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In Anno 20:16 the view of the concept of the Tower  has gone through significant changes.As we can speak for different Towers timeline build between  mtEarth-Marsp17 or Elsewhere as real structures, depicted/mirrored  in Tarot decks depending of their authors. So, the confusion is cleared away, if we know what kind of Tower we are searching in a first place, and depending on this  we can digg it in different concepts , and this  will be our new  Host of Service Administration and the Undestructable link between parallel Realities or Twin Worlds in the Onion multiverse

transworld tower

 Look up towards the sky and rub your eyes because you won't believe what you see: cities, forests, and oceans with their own inverted gravity, only an arm's length away, yet completely unreachable. Take a leap over to this alternate reality, two worlds one above, one below facing each other, and youll land in the extraordinary world of Upside Down mov Two worlds. One future .Look up, Look Down, and what if Love is Stronger than Gravity gsm. Following the plot of the movie, we can see the model of the Paper Tower (Tower mirrored to be understood as form of the verb Wrote) which means what YOU Wrote (or whoever wrote whatever)  created from a Girl  named Eden from Up Above. In some decks this is depicted as Tower of Cards  

She gets amnesia when she falls into the mountain when  Adam tries to send her back to the Up Above. She works at Transworld as Designer of the Tower. Adam is a boy  from Down Below. He grows up & works at Transworld as a chemist  who creates a substance made from Pink Bees mus bee defeating the gravity or simply fixing disharmonic structures of any kind, and his invention is patented with the help of loyal friend of UpAbove

Be aware of some aspects of the story plot: Adam and Eden are fictional characters, so here we do not follow the complete story plot as in the End they make sex and Eden is impregnated with Twins as this is the Big manipulation, which show us the prime aspect of the life Force  through the word LOVE  or, which are aspects in this context below and above, linked with the grGreeks/egypt Egiptian/indianHindu Gods concepts for multiplication/seeding of human beings on Earth, which are software programs exploiting our udnerstanding and consciousness over the topic of sex and love as concepts.The both Lionsshī zi zuò  leom as constellations are part of the manipulation also a  virtual software linked to Block ciphersbear & lion, shown in any astrology chart of any person for specific clock date/year.shī zi zuò traditionally is linked with  5th -House of Pleasure -with main themes –Recreational and leisure activities. Things which makes for enjoyment and entertAinment. Games and gambling.chi Children. Love and romance. Creative self-expression, therefore we shed new light over it pointing that is connected in QBLH with  ? ?  ruled by    ma p17 +  redirecting human astrochart wheels via   to maze to explore them as primary sourse of manipulations. Therefore if you are astrologer this gives you a clue where to search for destroyed Towers valid for astro charts too as    JPL   via  reactor  +- reactor beams soft over Earh geogrid

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The Tower (XVI ) (mirrored by  XIV ) is the 16th trump or Major Arcana card in most-suited Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination

This card is attributed to the letter  , which means a mouth; it refers to the planet Mars and mirrors eiftower the eifel tower alignement mov . In its simplest interpretation it refers to the manifestation of cosmic energy in its grossest form via the specific place on Earth, which in the case of Thoth Tarot is viewed as destroyed Tower.Some questions as Why this card is connected with Mars and Why what A.Crowley wrote about this card  is Destroyed by himself? are significant to understand previouse interpretations of the card given below

The picture shows the  destroy buttondestruction of existing material by fire. It may be taken as the preface to  Atu , the Last Judgment, i.e., the Coming of a New Aeon. This being so, it seems to indicate the quintessential quality of the Lord of the Aeon sis p19  go ->


The Tower  follow  signs unveil   :

 First Impression :


  • Feeling afraid, shaken and insecure
  • Imediate, disoriented Disruption 
  • Courage and liberation of sudden Death 
  •  Break down walls hiding yourself 
  • Escape from prison   and all it implies 
  • What is breaking up in my life-file?
  •   Shedding  old layers  
  • Writeen Ambitions on False Premises destroy buttondestruction of firmaments
  •  22 Flames   22 Majors  = tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher   
  • With Destruction comes Creation  


  •   Lightning -Sudden glimpse of   Truth 
  • Embrace, Change and Move on   


The card is designed on the form of carbon6carbon crystal linked with 69 flip, the figures falling from the tower are made of carboncarbon6 cipher solver    jù xiè zuò, the Serpentcipher solver   serpent cypher serpent  on the right is the symbol of active will to live or to follow your primary files directives, coded when you were born, the cor  doveavianDove on the left is passive resignation to death  of those directives and to renew them in a new way 

At the bottom part of the card, therefore, is shown the mov engine start-off cipher solver iphonew  destroy buttondestruction of the old- established Aeon by lightning swars  ichicoin , flames, engines of war. In the right-handcorner are the jaws of Disk, belching flame at the root of the structure. Falling from the tower are broken  figures of the garrison. It will be noticed that they have lost their human shape.They have become mereyz forms clock "geometrycalexpressions.

