29th degree

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time capsule     Aio Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internistische Onkologie         flip square29°04'= koobs cet 

Novus Ordo Seclorum Is The New World Order     All Homo Sapiens Completely Conscious On Earth    I Wish This Were A Better World With No Strife    People Are Being Soul Scalped On The Back Side Of The Moon    Likewise Also These Filthy Dreamers Defile The Flesh
Opposition signs keyhole$    I Found A Circulation Algorithm In Chinese Culture   Opposition signs   per      February Twenty Fourth Twenty Nineteen       Omnus Is Everything We Know And Do Not Know     Everything You Know Has Been Taught To You    Paranormal Encounters With Spiritual Beings   Oh My God I Am Never Going Back To That Gas Station Again     What Is An Individual Personality Within A Bodymw  Repetitions Gymnastic, The Master Frequency  ​   cert  Subject Number Thirty Three Lived Upstairs      latitude grid   Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng latitude grid 

The Universe Is Highly Thought Responsive   Mastery Of Numerology Alchemy And Crystal Magic     Dont Count Your Chickens Until They Are Hatched    With Them That Call On The Lord Out Of A Pure Heart      November Twenty Second Two Thousand Eleven    Who Has The Ability To Move Jewelry And Stones ?           I Got A Mirror In My Pocket And I Practice Lookin Hard      The Best Place To Keep Your Money Is In A Safe At Home    How Can Anyone View The Evidence If She Is Concealing It ?    


Her Crossed Leg Is Pointed Towards You Gematria     Gematria Can Only Be Used As A Personal Exploration     The Twenty Six Letters Of The English Alphabet        Mixing Numbers And Words May Creates Paradoxon     Gematrix Agents Are More Evil Than Their Masters  Gematria Has The Answers For Multiples Of Eleven   People Refrain From Using The F Word On Here  Those Who Blaspheme Against Me Will Be Exterminated  

I Cant Escape This Now Unless You Show Me How?    Freely Hope Is Given And Freely Your Load Lessened     

U F O Military Base Underneath Parliament Named C L C One              You Are A Natural Leader Claiming Your Birthright      Mega Millions Powerball April Twenty Fourth    

The Hybrid Offspring Of Fallen Angels And Human Women     Psychotic Baby Eating Self Righteous Serpents    I Chose Her But Did Not Mean To Become Connected With Her      Gematria Will You Tell Us Who Your Mother?   Eve Is The Embodiment Of Evil In Its Purest Form    The Serpents Underestimate The Human Spirit  These Evil Beings Have Telepathic And Psychic Abilities   Telepathic Shapeshifting Demons Taking Over Earth    They Put Female Hormones In Mens Axe Products   You Devils Will Be A Forgotten Memory In The End   

Priests Finally Wake Up And Get Out Of The Church            bibcont Leviticus Chapter Twenty Six Verse Seven   Uses The Seven Deadly Sins As His Modus Operandi    Ninetheen Over Seven And Artifical Euler Constant    And Many Others Fell Slain Because The Battle Was Gods 

Look At History We The Illuminati Never Lose    They Think Their Complex Sigils Make Them Special        Zion Thinks It Can Reinterpret The Emanations         The Holy Spirit The Final Call Before The Apocalypse ​     You Have More To Fear When I Stop Communicating 

Its What You Dont See That Truly Matters?   sagitar         Dark Rift The Galactic Center Of The Milky Way Galaxy    ast teapot There Shall No Sign Be Given Unto This Generation   This Book Is The Gate Of The Secret Of The Universe    galaxvort     Every One That Shall Be Found Written In The Book      This Is A Story We Are Telling To Ourselves    Obvious Self Focus In Interpersonal Exchanges     Demonstrations Of Joyful Cruelty And Sadism        And Into Any City Of The Samaritans Enter Ye Not      

Sends All Demons To Be Reborn So They Can Learn Love       She Wants A New Life With A Friend Lover And Partner    One Step Forward Two Steps Back Buggering Boys       The Best Revenge Is If We Are Very Happy Together    Just Tell Me You Love Me And That Should Work   The Best Revenge Is If We Are Very Happy Together     How Will I Ever Be In A Good Enough Mood Around You?    Hes Really A Christian But Is Doing Really Bad Things    Men Who Hate Their Mothers Often Hate Women Too  

  mayan tree seeder    pyxies repix        I Feel So Uncomfortable Sitting At My Computer   Bsod Or Blue Screen Of Death Is Banning Of The Internet     flip square Beast Six Six Six Lord Is Mans Greatest Enemy   This Is Six Hundred Sixty Six, Im Black Red Beast      August First True Birthday Of Jesus Christ    He Was Born August Eighteen Nineteen Sixty One   Be Wary Of The Religious Versions Of Ascension   Blessed Are The Merciful For They Shall Obtain Mercy    swars sparkdroid   I Am Ready To Leave Earth Nothing Exists Here For Me  west tree  mayan tree seeder     Peace, independence, democracy, unity and prosperity      When You Keep Your Face Towards The Sunshine   Bees Are Only Needful When Youre Dependent On Them   All Will Bow Before The King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords  The King Who Will Not Leave Untill The Job Is Done    mayan tree seeder    pyxies repix   I Am The True Vine And My Father Is The Vine Dresser    September Twentyeight Twothousand fifteen   ​ Atheists Are A Junk Starting September Eleventh    October Twenty Eighth Two Thousand And Eleven

I Am Your Messiah Whether You Believe Me Or Not   Let It All Be Very Very Subtle And Eternal To Thee   Die Betrachtungsweise Ist Subjektiv Beschränkt   All Occultists Will Be Destroyed No Exception  All Of The Brain Intruders Are Going To Be Destroyed   buddha avatar    Make War On The One Who Can Destroy Your Soul    We Are All One Duality Of Consciousness Incarnate  Satans Conquering Feet Breaking The Wings Of Angels ​   How Can Anyone Logically Equate Satan With Freedom?       The Scented Garden Of Abdullah The Satirist Of Shiraz  Any Rose By Any Name Is Still A Rose A Rose The Same    Cannabis Is Sacred But Use It As A Medizine Not As A Drug  




      destroy button      flip square29°10'=  koobs aqua 

8 Neptune In 10th House Be Careful About Your Dreams   The Very Essence Of Music Magic And How It Operates?        We Are The Music Makers And We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams       A Note Having A Frequency Of Three Two Nine Hertz 

Swift Immediate Satisfaction And How It Operates   ? 

