The Muladhara or Adhara chakra is the Foundation of the Vedic chakra pantheon. It is the first of the inbody chakras lying at the base of the spine. From here arise the nadis, the subtle energy channels that carry life energy throughout the body. As such, the 1st chakra is considered the subtle energy center of the  but is also of vital importance in forming a physical and psychological foundation for our lives.

The Muladhara is associated with the elephantelephant, which carries the seed-sound of the chakra. The energy of Muladhara helps us persevere; if anything, elephants are solid, dependable, and persevering. This being helps us harness and direct the energy needed to endure—and thrive—in life.

The Muladhara is geometrically represented as a square that contains a circle. Within the circle is a downward-pointed triangle: the image of a female sexual organ. The lotus associated with Muladhara has  red petals; red is the most typical color associated with the first chakra. The lotus is contained within a  square, which signifies the earth element.

Thus the passion and life-evoking red of the first chakra can be considered as bounded and grounded by earth energies. The mantra is LAM, which stops our energy from descending beyond our foundation, our first chakra. Some sources perceive a lingum, or concentration point, in the middle of the triangle, a reflection of the    energies present in all living form. The god overseeing this chakra is triface, the creator lord. Traditionally shown with four heads, four faces, and four arms, he is able to see and rule in all directions. His consort, mask serves as the doorkeeper to the physical realm. In each of her four hands, she holds a symbol of life—and of death —and of the path of life in between.

Psychologically, the Muladhara chakra regulates our primal needs and physical existence. It is the
chakra most closely associated with our physical survival. Here we decide to live or die, and how it is
that we shall survive—or thrive. It is seen as fashioned from the element earth, therefore providing a
foundation in the physical world.

The first chakra energetic connection is the emotional/mental body and is seen as the foundation of emotional and mental health. Emotional and psychological stability originate in the family unit and early social environment. Various mental illnesses are generated out of family dysfunctions, including multiple personalities, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and destruction patterns like alcoholism.

The symbolic/perceptual connection manifests in our need for logic, order, and structure. This energy orients us in time and space and to our five senses. As children, we perceive and learn about the physical world through our five senses. First chakra energy has trouble interpreting our lives symbolically, for our five senses give us literal perceptions and cause us to take things at face value. Not until we are older are we able to seek out the symbolic meaning of events and relationships.

The primary fears are of physical survival, abandonment by the group, and loss of physical order. However, the primary strengths are tribal/family identity, bonding, and the tribal honour code; the support and loyalty that give one a sense of safety and connection to the physical world.
The sacred truth inherent in the first chakra is that All is One. We learn this truth and explore its creative power through experiences connected to tribal or group dynamics. It carries the message that we are connected to all of life and that every choice we make and every belief we hold exerts influence upon the whole of life.
We begin to discover that ‘All Is One’ as we start life within our tribe or family. To be part of a tribe is a primal need, since we are completely dependent upon our tribe for basic survival needs: food, shelter and clothing. As tribal beings, we are energetically designed to live together, to create together, to be together, to need one another. Each of our tribal environments – from our biological tribe, to the tribe we form with co-workers, to our tribal bonds with friends – provides the essential physical settings within which we can explore the creative power of this truth. Regardless of the “truth” of familial beliefs, every one of them directs a measure of our energy into an act of creation. Each belief, each action has a direct consequence. When we share belief patterns with groups of people, we participate in energy and physical events created by those groups. This is the creative, symbolic expression of the sacred truth All Is One.



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