This suggests another (and totally different) interpretation of the card. To understand this, it is necessary to refer to the doctrines of yodaYoga, especially those most widely current in Southern India, where the cult of indian 8   Shiva, the mov engine start-off cipher solver iphonew  destroy buttonDestroyer, is paramount.
indian 8   Shiva is represented as dancing upon the bodies of his devotees. To understand this is not easy for most western minds. Briefly, the doctrine is that the ultimate reality (which is Perfection) is Nothingness. Hence all manifestations, however glorious, however delightful, are stains. To obtain perfection, all existing things must be annihilated. The mov engine start-off cipher solver iphonew  destroy buttondestruction of the garrison may therefore be taken to mean their emancipation from the prison of organized life, which was confining them. It was their unwisdom to cling to it.
The above should make it clear that magical symbols must always be understood in a double sense, each contradictory of the other. These ideas blend naturally with the higher and deeper significance of the card.
There is a direct reference to this card in the Book of the Lawl. In Chapter I, verses7, the godmov engine start-off cipher solver iphonew  destroy buttondess eg u nu egypt godess egypt godess Nuith speaks: "Invoke me under my stars! Love is the law, love under will. Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love. There is the cor  doveaviandove,and there is thecipher solver   serpent cypher serpent serpent. Choose ye no!"

He, my prophet, hath chosen, knowing the law of the fortress, and the great mystery of the House of God". [For this reason the ancient title, to-day not very intelligible, has been retained. Otherwise, it might have been called War.] The dominating feature of this card is the  Eye left eye of Horus egypt pyramid right eye of horus of Horusegypt horus. This is also the  mountEye of Shivaindian 8   , on the opening of which, according to the legend of this cult, the old created written  Universe is  destroy buttondestroyed.
Besi destroy buttondes this, there is a special technical magical meaning, which is explained openly only to initiates of the Eleventh degree of the dra oto O.T.O.; a grade so secret that it is not even listed in the official documents. It is not even to be understood by study of the Eye in Atu . Perhaps it is lawful to mention that the Arab sages and the Persian poets have written, not always guardedly, on the subject.
Bathed in the effulgence of this Eye /which now assumes even a third sense, that indicated in the Devil/ are the cor doveavianDove; bearing an olive branch and the Serpent cipher solver   serpent cypher serpent: as in the above quotation. The Serpent cipher solver   serpent cypher serpentis portrayed as the shī zi zuò Lion-Serpent Xnoubis or Abraxas. These represent the two forms of mov engine start-off cipher solver iphonew  destroy buttondesire; what Schopenhauer would have called the Will to Live and the Will to Die. They represent the feminine and masculine impulses; the nobility of the latter is possibly based upon recognition of the futility of the former. This is perhaps why the renunciation of love in all the ordinary senses of the word has been so constantly announced as the first step towards initiation. This is an unnecessarily rigid view.

This Trump is not the only card in the Pack, nor are the "will to live" and the "will to die" incompatible. This becomes clear as soon as life and death are understood /See/ as phases of a single manifestation  of energy.


Early printed decks that preserve all their cards do feature The Tower. In these decks the card bears a number of different names and  destroy buttondesigns. In the Minchiate deck, the image usually shown is of two nude or scantily clad people fleeing the open door of what appears to be a burning building. In some Belgian tarots and the 17th century tarot of Jacques Viéville, the card is called La Foudre or La Fouldre swarssparkdroid  ichicoin ("The Lightning") and depicts a tree being struck by lightning. In the Tarot of Paris (17th century), the image shown is of the Devil beating his drums, before what appears to be the mouth of Hell; the card still is called La Fouldre. The Tarot of Marseilles merges these two concepts, and depicts a burning tower being struck by lightning or fire from the sky, its top section dislodged and crumbling. Two men are depicted in mid-fall, against a field of multicolored balls. A. E. Waite's version is based on the Marseilles image, with small tongues of fire in the shape of Hebrew Yod letters replacing the balls.