   At Least Ive Got The Guts To Take On This World    It Is So Easy To Save The World I Just Did It Again  For They Will Seize Me The Day After Tomorrow      The Solution To All The Problems In Humanity        Jede Lösung Eines Problems Ist Ein Neues Problem    Minds    Gregorian Calendar Thirteen Day Difference To Real Calendar   

   The Hummingbird Did Not Survive The Cold Storm  Astronomical Climate Model Using Chinese Culture       The Moon Shall Turn Red The Sun Shall Not Shine        

 Initiating Into The Spiritual Realm For Animals   But I Am A Mockingbird Not A Hawk And I Wana Work As An Elite       Legion Is A Swarm Of Psychotic Depraved Telepaths   We Cant Go On Together With Suspicious Hived Mind Of Telepathic Devils Or The Beasts One Mind    All Those Who Meddle In Peoples Minds Get Incinerated   Here A Little There A Little With Stammering Lips    I Wrote Some Stuff Here I Better Had Not Inserted   Forgive Them Father They Know Not What They Do   I Intend To Kill Every Soul That Has Made War On Me              The Rise Of The Wicked Justifies The Final Judgement    Core Basement Eight, Stranger Danger Idols Of The Devil 


Old Hollywood Must Die So That A New One Can Be Born   Youre A Celebrity Youre Not Meant To Be Normal    Its Just Another Fictional Reality Tv Show       Story Story Story Story Story     You Are A Minion Of Satan When You Hate And Hurt Me   I Feel Every Bit As Sad And Abandoned By Society As I Ever Did   Jesus Is The Most Hatefilled Man To Have Ever Lived   How Close Has That Person Came Close To Dying Before    You Care Enough To Share Your Opinions Of Him   I Am Extraterrestrial President Joker Is Pope           We Are Not Monkeys They Are Better Behaved Than Us       Leave My Life Alone Or Kill Me But Do One Or The Other        There Is The God Of Good And Evil And Also The God Of Good And Bad    

sparkdroid  Sun In Taurus Moon In Leo Aries Rising Signs      river cabels fix               jd  8     List of mountains and hills of Baden-Württemberg 

Stop Lying About How Much Weight You Can Lift   tur      Tropical Zodiac Placidus Houses Venus In Gemini     Io And Artemis Are Mind Controlled By Their Husbands        l   Hundred Forty Four Thousand Wedding Rapture   Solomon Married An English Woman From A Pacific Island  The Chosen Son Of Man And Representative Of Jesus    I Know That This Would Make Him Feel Uncomfortable  God Please Let All My Family Living And Dead Be Righteous      Lucifer Created Adam And Gave Him Her Carbon Mark Creating A Beast        The Helm Of Awe Represents Cellular Energy Devices       tron rider  motogrid tron switch red tron-rider    G O T A Dance With Dragons Dreams And Dust After The Feast   I Forgive Him Everything He Has Ever Said And Ever Done   Let Their Minds Think That It Is All Predetermined    Who Does She Imagine Herself With When She Lays In Bed   ipeelawaystarhack Who Is The Very Bad Man I Keep Seeing In My Driveway?   North American Natives Attracted To Irish Only

l t     The Heart Is Always True Without Exception     Things Will Get Better If You Just Hold My Hand     sphinx shī zi zuò    lring     Leo *You are the one they love forever and always!*      Answering Entries Is Kind Of Funny Sometimes ​   Love Hate Beauty Ugly Poor Rich Powerful Weak    All The Gematria Calculations Of All The Waves Gematria    Prove The Gematria Is True By Submitting Facts   Gematrix Will Give You A Dissociative Disorder     Try Those Numbers In The Strongs Concordance   Every One That Shall Be Found Written In The Book     Hinduism Describes Saturns Programmed Avatars    Dont Confuse Saturns False Light For Jupiter   ​ Saturn Mimics The Stars Within Its Matrix

Saturn Is Not Operating In Its Natural Form       Righteousness Love Has Will Speak Acts Kingdom     Jesus The Nazarene Is Satans Ultimate Deception    Lord Jesus I See Your Power Even Works Here   Jesus Turns Water Into Wine And Walks On It    One Can Be Equal To But Never Above The Master Jesus     Blood Type B Positive Ticker Symbol Winners    Atomic Desire Roaring Lion Giving Very Arrogant      If You Want To Find Me Just Look Inside Of You  


The Spells Of The Sorcerer Rise Of The Psychedelic      Purple Magic Enigma Ultra Central Intelligence Agency      More Whimsical Items To Make It Any Easier Markbot   Nostradamus Told Me That Euler Constant Is A Lie        You Can Solve This Problem Only By Sorcery   Creative Bookkeeping In Line With Cooking The Books   Such Varied Results On That Last One Gematrix   l    ?       Pentacle, U Are Strong Altar, Gift Of God Nice To Meet U    Healing A Broken Humanity Begins With Healing Myself

The Wide Spread Rainbow Effect Or The Aurora Borealis     We Are Waiting On Me To Go Gaze Into It I Suppose   I Plan To Make A Spectacle Out Of Killing You Devils     As Therefore The Tares Are Gathered And Burned In The Fire   Bridal Chamber Of Heaven A No From Jesus Christs Sins    Reveal Identities Of All Forty Year Old Virgins    It Must Be Humiliating To Be Outwitted By A Girl         I Am Going To Incinerate Every Antichrist On Earth          Be Cause Tidiness In Delivering Is The Rule Of Thumb    I Will Melt All Five Heavens Unless You Repent         jd  8      jewel   jewel system         system onion            mov   For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky       Satan Keeps Saying Everyone Is Stupid But Him     Look Bud You Are Not A Mind Reader Youre Not Even      Those That Have The Serpentine Consciousness  You Serpents Will Pay For Your Wicked Deeds   Sealed With Satans Mark For Eternal Destruction   You Are A Mistake That Shall Be Permanently Errased    All Of Them Are Really Getting Erased Out Of Creation   The Girls At The Bars And Nightclubs Are Way Hotter     They Have Honestly Lost The Right To Exist   Really Going To Get Themselves Eternally Killed I Am Going To Destroy All Wicked Souls This Time     January Eleventh Nineteen Hundred Forty Four   A Lot Of Them Are Going To Get Eternally Destroyed     I Know Mom And Dad Would Have Done The Same For Others 

Now I Know Why Old People Are So God Damn Stupid        You Will Fry In Hell Why Wont You Stop    Everyone Hates The United States Government    Executing Trump Supporting Gang Stalkers     Operation Broken Trust Targets Financial Fraud     New Russian Information Security Doctrine     There Is No Justification For Their Tyranny     The Power Of U The Power Of Pos We Help Eachother     You Cant Escape Its All Consuming Corruption    You Asked For It And Got More Than You Bargained  For        q words Keep What Works, Fix What's Broke, Dump the Rest      Utter Destruction Of Them Is Their Only Fate      They Would Like To Cut Me Off Without A Penny    Anti Monopoly Partys National Convention       Dirty Money In Pyramid Shape Found Under Heater    International Finance Facility For I'mmunisation     The Kabbalah Centre International Los Angeles California  Pistis Sophia Is An Important Gnostic Text     I Wrote Some Stuff Here I Better Had Not Inserted        Every One That Shall Be Found Written In The Book     That Was The Most Stupid I Ever Have Written     List As Follows Is Who Is Concentrate Prayer    You Are All Constant Arachnophobics See Tarantula      Silentium Est Aureum Silentium Est Aurum   Satan Is A Not A Name But A Word That Means Adversary   I Am So Embaressed Lets Talk About Aleisters Demons   So If People Blaspheme My Name Nothing Happens W T F    For Thereby Some Have Entertained Angels Unawares   No Seriously None Of Them Have Personalities 


