The Threes

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The Threes tools

the Sorrow Magnetic Locked Glass Field


  • code book:booklaw3 of Swords-Sorrow-Libra-Saturn
  • superna higher triangleHostBinah-Understanding: ???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes:  Saturn in  
  • hint A magician’s sword and two short ones are tearing  the rose to pieces.This suggests the confusion and darkness of the intellect which is emancipated  without a guiding principle


The Meridian Solar Arc of Fortuna



code book:booklaw3 of Wands -Virtue-Aries

  • superna higher triangleHostBinah-Understanding:???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Sun in  
  • hintThree lotuses wands representing the process of cration

The Infinite Trigram Revealer



code book:booklaw3 of Discs-Capricorn-Mars

  • superna higher triangleHostBinah-Understanding:???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Mars in 
  • hintA three dimensional pyramid  is looked at from is placed on three wheels on which are the signs for mercury80-quicksulver-hydragirum  sulphur16 a fundamental analysis of the components of Earth according to the alchemists

The Pomegranate Bad luck cup


code bookbooklaw3 of Cups-Abundance-Cancer-Mercury-Pomegranate

  • superna higher triangleHostBinah-Understanding???? Baal Shem
  • Astro config decanes: Mercury in  
  • hintThe pomegranate cups are filled  by wreathed lotuses to show the happy fruition of love



  • Republic credits writer booklaw

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