A variety of explanations for the images on the card have been attempted. For example, it may be a reference to the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, where Goddestroy buttondestroys a tower built by mankind to reach  aqua sparkdroid   Heaven.Alternatively, the Harrowing of Hell was a frequent subject in late medieval liturgical drama, and hell worldwide expressHell could be depicted as a great gate knocked as under by sadarum vJesus Christ. The Minchiate version of the deck may represent mov Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden and their Way Back 

—————————>Alternative Decks

  • sparkdroidThe l Flemish Deck by Vandenborre (c.1750 – 1760) renames it La Foudre walle wall Piscis Boreus lineol bolt paus ("The Thunderbolt"). It shows a mov frightened bootshepherd moolookcowering under a burning tree split by a  dra  mc  bolt of lightning while ramsheep graze at its base.
  • sparkdroidIn Anne Rice Tarot deck the Tower card depicts Armand in the flip squareVampire Chronicles.
  • sparkdroidIn the Mythic Tarot deck, the Tower is depicted with Poseidon gr 
  • In the Golden Dawn system it corresponds to the Hebrew letter Peh, and in the fixFrench system it corresponds to Ayin =bu ε (Ain) blueprintstarredirect to galaxvort vir eyes 

mov engine start-off cipher solver iphonew  destroy button  mentioned 15 times=


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  •  : The Higher Self
  • Lesser Arcanum :
  • : 
  • Watchtower:




Beside the mistery description below given from A.Crowley for the Enochian Calls of Aethers -this card is simply connected through wiki with * -a structure for deploying variouse laws , defined from Authors.The symbolism of the description is connected with the time when Crowley was alive and is no more actual in 2016.Anyways is given as  ycClu of hidden meanings & words patterns needed to be decoded law awl.

There are faint and flickering images in a misty landscape, all very transient. But the general impression is of smwave moonrise at midnight, and a crowned vir  virgin riding upon a    bu gb bull

And they come up into the surface of the stone. And she is singing a chant of praise: hellboy  Glory unto him that hath taken upon himself the image of toil. For by his  labour is my labour accomplished. For I, being a woman,  lust ever to mate myself with some beast. And this is the salvation of the world, that always I am deceived by some god, and that my child is the guardian of the labyrinth that hath 2-and-70 paths.

Now she is gone.
And now there are Angels, walking up and down in the stone.
They are the Angels of the Holy Sevenfold Table. It seems that they are waiting for the Angel of the Æthyr to come forth.
Now at last he  appears in the gloom. He is a mighty king King, with crown and death starorb and  zombie bgate lolsceptre, and his robes are of purple and gold. And he casts down the orb and sceptre to the earth, and he tears off hissilvercrown ipeelawaystarhack goldcrown ipeelawaystarhack crown, and throws it on the ground, and tramples it. And he tears out his   cb ast hair, that is of ruddy gold tinged with silver, and he plucks at his beard, and cries with a terrible voice: Woe unto me that am cast down from my place by the might of the new Æon. For the 10 palaces are broken, and the 10 kings are carried away into bondage, and they are set to fight as the gladiators in the circus of him that hath laid his hand upon 11. For the ancient tower is shattered by the Lord of the Flame and the swars sparkdroid  ichicoin Lightning And they that walk upon their hands shall build the holy place.

Blessed are they who have turned the Eye of Hoor unto the zenith, for they shall be filled with the vigour of the goat. All that was ordered and stable is shaken. The Æon of Wonders is come. Like locusts shall they gather themselves together, the servants of the   gstarStar and of the  snake hydrSnake, and they shall eat up everything that is upon the earth. For why? Because the Lord of Righteousness delighteth in them.

The prophets shall prophesy monstrous things, and the wizards shall perform monstrous things. The sorceress shall be  mov engine start-off cipher solver iphonew  destroy button desired of all men, and the enchanter shall rule the earth.

Blessing unto the name of the Beast, for he hath let loose a mighty flood of fire from his manhood, and from his womanhood hath he let loose a mighty flood of water. Every thought of his mind is as a tempest that uprooteth the great trees of the earth, and shaketh the mountains thereof. And the throne of his spirit is a mighty throne of madness and destroy buttondesolation, so that they that look upon it shall cry: securetBehold the abomination!

