation and Nebula, both with much higher sequence of understanding tha you can imagine or read in the books, therefore the Eagle is drawn on  a Shield ss and has 2 heads
  • At the back of the card is the Arch or Door, which is the interpretation of the letter delta. This card, summed up, may be called the Gate of Heaven =   La Puerta Magica The Hot Gates  Probably Hell South Pit  . But, because of the beauty of the symbol, because of its omniform presentation, the student who is dazzled by any given manifestation may be led astray. In no other card is it so necessary to disregard the parts, to concentrate upon the whole.

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 THE CRY OF THE 3RD ÆTHYR, WHICH IS CALLED  scream_32  ZOM as   codwatwar zombieszombie The After Effect

There is an angry light in the stone; now it is become clear.In the centre is that minute point of light which is the true Sun, and in the circumference is the Emerald Snake. And joining them are the rays which are the plumes of Maat, and because the distance is infinite, therefore are they parallel from the circumference, although they diverge from the centre.

In all this is no voice The Dream Voice  and no motion. And yet it seems that the great Snake feedeth upon the plumes of Truth In Me as upon itself, so that it contracteth. But ever solittle as it contracteth, without it gloweth the golden rim Apples Of Gold Golden Handshake , which is that minute point in the Command Centre.
And all this is the sigil of the Æthyr,   gold and azure and green. Yet also these are the Severities.

It is only in the first three Æthyrs that we find the pure essence, for all the other Æthyrs are but as Malkuth to complete these three triads, as hath before been said. And this being the second reflection, therefore is it the palace of two hundred and eighty judgments.

For all these paths* are in the course of the Flaming Sword from the side of Severity. And the other two paths are Zayin, which is a sword; and Shin, which is a tooth. These are then the five severities which are 280.

All this is communicated to the Seer interiorly  . Eye Popping  The Inner Eye Deepset Eyes
“And the eye of His benignancy is closed. Let it not be opened upon the Æthyr, lest the severities be mitigated, and the house fall.” Shall not the house fall, and the Dragon sink?

Verily all things have been swallowed up in destruction; and Chaos hath opened his jaws and crushed the Universe as a Bacchanal crusheth a grape between her teeth. Shall not destruction swallow up destruction, and annihilation confound annihilation?

 Twenty and two are the mansions         mov of the House of my Father , but there cometh an       oxo         ox that shall set his forehead against the House, and it shall fall. For all these things are the toys of the Magician and the Maker of Illusions boo  gsm   tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher   , that barreth the Binah-Understanding from the

O thou that hast beheld the City of the Pyramids, how shouldst thou securet behold the House of the Juggler? For he is wisdom, and by wisdom hath he made the Worlds, and from that wisdom issue judgements 70 by 4, that are the 4 eyes of the double-headed one; that are the 4 devils= Satan↭Lucifercipher solver   lucifer sigil small Lucifer -Salvator Mundi↭Leviathan↭ Belialrubi and belil sun, that are the great princes of the evil veil sw 8of the world. What Is Evil ?  Lift The Veil Final Curtain Fifteen Degrees    Why Am I Alive ?     Live Creator Evil Creator  No More Evil  Snap Decision Fighting Evil

Whats In A Name   Encode Image Of GodFalse Encoded Image Being In The Image Paint The Image

And Satan is worshipped by men under the name of     Jesus;
and Lucifer cipher solver   lucifer sigil small   m  lucifer sigil small is worshipped by men under the name of indian Brahma;
and Leviathan is worshipped by men under the name of Allah  gsm;
and Belial is worshipped by men under the name of Buddhabuddha avatar
(This is the meaning of the passage in Liber Legis, Chap. III.)

