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 The given degrees are Fixed-Absolute -0 Ground Stable depending on word letters    as End -Beginning cycle of interaction between involved via Humans manipulations, via key words and their Geomantic assignments     

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The Sword of Good  and Evil

  • superna higher triangle :  THE ROOT OF THE POWERS OF THE AIR th 


+ Keywords and extensions: Power  , The power of wisdom,  Strong spirit,Spiritual energy, Outstanding inner strength,  Circumstances lead to victory , Determination, Courage, Logic, Order, Forcefulness,  Concentrated energy, Breakthrough   Right Timing , Perfect timing, Overcome obstacles, The force of the Air element Western astrology , Freedom, New ideas,  The power of words, The pen is mightier than the sword,  Sweet fruit from the bitter tree, The beginning of success  Uplifted in thine Heart  North Node of the Moon Moon in Sagittarius  Venus in Ophiuchus , Radical and unavoidable change, Discipline, Strength of purpose, Equitable action Not Doing This  Divine Emotion Feelings Matter  Anxiety Attack Repressed Anger   And That HurtsNewton's Third Law   Thinking before action,The ability to look at the whole situation,Authority, Legal issues,   Justice   , Law  ,Universal Laws  l Like attracts like   l The Unspeakable Law  Achieving set goals Rich is the goal  Black Magic Money  So Far so Good ,Will, After rain comes sunshine

–  R Keywords and extensions:  Abuse of power , Domination,​ Peremptory,   Confusion , Bully,  Bad timing,   Unnecessary disruption,  Excessive force  Power Tower    Tree Of Life And Death,  Chaos,  Destruction,    Name Of Energy Sun Energy  Chemical Energy   Our Energy   buddha avatar  Love Energy  in the wrong direction ,  Lack of planning,  SabotageDelusions, Sarcasm,  Perversity, Suffer, Self-injury,  Exploitation, Trouble with the government,   Threats,   Legal difficulties,Injustice,   Indifference, Intolerance, Delays, Arbitrariness, Opposition, Obstacles, A hollow victory, Intellectual abuse, Unclear thinking,MistinessLack of clarity,  Live by the sword and die by the sword, Victims , Cutters,  Necessary surgery Metatronic Implants Removes All Problems  , Dissection, Blood test, Vaccination

related code:  VAV HEY VAV   Alef Aleph Bet Beth

To Be A Creation  Live Creator   Evil Creator    Fighting Evil    What Is Evil ?      Lift The Veil    777  buddha avatar Seven Vials  Final Curtain   Fifteen Degrees   Snap Decision  Boom Boom Done   No More Evil   Bonus Army Devils Army    Endless Joy Enjoy The Game     Advanced Weapon: The Taro Key  Ace Of S.wear.words   Ace Disconfirmed  Fear My Word     Malefic Nature    Kill Or Be Kill   Born To Kill Kill Million  Tune Of The Dead Now I Am Ready  Im Ready To Die   Pro Murder    Wound Up Dead     Validate At The  Sleight Of Hand  Invisible Hand   The Holy Lance  Great Power   I Am Air Power Power Ledger  Full Power  Full Steam  Ahead  Day Of Power   You Fools   The Letter O  Circle Of Manias   


matrix code scan Mind Program  Artificial Mind  Smart As Hell    I Am Being Mindread   Who Said That?      I Am Being Mindread Proof Reading   You Tell Me   Me Tell You 

 That Which Is The Foretold   Who KnowsFortitudo   I Know This Fake Knowers  I Figured That   Good Planning    There Is A Plan  We Are The Plan  Meaning Of A Plan  Whos Next?       And Then I Knew      koobs  ​enigma  character in questionParadox + Enigma  Crack The Cipher  Magnum  A Of Prophecy Cryptocom enigma  



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Rose Cross Lamen

+Keywords and extensions: Energy, Birth, The power of fire element, Emotional transmission, A turning point, New experience, Inspiration, Innovative, Optimism, Invention, Trust, Enthusiasm, Willpower, Tenacity, Fertilization, Creativity, Fertility, Conception, Growth, Sexuality, Motivation, Ambition, Success, Initiative, Passionate Love, Potential, Good things are about to happen.

-Keywords and extensions: No difference, Loss of energy, Passivity, The delay, Impeded development, Extinguished hopes, Trouble, The problems arise, The failed attempts, Abolition, The wasted energy, Disillusionment, Misconduct, Selfishness, Lack of motivation or initiative, Impotence, Lack of usefulness, Infertility, Poor plan, Failure, Premature failure, Not even trying, Useless, Unnatural advances, Ineffective, Insistency, High demand, Lack of ideas, Pessimism, Empty promises.

