The Twos

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The Two's Tools

The Bible Map

code book:booklaw2 of Swords-Peace-Libra-Moon

  • superna higher triangle Host:  Baal Shem  Peace Lord of Peace Restored
  • Astro config decanes: Pink Moon in Libra   
  • hintThe two swords piercing a rose or lotus shows, in the symbol, the intellect restrained by love

The Megatron Minions Atomic bomb 

code book: booklaw2 of Wands-Dominion-Aries-mars

  • superna higher triangleHost: Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Mars in Aries    
  • hintTwo Dorjes crossed, meaning destruction as a beginning of Creation


The Corpse Bride

code book:booklaw2 of Discs-Change-Capricorn-Jupiter

  • superna higher triangle Host Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes:Jupiter in Capricorn     ≎
  • hint Here are the two pentacles, the chinese  and .The crowned serpent surrounds them as they revolve.The card suggest that the universeuniverse is sustained in space by its rotating action

the Great Engine  Oracle Blessing 

code book:booklaw

  • superna higher triangle Host Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes:Venus in Cancer     ≎
  • hintTwo overflowing cups filled from a lotus and twined with the dolphins of Venus.This is the harmonious union of male and female


  • Republic credits writer booklaw

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