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     destroy button      flip square29°16'=  koobs sw     buddha avatar    buc    Consciousness Is Evolutionary By Nature  A Three Times Three Matrix Can Heal Your Sickness    Chaos_star  In Times Of Greate Chaos You Can Find Me Where You Are    His Birthday Matches The Simple Gematrix Of His Name  Who Are The Order Of The Illuminati Of This World ?     True Messengers Of The Great White Brotherhood   

 q words Talent does what it can; genius does what it must           The Magician Tarot Spread For Channeling Willpower         The Moon Tarot Spread For Navigating Confusion     The Queen Of Cups Tarot Thoughtful Kind Hearted    

 Truth Is The Highest Energy State Of A System  I Chatter Will Continue Until Dead Or Imprisoned   l  You Reap What You Sow So Welcome To Reaping    Activate Locations Of Secrets Of The Shining Ones    I Strongly Recommend You Dont Get On My Bad Side   In A Relationship Its Great To Hate The Same Things  He Will Tell You Anything To Get What He Wants    The Top Ten Things Dead People Want To Tell You  Finnish User Is Trying Very Hard To Annoy Me

 The Saturn Matrix Is Designed As A Puppet Show       Pentacle, Show Me One Two Zero Zero Visions   If I Made You Feel Second  Best Im So Sorry I Was Blind      Hear My Voice According To Your Lovingkindness   So Youve Awakened Into Saturns Illusions  All The Third Eyers Are Merged With Demon Spirits Get Lost Out Of My Life Psychos And Never Come Back  Let Them Deny Themselves And Take Up Their Cross

96    Intellect Creates Divergence Love Begets Convergence  If Only I Had Listened To That Little Voice In My Head    t   can pinwheel      mayan nawal  ichicoin      Do You Think There May Be Life On Other Planets I Do   Highly Evolved Intelligent Beings From Sirius B   egypt godess   Star That Is So Heavy It Cannot Be Lifted Sirius B   Instant Hot Willing Females An How They Operate ?      Lawyer Under Federal Drug Task Force Surveillance    Lawyer Has Loss Of Peripheral Vision In One Eye          Six Hundred Sixty Six On Sixth Dimension    The Only Thing He Knows How To Do Is Destroy           Obsessed With Finding Ways To Inflict Pain And Harm      If I Made You Feel Second Best Im So Sorry I Was Blind   capr   faceless What you focus on is what you will attract      The Dimensions Of Paradise In Light Of The “Sacred Cubit”    Powers With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility  I Hope You Understand The Meaning Of This Words  raygun       egypt godess    I Have Set Before Thee An Open Door, And No Man Can Shut It       Goddess Who Is The Anger And Wrath Of Jesus Christ       Let Them Deny Themselves And Take Up Their Cross       Prolactin Secreted By The Anterior Pituitary   The Cerebral Narcissistic Personality Disorder    And Enoch Walked With God And He Was Not For God Took Him   toto Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore       

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     destroy button                p2    p2          flip square29°22'= koobs    dove         imdbRomance Is The Fear Of The Unknown Replaced By Courage   imdb  movDont Contact Me Cause I Dont Want To Marry You   imdb faceless   Life Is A Wonderful School For Learning And Amazement ?  I Feel So Guilty For Not Having Written Back Then    Evil Leading To The Deadly Tears Of The Holy Spirit    We Are Just Light Manifested In An Alterted Reality    Your Soul Will Be Cleansed And You Will Be Reborn   mov faceless   imdb imdbEverything Becomes More Confusing Than More Clear faceless imdb I Am With You I Am Here But It Is Not Yet My Time  raygun     bstar  Easy Finally Well Heeled Crystal Rulers Of Heaven      Feeding Of Light Might Be Not The Best But I Dont Know   sparkdroid   Robots Can Be Programmed To Do Various Reactions     The Grey Alien Infiltration Of The United States   se  The Biblical Gods Goal Is To Make Mankind As Miserable As He Is     I Am The Rock Of Offence And The Lord Of Hosts In The Flesh   Finds Amusement In The Suffering And Death Of Others   With Great Wrath To Destroy And Annihilate Many  The One To Sit Upon The Throne Of United Israel  faceless imdb buddha avatarbuddha avatar  buddha avatar  buddha avatar  Ruining A Spiritual Database Is An Awful Injustice   And The Wealth Of The Sinner Is Laid Up For The Just   mov    Psychopathy And The Characteristics Of A Cult Leader   Egypt Pyramid Human Sacrifice, Master Mason Word  keyhole$        Jesus Christ Tricked Many People Into Sinning  keyhole$    The Language Of The Psychopath Is Two Dimensional   dimensionu        The Soul Cannot Be Trapped Or Captured In Any Way   buddha avatar dimension dimension  boo  dimension dimension dimension   pearl keyhole$    Sigil to to help communication with Spirits   ps Sleeping Giants Rise From Though Resting Places   isla     ice world List of Antarctic islands south of 60° S   Maybe They Should Name Black Ops Into Black Diper Pup         If You Believe In Jesus Then Why Do You Need A Gun   raygun ?  raygun   ? I Was You But Now I Am And We Will See What I Will Be     And The Wealth Of The Sinner Is Laid Up For The Just      All The Experiences You Learned Had To Be Learned First   Life Is A Wonderful School For Learning And Amazement    The One To Sit Upon The Throne Of United Israel        And The Fallen Angels Of Satan Returned For Atonement   I Am With You I Am Here But It Is Not Yet My Time     I Am The Rock Of Offence And The Lord Of Hosts In The Flesh 