Moreover, there is Mary, a blasphemy against ,for she hath shut herself up; Be Yourself Apparently Celestial Self  Self Respect Selfunmade Man and therefore is she the Queen Of Denial Queen Of Spade those wicked devils that walk upon the earth, those that thou sawest even as little black specks that stained the Heaven of Urania. And all these are the excrement of Choronzon.
And for this is under the power of the ,that she hath submitted Dedicated Herself unto the work; and she guardeth the Abyss. And in her is a perfect purity of that which is above;yet she is sent as the Redeemer rc  to them that are below. For there is no other way into the Supernal Mystery but through her, and the Beast on which she rideth; and the Magician is set beyond her to deceive the brothers of blackness, lest they should make unto themselves a crown; for if there were two crowns, then should Ygdrasil, that ancient tree, be cast out Cast It Out into the Abyss, uprooted and cast down into the Outermost void icon Abyss, and the Arcanum which is in the Adytum should be profaned; and the Ark should be touched, and the Lodge spied upon by them that are not   The Masters , and the bread of the Sacrament should be the dung of Choronzon; and the wine of the Sacrament should be the water of Chor-onzon; and the incense should be dispersion; and the fire Fire To Wire upon the Altar  arshould be hate. But lift up thyself; stand, play the man, for behold! there shall be revealed unto thee the Great Terror, the thing of awe that hath no Masters Name.

And this is the mystery that I declare unto thee: that from the Crown itself spring the three great delusions; Aleph is madness,and Beth is falsehood, and Gimel is glamour. And these three be greater than all, for they are beyond the words that I speak unto thee; how much more therefore are they beyond the words that thou transmittest unto men.
securetBehold! the Veil of the Æthyr sundereth, and is torn, like a sail by the breath of the tempest, and thou shalt see him as from afar off. This is that which is written Writing Is, “Confound her understanding with darkness,” for thou canst not speak this thing.

It is the figure of the Magus  of the Taro; and in his right arm the torch of the flames blazing upwards; in his left the cup of poisonth    , a cataract into  Hell. And upon his head the evil talisman, blasphemy and blasphemy and blasphemy, in the form of a circle. That is the greatest blasphemy of all.*

On his feet hath he the scythes and swords and sickles; daggers; knives; every sharp thing,—a millionfold, and all in one. And before him is the Table that is a  Table of wickedness, the 43 equation solver cb       ast cbcb   diadem dia 42-fold Table. This Table is connected with the 42 Assessors of the Dead egypt, for they are the Accursers Under Curse  Excursion Cursed Thing  , whom the soul must baffle; and with the 99A indian  c3po 42-fold name of God, for this is the Mystery of Iniquity, that there was ever a beginning at all. And this Magus casteth forth, by the might of his four weapons, veil after veil; a thousand shining colours Green Pink Black , ripping and tearing the Æthyr, so that it is like jagged saws, or like broken teeth in the face of a young girl, or like disruption, or madness.

There is a horrible grinding sound,maddening. This is the mill in which the Universal Substance,which is ether, was ground down into matter.The Seer prayeth that a cloud may come between him and the sun, so that he may shut out the terror of the vision. And he is afire; he is terribly athirst; and no help can come to him, for the shew-stone blazeth ever with the fury and the torment and the blackness, and the stench of human flesh. The bowels of little children are torn out and thrust into his mouth, and poison is dropped into his eyes. And Lilith, a black monkey crawling with filth, running with open sores, an eye torn out, eaten of worms,her teeth rotten, her nose eaten away, her mouth a putrid mass of green slime, her dugs dropping and cancerous, clings to him, kisses him.

(Kill me! kill me!)  
To Kill A Thief  There is a mocking voice: Thou art become immortal. Thou wouldst look upon the face of the Magician and thou hast not beheld him because of his Magick veils.
(Don't torture me!)
Thus are all they fallen into the power of Lilith, who have dared to look upon his face.
The shew-stone is all black and corrupt. O filth! filth! filth!
And this is her great blasphemy: that she hath taken the name of the First Æthyr Exalt The Name , and bound it on her brow, and added thereunto the shameless yod and the tau for the sign of the Cross.Sun Cross
She it is that squatteth upon the Crucifix, for the nastiness of her pleasure. So that they that worship Christ suck up her filth upon their tongues, and therefore their breaths stink.
I was saved from that Horror by a black shining Triangle, with apex upwards, that came upon the face of the sun.
And now the shew-stone is all clear and beautiful again.

