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The Sword of Good  and Evil

  • superna higher triangle :  THE ROOT OF THE POWERS OF THE AIRvortex spirall ballair balance
  • ?Constellations & ?Stars:  

The card is ? Kether in  Yetzirah, the influence of  ?Kether  in the Astral World, the world of fleeting forms.

Is a picture of the intellect in its best and most controlled aspect. On the hilt of the sword is written Thelema or Will.There are 2 Moons and 3 Suns  on the handle, the expanse of sky behind it suggest the other meaning of the suit, the element of Air


Rose Cross Lamen

  • neogigaservethical triangleTHE ROOT OF THE POWERS OF FIREflamealarm
  • ?Constellations &? Stars:

This card represents the primary outpouring energy of the universe. It is the Kether of Atziluth, the influence of Kether on the level of pure Spirit. .

The flames of the hebrew letter Yod and are arranged on the Three of Life.This is a primal condition of the element of Fire.



To Mega Θhpion of  Unicursal Hexagram

  • neogigaservsuperna higher triangleneogigaservethical triangleneogigaservlower astral triangleneogigaservtriniti shieldTHE ROOT OF THE POWERS OF THE EARTH
  • ?Constellations & ?Stars:

This Ace represents Kether in Assiah, the influence of Kether in the World of Matter.It is not necessarily a card of wealth, and should be compared with the TEN OF PENTACLES.

This is primitive Earth, both as a whirling planet and a substance.The movement of the planet is suggeested by the wings.The greek inscription is “to the mark of the Beast’ and implies the earthy element of the number 69 combination variations

Society of the Inner Light

  • neogigaservlower astral triangleTHE ROOT OF THE POWERS OF THE WATERSaqua flow break water
  • ?Constellations & ?Stars:

The Ace of Cups is Kether in Briah, the influence of Kether on the mental level.

It is the Heart of the element of water and love.It is the Holy Grail receiving the impress of divine inspiration.


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