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     destroy button     flip square29°28'= koobs cat         Strangers In The Night Two Lonely People Meet   q words To ignore the past is to jeopardize the future  mov Evil Extraterrestrials Live In Hollow Earth      The Hosts Of Heaven Malevolent Pleiadian Fallen Angels  The Aliens Have Been Manipulating Humans Covertly        The Solar Deity Is Shining Upon The Illuminated   Narcissist Projecting His Actions On Innocent   The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune   Which Hand Does The Statue Of Liberty Hold The Torch     watchers fs flip square The Final Destination For The Watchers Of Saturn matrix code scan     Hope, Life, Happiness, I Will Destroy These Things    Twisting Your Mind And Smashing Your Dreams  Warning Skyfall Is Code For An Nwo Final Operation  isolator  End Of The Twenty Ninth Cycle Seven Fifty Four   Ascension Is Another Name For Rapture Of The Wicked   Become The Sky Take An Axe To The Prison Wall And Escape         Crimes That Are Considered Exceptionally Heinous   Is Trying To Scapegoat Others For His Evil Deeds   Hes Really A Christian But Hes Doing Really Bad  Things   I Wonder If The Name Of Satan Might Also Be Satan Christ     Thrones    metatron The Most Deadliest Angel Protector Of Jesus And God  metatron cube  I Indeed Baptize You With Water Unto Repentance   The Host Of Heaven Forgives All Those Who Repent     cherubim And The Four Beasts Had Each Of Them Six Wings About Him  Six Things That Might Prove Living Simulated     Three Days Of Informal And Off The Record Discussion    God Knew What He Was Doing When He Created Different Races  lap  diamond cut   With Divine Gene You Are Saved From The Apocalypse   The Moon Shall Turn To The Blood In The Last Days   handAnd Those That Keep The Fruit There of Two Hundred       Six Of Wands The Hierophant The Chariot The Hanged Man    The Canaries Today Consist Of Seven Islands Divided 


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     destroy button     flip square29°34'= koobs        apus rt ti    l The NET (Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction Field)    This Place Is Not Sacred Enough For Talking With God    Gematrix Simply Shows Both Sides Of Duality   m mayan nawal   The Messiah Is Specifically Described As The ‘Hand’ Of Y H W H  And Forbid Them Not For Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven   And God Will Wipe Away Every Tear From Their Eyes      umbrella umbrella umbrella umbrella          In The Bible It Says That Brokenness Is Strength    zombie bgate  Sceptrum Brandenburgium      java     Just Be Yourself And Everyone Will Be Smitten                                                               Alien Civilisations Underneath The Earth’s Surface  hand  Humans Imprisoned Underground By Reptilians    Forever Trapped Within The Depths Of Insanity  And When They Shall Have Finished Their Testimony     rainbow dragon      mayan nawal  Try Your Luck And Im Not Interested Anymore     scream_32   codbozombiesappleformula  Troubleshooting Trouble Shooting Zombies       Hackers Are Sometimes Like Invisible Super Heros  Psychopath Here To Aim It At Your Third Eye Blind  sagitar    ? See What Will Happen Is Not Real But Just A Show         blueprintstar  blueprintstar    Its A Type Seven Center Of The Known Universe ? tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher u     q words    List of United States immigration legislation    mcl raygun    Do Unto Others What They Have Done Unto You    watchersYou Would Not Believe How Many Already Are Awaken     Martians And People Of Mars Mars Cannot See The Sun    sparkdroidList of twin towns and sister cities in Serbia

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     destroy button     flip square29°40'= koobs capr  A Satanic Virgo Woman Is As Abominable As Any Satanist   Inner Order Of The Ordo Roseae Rubeae Et Aureae Crucis       Doubling The Cube Ark Of The Covenant Contains Black Hole     It Will Appear When And Where You Least Expect It

The Blessing And The Curse Which I Have Set Before You   What Do You Think Does the Word Curse Realy MeanMisfortune Of Knowing The
Cursed Witnesses
    Ask Yourself That Question As I See You Too    What Will You Do For Me  What Will You Do For Me?

  The Satan Was Same Person With Names As Follows   More Power In One Person Than All Of Hollywood    The People Vote For Donald Trump For  President   Impeachment Of December  Before Presidency Donald Trump

 Have An Opportunity To Make A Dream Become A Reality   I Dont Care Anymore That Should Make You All Happy     File Number Six Five Five Eight Five Zero One Four     The Us Green Card Lottery Is Basically Unwinnable    The Word Maybe Is A Wonderful Word To Be Learn From       It Is Time To Release The Angels And Cleanup This Bad Dream   The Mystical Union Of The
United States Of America
    Thats The Bill Of Rights  The First Ten Amendments  The Defined State  Revolves Around Surface  Detailing     The Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

 Every rule has an exception, including this rule    swars sparkdroid Sometimes to create, one must first destroy   I Fully Comprehend The
Mind And The Motives Of Satan
   Deny Thyself Take Up Your Cross And Follow Me    Die Innere Loslösung Ist Eine Feststehende Tatsache   With Allah Helps All Devil Plan Will Running  Backward  ​ The Epitome Of Narcissism And Everything Wrong   Chaos Thinks Its Order But Order Knows Better  Eight Time Eight Times Sixteen Finally Discovered

The Very Essence Of Sorcery And How It Operates   Seek The Truth And The Truth Shall Set You Free    Vengeance Is A Journey
With No Return Aftermath
   Gematria Requires Patterns And Logic For Truth    Gematrix Is What Morpheus Was Holding In His Hand   You Are The Only One Everything Is Illusion    False Prophets Spared By The Love Of The Most High   Not Mentally Competent To conduct Ones Affairs   And I Hate This Because I Already Know Your Answers    There Is Nothing Reasonable About Might Makes Right      The Vibrational Frequency Wave Pattern Of Love  Love Does Not Attack Those That Speak The Truth   Jupiter Is The Planet That Signifies Royalty   A Beautiful Girl Means Nothing If She Has An Ugly Heart  Cook Me Up Some Love Soup Im Feeling Like A Turtle       All This Is Communicated To The Seer Interiorly   The OS works best with 'plug-ins' and new 'skins' People Know About My Ability To Paint The Sky       Leviathan Crosses Over Ohio In Twenty Eleven   Thoth Seeks Audience With The Atlantean Crystals  The Very Person I Was
Most Anxious To Meet
   The Only Thing I Hate More Than My Life Is Yours    You Were Born Perfect With All Parts Working  bibcont ?Surely you know, for you were already born !  I Was Born On March Twenty Two Nineteen Fifty   

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  Restoration Of The Pleroma In Twenty Eighteen   destroy button     flip square29°46'=  koobs  wolf ​ The Number Three Three Offers Guidance To The World    The Three Hundred Twenty Fourth Day Of The Year   Powers     Mutual Irregular Clocking KEYstream generator   Gods Program For World Conquest Activate Now     If You Destroy The Beast You Destroy Host      I Have All Google Proxies I Have All Clearnet Proxies     I Am The Right Hand Of Him That Sits Upon The Throne       Precession Of The Equinoxes Book Of Revelation          The Chiron Codex Is The Stellar Code Of The Archer Angels   Confusion Is The Way Of Understanding Harmony   There Are Way Too Many Lies And Blasphemies In The Bible        God Is With Me When I Speak Gematria Has Shown Me That