Of a single ruby shall that throne be built, and it shall be set upon a high mountain, and men shall see it afar off. Then will I gather together my chariots and my horsemen and my ships of war. By sea and land shall my armies and my navies encompass it, and I will encamp round about it, and besiege it, and by the flame thereof shall I be utterly devoured. Many lying spirits have I sent into the world that my Æon might be established, and they shall be all overthrown.

Great is the Beast that cometh forth like a lion, the servant of the ……and of the Snake. He is the Eternal one; He is the Almighty one. Blessed are they upon whom he shall look with favour, for nothing shall stand before his face. Accursed are they upon whom he shall look with derision, for nothing shall stand before his face.
And every mystery that hath not been revealed from the foundation /Yesod/ of the world he shall reveal unto his chosen. And they shall have power over every spirit of the Ether; and of the earth and under the earth; on dry land and in the water; of whirling air and of rushing fire. And they shall have power over all the inhabitants of the earth, and every scourge of God shall be subdued beneath their feet. The angels shall come unto them and walk with them, and the great gods of heaven shall be their guests.

But I must sit apart, with dust upon my head, discrowned and  destroy buttondesolate. I must lurk in forbidden corners of the earth. I must plot secretly in the by-ways of great cities, in the fog, and in marshes of the rivers of pestilence. And all my cunning shall not serve me. And all my undertakings shall be brought to naught.
And all the ministers of the Beast shall catch me and tear out my tongue with pincers of red-hot iron, and they shall brand my forehead with the word of derision, and they shall shave my head, and pluck out my beard, and make a show of me.

And the spirit of prophecy shall come upon me destroy buttondespite me ever and anon, as even now upon my heart and upon my throat; and upon my tongue seared with strong acid are the words: Vim patior

For so must I give glory to him that hath supplanted me, that hath cast me down into the dust. I have hated him, and with hate my bones are rotten. I would have spat upon him, and my spittle hath befouled my beard. I have taken up the sword against him, and I am fallen upon it, and mine entrails are about my feet.

Who shall strive with his might? Hath he not the sword and the spear of the Warrior Lord of the Sun? Who shall contend with him? Who shall lift himself up against him? For the latchet of his sandal is more than the helmet of the Most High. Who shall reach up to him in supplication, save those that he shall set upon his shoulders? Would God that my tongue were torn out by the roots, and my throat cut across, and my heart torn out and given to the vultures, before I say this that I must say: Blessing and Worship to the Prophet of the Lovely Star!

And now he is fallen quite to the ground, in a heap, and dust is upon his head; and the throne upon which he sat is shattered into many pieces.

And dimly dawning in this unutterable gloom, far, far above, is the face that is the face of a man and of a woman, and upon the brow is a circle, and upon the breast is a circle, and in the palm of the right hand is a circle. Gigantic is his stature, and he hath the Uraeus crown, and the leopard's skin, and the flaming orange apron of a god. And invisibly about him is Nuit, and in his heart is Hadit, and between his feet is the great god Ra Hoor Khuit.
And in his right hand is a flaming wand, and in his left a book. Yet is he silent; and that which is understood between him and me shall not be revealed in this place. And the mystery shall be revealed to whosoever shall say, with ecstasy of worship in his heart, with a clear mind, and a passionate body: It is the voice of a god, and not of a man.
And now all that glory hath withdrawn itself; and the old King lies prostate, abject.
And the virgin that rode upon the bull cometh forth, led by all those Angels of the Holy Sevenfold Table, and they are dancing round her with garlands and sheaves of flowers, loose robes and hair dancing in the wind. And she smiles upon me with infinite brilliance, so that the whole Æthyr flushes warm, and she says with a subtle sub-meaning, pointing downwards: By this, that. And I took her hand and kissed it, and I say to her: Am I not nearly purged of the iniquity of my forefathers?
With that she bends down, and kisses me on the mouth, and says: “Yet a little, and on thy left arm shalt thou carry a manchild, and give him to drink of the milk of thy breasts. But I go dancing.”
And I wave my hand, and the Æthyr is empty and dark, and I bow myself before it in the sign that I, and only I, may know. And I sink through waves of blackness, poised on an eagle, down, down, down. And I give the sign that only I may know.
And now there is nothing in the stone but the black cross of Themis, and on it these words: Memento: Sequor. (These words probably mean that the Equinox of Horus is to be followed by that of Themis.)

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