The pure pale gold of a fair maiden's hair, and the green of her girdle, and the deep soft blue of her eyes.
Note.—In this the gold is Kether, the blue is Chokmah, the green is Binah.Thus she appeareth in the Æthyr, adorned with flowers and gems.The Blue Jewel  Tourmaline  Zirconium A Gem B Heal Energy  It seems that she hath incarnated herself upon earth, and that she will appear manifest in a certain office in the Temple. I have seen some picture like her face; I cannot think what picture Think It Up Think Upon . It is a piquant face, with smiling eyes and lips; the ears are small and pink, the complexion is fair, but not transparent; not as fair as one would expect from the hair and eyes. It is   Perfect Trap  Mouse  Trap Unclean Thing Mystic Rat  Enough Rats In Gratitude   rather an impudent face, rather small, very pretty; the nose very slightly less than straight, well-proportioned, rather large nostrils. Full of vitality, the whole thing. Now very tall, rather slim and graceful; a good dancer The Shamanic Dance .

There is another girl behind her Rich Girl Karma  I Love Girls , with sparkling eyes Divine Spark  Metalic Spark  ,mischievous, a smile showing beautiful white teeth; an ideal Spanish girl, but fair. Very vivacious. Only her head is visible,and now it is veiled by a black sun, casting forth dull rays of black and gold.
Then the disk of the sun is a pair of balances, held steady; and twined about the central pole of the balance is the little green poisonous snake, with a long forked tongue rapidly darting.
And the Angel Guiding Me  that hath spoken with me before, saith to me:The eye of His benignancy is opened; therefore veileth he thine eyes from the vision. Manfully hast thou endured; yet, hast thou been man, thou hadst not endured; and hadst thou been wholly that which thou art, thou shouldst have been caught up in the full vision that is unspeakable for Horror. And thou shouldst have beheld the face of the Magician that thou hast not been able to
behold,—of him from whom issue forth the severities that are upon Malkuth, and his name is Misericordia Dei.
And because he is the dyad, thou mayest yet understand in two ways. Of first way, the Mercy of God is that Mercy which Jehovah showed to the Amalekites; and the second way is utterly beyond thine understanding, for it is the upright, and thou knowest Nothing Else but the averse,—until Wisdom shall inform thine Understanding, and upon the base of the Ultimate triangle arise the smooth point.

Veil therefore thine eyes, for that thou canst not master theÆthyr, unless thy Mystery match Its Mystery. Seal up thy mouth also, for thou canst not master the voice of the Æthyr, save only by Silence.
And thou shalt give the sign of the Mother, for  is thy fortress against the iniquity of the Abyss, of the iniquity of that which bindeth her unto the Crown, and barreth her from the Crown; for not until thou art made one with CHAOS canst thou begin that last, that most terrible projection, the three-fold Regimen which alone constitutes the Great Work.
For Choronzon is as it were the shell or excrement of these three paths, and therefore is his head raised unto Daath, and therefore have the Black Brotherhood declared him to be the child of Wisdom and Understanding, who is but the bastard Star Shadow Secret Star Star Walker Deep Blue Star  of the Svastika. And this is that which is written in the Holy Qabalah,concerning the Whirlpool and Leviathan, and the Great Stone.Thus long have I talked with thee in bidding thee depart, that the memory of the Æthyr might be dulled; for hadst thou come back suddenly into thy mortal frame, thou hadst fallen into madness or death. For the vision is not such that any may endure it.
But now thy sense is dull, and the shew-stone but a stone.
Therefore awake, and give secretly and apart the sign of the Mother, and call four times upon the name of CHAOS, that is the four-fold word that is equal to her seven-fold word.
And then shalt thou purify thyself, and return into the World.
So I did that which was commanded me, and returned.

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