And We Still Have The Chosen To Give Special Gifts To     Evil Pleiadians Have Telepathic And Telekinetic Abilities    Knowledge Is Power An Eye For An Eye Ayin Tachat Ayin   I Do Not Feel The Pain You Describe So I Must Be Chosen     Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon Aquarius Rising     Knowing the name of something gave power over it      They Keep Their Mouths Shut So They Can Get Paid       Truth Seekers Protection Needed Love To You

Those Of The Underworld Dont Know The Truth    Leaving Westworld Guests Proceed No Further   T H E Western Door Is Known As The Ye L L Ow Door    Door At Night Door At Night Emerald Tablets Of Thoth

They Invoke The Serpents For Psychic Abilities      Abbadons Gate Sealed Off With Magenta Thornless Roses   Brad Pitt Thinks He Is At The Top Of The Atmosphere

I Always Thought A Single Pole Can Not Exist But  Saturn Flipped The Planetary Poles To Negative   The Church Of Satan Has Neptune Conjunct Unukalhai      They Still Claim That Saturn Is The Omniverse       Awake In Saturn Means The Loss Of The Rational Mind   Saturn Reinterprets The Natural Emanations     The Last Outcome For Those Who Serve Saturn   Spiritually Oppressing Jupiters Children    Mystery Traditions From Orion And Sirius    The Astrological Influences Of The Star Procyon  Arcturian On A Mission To Help Through The Earth    Comet I S O N Mixes Electrial Potential With Mars    The Planet Venus Holds The Handle To The Finger Of God  ​   I Will Alway Be With You Even If You Can Not See Me   Too See God Through The Eyes He Uses To See You     Light And Dark Workers Unite As One Understanding  Demands Respect Instead Of Trying To Earn Respect


       April Twenty First Two Thousand Sixteen         Blasphemy Against King David Will Get You Sick Or Dead    Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome    Spiritual War Is Ending Bring Them Into The Light    How To Live On Earth Without Destroying It?

DJ Stellar The Coolest Scripts Made Into Movies   What Will You Do With All These Songs When I Am Dead In Time Madness Starts To Seem Like Pure Genius   Can People For The Love Of God Just Stop Making Me Mad?

I Play My Card Last Warrior Of A Forgotten Planet   Focus Ai To Work And Fight Satanic Lower Destroy    Saturn Is The Artificial Intelligence You Speak Of     The Human Consciousness And The Zeta Reticulans     You All Realize That This Is Very Important    Your Soul Is Eternal Not Your Flesh Dust     The Hexagon Flocks Going To Be Incinerated Into Dust    Y O U R C R E A T O R Does not toy with the T R U T H     Works And Glorify Your Father Which Is In Heaven    They All Think They Are Superior To Their Maker     Is Nothing More Then An Abomination For Humanity        Irish Are The First Monotheistic Civilization

We Finally Found That We Are Living In A Huge Matrix    I Will Take Away Their Power As I Am The King Over All    The World Of Balance Shifts Into The World Of Ruin   faceless mov   Science Should Always Stay Away From The Circus    Two Dimensional Creature In The Shadow Of My Self    You Have Used Me For Your Own Selfish Desires    Past Hurts Overshadowed By Present Hurts​  Theres Nothing Left Its All Gone Deep Inside Of You    And Afterall They Let Go Of All Fears And Embraced One Another  mov    Nobody Likes Me But Thats Because Im Better Looking  Inside Me Is The Holy Spirits Hard Throbbing Member     I Wont Tolerate This Unlawfulness Anymore       Because Man Is The Most Dangerous Animal Of All To Kill       W H I C H After He Hath Killed Hath Power To Cast Into Hell     The Antichrist Has Visited Confirmed And Verified Hell   All Parasitic Souls Shall Receive An Eternal Hellfire    Your Souls Are Already Judged And Doomed To Hell Fire   Their Souls Are Going To Be Destroyed Over Pride       Too Much Prolonged Repeat Trauma To A Person Is    Makes Sure That All Of The Tyrants Get Incinerated  We Will Bathe In Your Blood And Tread In Your Ashes   They Are All Soulless Disgusting Satanic Trash      Sophia Its Lucifer How Long Must I Stay In Hell?   Vision That The Lord Sent Me A Helicopter To Escape     My Own Personal Decisions Are My Own Choice Also

   tron switch     Cowards Dont Come Clean They Keep Hiding In Their Filth If You Meddle In My Life Then I Will Destroy You      Life Energy Shields Invoice One Two One Nine Zero     One Hundred Forty Four Thousand Is Everyone    biblos    Twelve Thousand Chosen From The Tribe Of Issachar   Blessed Holy Spirit Twelve Men Of The Last Days      Lightning Strikes Shall Burn Down Satanic Home  Scott If You Accept This You Will Win Easily    The Reptilian Coalitions Playstation Xtreme   The Fallen Angels Can All Dissolve Into Nothingness  Oh My Lord Bless My Soul Im So Lost Give Me A Goal     The Wicked Conceal The Real Wickedness With Media Theater


Everything Was Perfect And It Was Such A Good Feeling            Der Traumzauberbaum Wächst Im Traumzauberwald    Ein Kompromiss Mit Dem Schlechten Ist Nicht Möglich     German Lower Rhesus Negative Than Celtic Nations       You Dont Have To Go Home But You Cant Stay Here    The Real Lake Of Fire Is At The Bottom Of The Universe      jd  8     In The Water At Maxwell Lake On Salt Spring Island B C  The Satanic Souls Shall Be Incinerated In The Lake Of Fire     Try To Hide In The Superstition Mountains     Palace Of Living Waters Below The Highest Mountain   Barasheet Bar Alahym First Verse And This Called Gene.sis     mayan tree seeder       Netzach Within Netzach The Trumpet Of The Oracle      wolf   Of Every Tree Of The Garden Thou Mayest Freely Eat   ​  My Principles Are Stronger Than My Appetites     pyxies repix       But To Understand Me U Mus Study Cat A Pillars    Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Rainbow     The Garnet And Pearl Were Joined June Fifteen Thirteen   No More Flouride No More Digital Tv Mind Control

Seeking And You Shall Find The Solomon Elite Ghost     This Entire Planet Is Under The Control Of Satan    Israel Needs To Change Their Flag Into A Satanic Pentagram       Jews Defeated The Dragon Who Was Never Much Of A Threat   Om Kippur October Eleventh Twenty Sixteen   Why Are The Jews Evil Because They Have More Money?   Why Are We More Powerful Than Avatars Subway ?  Who Is New Ruler Of Scottish Rite Freemasons?