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 World Egg  Fix Earth  Reach Out    Rivers  Dark Moon Deception  Dark Changes Prison  Asylum  That Changed  Darkness   Feed The Fire    Call Of Hecate Extract Minerals  Asteroid   Calypso Pholus Pick A Eris

 Lawless  Ohms Law     A Fake Teaching  l   Karmic Law  l Karma Judge Prejudice  l Dead Wrong   I Meant It  Archontic  Animator A Magic Magician Magician Dark  The Shop  Magic Arts  Abracadabra Art  Miss Chief     Backmasking Wear Mask  Greek Gods Gods Logic The Cleaner  Egodust  Ego Test I Have A Big Ego Not Self  Not To Be An Enraged Ape Bad Manners  Trademark Engagement Not A Joke I Am Logos  A Painting 

 Unplug Death Machine  Access Denied   Cursing  Black Plague  Avada Kedavra    I Backwards Formulae  an Anagrammer Shatter       We Are All Dead 

 The Drive  Lovely Sensual  Emotion Private Lovers Mythical Couples Gangster Vindicated  An Evil Man I Hate Evil   Sweets Drug Addict Go To Rehab   Medicine Hat Unbound Old Order To Be Born   No Signal  Bucket Hat  Im Being Hacked     And He Opened   My Legacy Neutral  Engagement   Theurgic  Mirror Theory  Dna Databases  Genealogy Origins Dna  God Will Add Limited Dna Origin  Neutral  I Have Dna Code  Be Informed 

An Example Not A Clue  Not A Joke  Look Alike  Fancy Gift Like Acting  No Action  No Choices  Cure Cancer   Impending Cruel Fate  Idol Of Fear   Vril Fear Kill Beast   Kill Time  All Times Info Time Talk Time Time Clock  Future Trick Day Vox Day Newsday  Miracle Day Acid Reducer  Age Of Gemini The Catcher Catch This Dagger Of Air The Manger Sure Is Rarity    Cancer Time   Malignant Wifi Cancer  God I Am Sick   Sickelcell Right Rib  Going Clear  Ill Be Cured    He Was Healed  

Get The Game  Above Me Is  So Below  At End Of Game    Gamertags  First And  Final SigmaTo Hold Back  To The End   To Alter God Encode Dna   Dna Upgrade Corrected  Deja Vu Is    Be Okay Again   Accept Mark   The Exit     Chll Out 

Take Note   Typing  New Phase Of My Life  Dream Chart Mind Files  Hijacked    Final Phase Im All Set Idealistic  Advanced Being Perfect Me   Mind    Growth Brain Force  Great Mind All Planned  Her Desire  Won Lol  I Said Yes  So It Is   Chasing Asia I Sure Do  The May Egg No Doubt  Anymore      New Garden  New Crew  I Love Eden I Feel Love  Read The Map  Sail Away Way Behind  Tidal Effect  Im On Board  New Crew   Pismo Beach  Its Hot I Am Real Life

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To Mega Θhpion of  Unicursal Hexagram

  • superna higher triangleethical trianglelower astral triangletriniti shieldTHE ROOT OF THE POWERS OF THE EARTH th 

+ Keywords and extensions: Perfection, The balance between the physical and spiritual world, Well-being, There is a will to succeed, Expression, New financial opportunities, Prosperity, Financial situation improved, An authentic start, The strength of solidity and assurance, The power of the Earth element, Convenience, Enjoyment of pleasure, Salary increase, Victory, Start a successful business or project, Advantages in terms of finance, Success, Recognition, Advancement, Career change, Reward for hard work, Fertility, Good things in life, Good health.

– Keywords and extensions: False happiness, Sadness endures even though the material is full. Wasteful property, Loss of opportunity, Lack of planning and foresight, Stagnant income, Adequate payments, Material damage, Wealth or money used for the wrong purposes, Exhaustion, Investment, Unfulfilled promises, Uncertainties, Financial problems, Poor planning, An imperfect start of a project or business, Greed, Displeasure, Dissatisfaction, Possessiveness, Materialism, An unwise decision, Carelessness, Struggle to the last, Haste makes waste.

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Good Choice Mindset Made You My Girl Scenario  Predicted My Guide   Trigger Pro Man  Men In Black    Visa Or  I Decide Elect  Aliens Are  Floridas  Hive Mind   Special Dna  Move On Nemesis  Coincidence  Dog Star   Flamsteed     The Fates  Bad Things Descending

Broken Line  Sephirah   Autocode Calling Card Numeral Let Me See All Seeing  Motive In Sync Great Magic  Break Time  Sun Day Time Up 

This Is   Demon Seed Paymon The Banker The More Charity  Endeavor  Charmed Again  Hair Hats Only Me  Visual  Leonardo   The Theme Mona Lisa Back To Life

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Society of the Inner Light

  • lower astral triangleTHE ROOT OF THE POWERS OF THE WATERS th 

+ Keywords and extensions: Spreading joy, Abundant spirit, Beautiful prospect, Motional power, Intuition, Intimate, Love, Desire, Creativity, Intense emotions, Warm feelings, The power of the Water element, The power of imagination, Emotional and spiritual nourishment, Happiness, Friendship, Kindness, Peace, Sensuality, Deep thinking, The beginning of a creative business, Art, Poetry, Pleasure, Extreme happiness, Wealth, The first flings of love, Compassion, Social life, Partnership, Health, Marriage, Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Motherhood, Gift, Psychic ability.

– Keywords and extensions: Unfortunate and sudden changes, Losing love, Inertia, Emotions repressed and prevented, Lovelornness, Rejection, Relationship problems, Conditional love, Avoidance emotional attachment, Loneliness, Grief, Separation, Tears, Sorrow, Sadness, Suffering, Pain, Self-centered, Manipulation, Sex without love, Boredom, Obstacles at the beginning of a relationship, problems in a marriage, Unhappiness, Mess with someone’s feelings, Lack of emotional response, Feeling cheated.


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