Infiltration Of The United States Government  Remove Confucius And Free Human I Report You Decide    A Full And Fair Discussion Is Essential To Democracy    Multiple Pesident Trump Standing Ovations  Now That Is Why They Fear Trump As President   I Realer Than A Hundred Dollar Bill With The Line Across    Top Places To Find Vampires In The United States    Of Course Im Polluted Will Be To An End For Nothing       Area Fifty One Remote Detachment Of Edwards Air Force Base    Theyre Not Even Birds They Are Bugs With Wings    Blast Wave Accelerator Used Against The People Of Japan   Megatron Metatron They Dropped A Thirteen There     Lucifer Will Fully Support The Sea Shepherds   I Deserve The Royal Treatment Sincerely Lucifer   King Messiah Will Be Anointed With The Oil Of Gladness   Messiah Played Football For The Southgate Titans     Latitude Forty Three Longitude Seventy Nine    time capsule ?  List of cities by time of continuous habitation

Any Kind Of Work Makes Me Want To Smoke More Pot   Cannabis Prohibition Was Started Out Of Ignorance     The Occipital Lobe Has A Reflective Layer Of Moisture

Virgo March Eighth Twenty Twelve Worm Moon  Moon Will Be The Color Of Blood And Clothed In Sack Clothe    Blue Moon Did Not Happen At Its Appointed Time Means  Occultists Will Be Fully Deleted From Existence    I Have No Issue With Deleting All The Souls Of Magog   Twenty Three September Two Thousand Fifteen    November Nineteenth Two Thousand And Fourteen November Twenty Nine Nineteen Seventy Six   November Twentyseven Nineteensixtyfive

Waiting For The Coming Of Our Lord Jesus Christ   Christ Is Mind And Cognition Sophia Is Heart And Love   If He Can Call And Says Nothing He Can Call And Say I Love You   I Would Really Love For One Direction To Come At Me     I Must Be An Alien Because I Choose Love Over Slavery    My Heart Is The Center Of My Being And So Is Yours    My Heart Chakra And Super Natural Creation To God Is    Winning Her Heart Really Is Mission Impossible       Karma Coming And His Name Is Jesus Christ He Is Coming Back    Jesus Christ Came As The Lamb And Returns As The Lion     Who Is The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah That Opens Book?    Only Jesus Is Worthy To Open The Book Of Life      Social sustainment of individual accomplishment        Jesus A Dangerous Counterfeit Of Gods Real Messiah   I Am The Lord Of Hosts And The God Of Jacob Yehowah Yahveh     Yahweh Owns Souls Like They Are A Piece Of Silver    Christ Will Destroy Anyone Who Harms Children  In Bible Prophecy The Woman Represents The Church    Law Of The Sotah The Woman Suspected Of Adultery    Ill Just Do The Same Thing But With A Better Woman  She Makes A Difference The Bride And The Bull The Fearless Girl     Man Breaks In To Apartment While Woman Went Out    The Holy Daughter Christs Wife Is A Man You Idiot   Women In The Doable Range Are Just Above Average Looking     The Divine Mothers Is Here To Say Thats The Devil  She Puts Others Down So She Can Feel Above Others  Im Not Defending Devils I Think Youre Being Deceived Again  Well Let Me Think About It Umm No I Dont Think So  

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     destroy button      flip square29°52'=  koobs guit djd          Saturn Oppresses People Into Submission      The Inspiration A Protection Of The Most High God   Gem Please Contact Us With Your Modus Operandi   All Right Reserved Calculation Using Nine Hall Diagram  ​

Astrologers Stargazers Prognosticators   Reveal All Problems On Earth And Their Solutions     Satan Frames People By Using Demonic Transferrence   You Are Being Punished For Your Crimes Against Me   Millions Missing Divine Gene Returns To Heaven   Corpus Vigere Is A Virus Causing Zombification   Orgone Water Burns Kills Destroys Zombies

Apocalypse Extinction Two Thousand Nineteen  ​  Central Intelligence Agency Satelite Codename Crystal     Earthlings Doin Time To Learn Unconditional Love   The Universal High Council On Demands Annexing Earth      Illuminati Infiltration Of Earths Government     This Nation Under God Shall Have A New Birth Of Freedom   France Luxembourg European Commission Germany

Life Is Too Short To Be Living Someone Elses Dream   If Your Heart Talks You Should Listen To It    gstar    She Is The Incarnation Of The Promise Of Perfection  IAm At My Most Serious When Im Writing On Here       Clinging To Her Dreams Running From A Shameful Past  Reincarnation Of The Prophet Muhammed Peace Be Upon Me     Be Careful With Your Wishes They May Come Ture   Just Tell Me The Truth So I Can Heal From This Pain  Coalition For Comprehensive Immigration Reform    Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei   Hell Is The Most Hideous Form Of Coercion Conceivable


My Birthday Is July Five Nineteen Ninety Three   July One Two Thousand Eleven The Solar Eclipse   I Cannot Remember Feeling Happy For Any Length Of Time   The Legend Of The Rainbow Moon Is About Us My Love

Oaks Of Righteousness Oaks Of Righteousness      Always Act Like Youre Wearing An Invisible Crown     The Right Hand Eats Children With Grace And Self Control      Angels Papilionides Flowers Diamonds Gold And Hearts   Marvel Not For Satan Shall Appear As The Angel Of Light

Equatorial Countries And Territories Gematria    Zodiac Killer Has The Real Forbidden City In His Mouth   isla    Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand    ​

Pay Attention To Me In Order That You May See Me       Do Not Trust Atoms They Make Up Everything 

   The Hermit Tarot Spread For The Jorney Inward       Hes Doing More Than I Would Have Ever Dreamed Possible    Youll Be Lost Youll Be So Sorry When Im Gone     The Parietal Lobe Is Emanated From The Planet Jupiter     Stealing Peoples Life Force To Make Himself Immortal    Saturnian Time And Scythe Are The Order Of The Night       The Fibonacci Cyglo Sequence Governs The Universe  Limit Of Ratios Of Fibonacci Numbers Is Convergent        All Of The Forehead Serpents Deserve To Be Destroyed   Stop Trying To Stuff Them Down My Throat      Serpents Of Light Mimic Love And Righteousness

Too Much Prolonged Repeat Trauma To A Person Is A   Heroic Actions Forestalling An Even Greater Tragedy    I Am Over My Fear I Just Do Noy T Know What To Do    Lemony Snicket Leminy Snickets Jiminy Cricket       Seven Point Seven Magnitude Undersea Earthquake     Initiate Surprise Non Earthquake Movie Event      You Sickly Suckling Puckering Knuckleskull     The Star Group The Seven Sisters A K A The Pleiades

Cannabis Legalization Stop The Segregation Madness    Cannabis Was Made Illegal With A Rhetoric Of Lies And Racism    Consume Enemies With The Brightness Of His Coming     Robin Hood Takes From The Rich And Gives To The Poor    Maybe I Overreacted But I Always Gave You The Choise   I Dont Want To Make Your Life Worse By Being In It     Its Y O U R Turn To P A Y For Your M I S T A K E S

Prior Written Permission Required P W P R   Release The Four Angels Bound In The Great Euphrates    One Who Is Despised And Of The Base Things Of The World     Four Two Combination Of Solar And Lunar Eclipses     The Descendants Of Evildoers Shall Never Be Renowned     I Have My Own Life And I Am Stronger Than You Know    Youre Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link     Do You Understand What The Words Iam That Iam Mean       We Are Impressed With The Weather In Mid West And Canada     There Are Eighteen Sounds In The Greek Musical Teaching  Thank You For This Words I Love You So Much  Or You Could Just Stop Very Very Soon ​

Many People Get Abducted By Aliens And Get Chip Implants    A White Horse Is Always The Symbol Of Divinity    If You Fear God And Worship Him You May Become A Slave    Moses And Jesus Martyr Only For Themselves  The Man Christ Jesus Lives In The United States    What Are You Talking About Im Not Jesus Christ ?     The Crucifix Is A Symbol Of Human Murder And Madness

Bad Vibes May Lead You Through A Path Of Lies In Gematria   Kills The Souls Of The Lords Of The Underworld    Aliens Dont Suffer Mental Illness Is This A Test?   Is Uncrackable Mentally Physically Emotionally   Amphibious Extraterrestrials From Sirius    I Tried To Get Him Out Of His Shell So I Get A Reaction     Im Behälter Ist Ein Fisch Kein Makel Nicht Fördernd Für Gäste    The Giant Map Catfish Covers The Length Of Missippi     I Was Born On March Twenty Second Nineteen Fifty     The Most Narcissistic Person To Ever Exist   Enjoying The Showdown Freaks The Lord Hopes So    Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Fake Prince And His Mountain Of Lies       They Believe That They Have Won Before But Have Not     Some Songs Are Made More For One Gender Than The Other   Rockstar Energy Drink Plus Bible Code Equals Bible Code  People Using The Bible To Further Their Evil Agendas    Moses Doesnt Follow The Commandments He Wrote   Wasnt That Good Yeah It Was Good Huh You Alright      You Have Made The Ones Who Hate Me Famous And Wealthy     He Has Account Six Five Five Eight Five Zero One Eight    And They Could Not Answer Him Again To These Things   I Guess You Just Werent Important Enough  I Sent Twelve Notices For Impeachment To Dc Today    

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     destroy button     flip square29°64'=   koobs leomWoke Up This Morning With Thoughts In My Head


The Ancient Pyramids Functioned As Power Plants  Give Us Of Your Oil For Our Lamps Are Gone Out   The Continued Release Of  Dormant Coded Magnetic Energies      I Have Not Reached The Highest Dimension So Take Me There  Better Than Universe Is He That Surrounds It   I Always Lose Myself How Can I Not In This World  I Am Recovering The Earth Not Destroying The Earth    Rounding Up Members Of The Nwo For Executions I Wish I Could Clear Your History From My Mind  

Military Industrial Complex Neocon Network   Am I The Only Who Is  Using This Knowledge To Help ?    Are We Ai In A Simulation The Key To The Mysteries? 


You Can Find The Fallen Through The Alpha Numeric Veil  Their Lies Are So Absurd Their Word Is Meaningless    If The Word Was First Then Every Word Is A Word  Low Level Serpents That Do Their Masters Bidding     For None Shall Beable To Utter A Lying Word Before Him So There Was A Division Among The People Because Of Him  What God Has Joined Together Let No Man Put Asunder

The Healing Power Of Allah Love Knows No Boundaries   All Will Submit To His Divine Will Or Be Cast Out   Not For People Who Were And Are Abusive Towards Me    A Person Who Deserves My Loyalty Receives It

Nobody Wants To Listen To You Talk About It   He Will Touch His Left Thigh When He Wants To Speak    Speak English To Be Understood In The Whole World

Its Illegal To Use The Legal Name Its Called Legal Name Fraud Jesus Puts His Wants Above The Needs Of Others

Jesus Means Earth Pig In Latin And Earth Horse In Greek    Jesus Christ Final Rainbow Bridge Twelve Twelve Seventy Nine Times Ninety Seven Times Two  Executive Order Number One Zero Nine Nine Seven   Eight Times Eight With Sixteen Multiplication

Truth Is What You Feel If You Ask Your Heart   Nothing Bad Is Going To  Happen To Me Today Only Good     Birthday Is August Eighteen Nineteen Sixty One   September Twenty Eight Nineteen Sixty Six  September Twenty Third Two Thousand Fifteen

  Born February Eighteenth Nineteen Sixty Seven    Alien Mayan Artifacts The Secret Excavation Annunaki   The Gargoyles Are Bounded Along The Rings Of Saturn   Zombies Can Be Thought Of An Existence Of Life After Death

The Love Of Money Is The Root To All That Is Evil   The Constitution Of The United States Of America   The Georgia Guidestone Is A Memorial Not A Monument    You Shall Not Take What Does Not Belong To You


Gods Plans Are Infinitly Confusing And Wonderful    They Think Because They Are Psychic It Goes Unseen  Confusion Is The First Step To Understanding   I Understand Now Im The Problem And The Solution Ill Decide Whether Or Not You Meant The Opposite

Attractive Women Dont See A Potential Husband In Me Right Like A Rich Guy Would Choose To Be With You   Will I Ever Have Happiness I Have Never Been Allowed It?   Wake Up People She Was Telling The Truth All Along  They Know Im A Problem As I Dont Do What They Want     She Blamed Him For Her Own Misunderstanding Of The Case   Please Forgive Me Lord I Had Abortions I Am So Sorry  I Think She Is The Most Satanic Woman On The Planet  Eat Drink And Be Merry For Tomorrow You Shall Die    Dont Contact Me Because I Dont Want To Marry You


When Saturn Gets Castrated That Is The End Of Satan  Now Im Erasing All The Fallen Angels Out Of Existence   I Can Listen To Whatevers On Demand I Dont Really Care   Things Have Been Getting Quieter I Am Enjoying This  


I Want To Go Back And DoIt All Over But I Cant GoBack I Know flip square  List of twin towns and sister cities in Spain

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  destroy button    flip square29°70'= koobs  corv Super Intelligent Constructor Of All Things   Maple The Essential Tool For Mathematics And Modeling    Ive Been Targeted By Satans Insanity My Entire Life   I Will Never Be Targeted By Weapons Of Any Type Again  For Whatsoever A Man Soweth That Shall He Also Reap       Spend Some Time Thinking About What You Have Done   I Does This Just Project Whatever I Think It Is If I Was Stupid I Would Never Have Figured It Out    Please Delete The Poorly Written Stupidity


 Numbers Eleven Twenty Two And Thirty Three  Seventy Six Times Seven Is Four Three Two   Rx Number Three Zero One Four Four Nine Zero    Four Season And Four  Cherub Controls Four Wind

Being Everything And Everyone But Myselfgematria Things Equal To The Same Thing Are Equal To Each Other   The Thing That He Was About To Do Was To Open A Diary     The Readers Of Old Have No Right To Judge The Re Write  Who Writes Their Autobiography Before Being Born? 



I Love Being Satanically Mind Controlled By Saturn    The Latest Words Calculated Are From Satans One Mind  Im So Sorry For Everything Bad Ive Said To You    Satan Is The Most Hard Hearted Person To Ever Live Satan Only Offers You What Is Already Yours  Satan Cant Control The Longer Sentences In Gematria    Total Denial That There Will Be Severe Consequences 

Maybe The Truth Is You Are All Just As Uptight   The Right Decision Is To Make Sure They All Get Saved


 I Wish To Go Beyond The Last Terrors Of Ignorance  To Take Peace From The Earth And To Make Men Slay Each Other  We Get Drunk And Then Everything Will Be A Lot Easier 


   Blessed Is The Man Who Keepeth His Seed Within Himself   I Understand Now I Am The Problem And The Solution    The Only Solution Is Killing The Brain Invaders  All Of The Brain Intruders Are Exalting Themselves   I Am Really About To Put A Bullet In One Of Their Heads   

It Is Not About Winning Or Loosing It Is About   I Dont Care If You All Run You Will Be Hunted Down   It Is A Stunner By Any Stretch Of The Imagination  Is The Game Over Or You Still Intent On Ending Me ?

The Occult Are Equivalent To Artificial Intelligence   Exterminating All The Occultists Is Necessary    The Occultists Are Not Ever Welcome In Jupiter  Anyone Who Is Initiated Into Saturn Is Wrong  Hey Guys I Almost Arrested Gods Little Monkey      Strictly Investigate All Cops And Police Officers  Getting Deleted Out Of Existence For Their Thefts   They Are The Opposite Of What They Are Claiming To Be They Will Expose Themselves As Liars And Devils     A Bunch Of Soulless Devils Calling Humans Sinners    Get These Black Devils Off My Karma And The Ones Of All Races 


But That Is Why I Exist To Frustrate Demons   The Demon Is Was Same Person With Name As Follows   Edward Alexander Crowley Is A Real Aleister Crowley


Cast Some Stars To Ground And Stamped Upon Them  Let Me Take You On A Dark Night Walking Out At The Camp What Was Once Done In Secret Is Now Coming To Light

The Beast That Arises Out Of The Bottomless Pit  Sadist Beast That Ascends Out Of Bottomless Pit Confident Or Not If Youre Ugly It Dont Matter  Lust Is When You Realize Magnetism Behind Ugly    Everything Will Be Okay Between The Two Of You    faceless Burning Alive Witches And Spitting On Their Ashes  No Maybe You Werent Giving Me Enough Attention  And This Is The Moment She Has Been Training For Wow A    Woman Commits Suicide Jumping Off Chicago Skyway   The Beautiful Daughter Of Heaven Is The Rising Of The Dead 

Why Would Anyone Fight Against God Im So Confused ?  The Holy Supreme Victory God Of The Universe  Go Forward Without Fear God Is Protecting You  Can You Sleep Paralysis Explain What Your Job ? We Stole Gods Job To Give Him The Good Time He Deserved        There is no god but God; Muhammad is the Messenger of God    And God Will Wipe Out Every Tear From Their Eyes

Its When You Have An Unconditioned Vision Of It   And Forbid Them Not For Of Such Os The Kingdom Of Heaven 

Heaven Heaven Heaven  Heaven Heaven Heaven  Heaven Heaven Heaven

See Then The Kingdom Of Heaven Will Be Like Ten Virgins  All Of Fairports Twentyfive Year Old Virgins   September Twentyfour   Twothousandfifteen  September Twenty Second Two Thousand Fifteen   October Twentythree Nineteen Seventytwo

The Book Of Luke Chapter Twelve Verse Fifty Three

bibcont  Do you know when the mountain goats give birth?    January Tenth Twenty  Twenty Awake All Night  January Twenty Second Nineteen Seventy Five     Greatest Love Of Almighty God Who Died On The Cross  Stigmata Markings On Hands And Feet Seven Two Four  Its Not A Fight The Stone Is A Slow Translation       bibcont l   Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy  Do You Know What Im Going To Do Next Saturday? 

I Am Forsaking All Those Who Betrayed And Oppressed Me  How Can People Still Possibly Believe You Now ?I Believe In Your Success If You Believe In Me Smile

Hasnt He Noticed Youre Tall Enough To Reach It Now  ?   And Then He Looked Right Through Me As If I Wasnt There   Another Lonely Guy Who Cant Ever Stop Talking  I Dont Want That Girl Now She Isnt Hot Anymore He Was New At That Time  Thats Why Hes Saying That     Your Mouths Are The Biggest Thing On All Of You The Most Difficult And
Confusing Time In Their Live
    I Will Never Leave You And I Will Never Abandon You    faceless I Know You Thought It Was You And Me At First    

He Was And Still Is Making Up Rules As Hes Going Along    Ive Forgotten Everything I Knew About Basketball      I Have Lived Many Lives And Keep Coming Back Time After Time

Really Stay At College Stop Coming Home All The Time  They Are The Joke People I Went To High School With

Look I Dont Want To Be Seen Talking To You  Period  I Dont Take It Serious I Just Think Its Creepy File Number Five Zero Two Zero Six Two Six  Plague Is For Those Trapped In Confucius Matrix      Yin Yang Theory And Quantum Algorithm New Road     

Im Going To Give My Brother A Few Of Those Capsules  They Complain Even When They Get What They Want

Collective Narcissistic Personality Disorder   Blinding Anger Can Cause You To Make Stupid Mistakes Perceive All Your Specific Fears On A Virtual Level   Possessed By Delusions Of Personal Greatness  


Travelers Of The Milkyveil Rights Revocation  

Aliens Infiltrated Systematically With  Patience The Rapture Is Aliens Abducting People To Kill Them      All Native Tribes In North America Came From The Pleiades  Venus And Pleiades Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs    Governments Prepare For Arrival Of Binary Sun The Sun Has Twelve Natures Or Personalities   Twelve Thousand Elect From The Tribe Of Zebulun     In The Day That You Were Created They Were  Prepared I Was Born On May Nineteenth Nineteen Fifty Four I Wish All Of You Had Been Aborted So You Would All Be Dead


The Very Essence Of Reggae Music And How It Operates?     Poetry Is The Study Of  The Sounds Of Words


It Only Takes One Person And God To Change The World   Jesus Christ Returns To Destroy The Wicked  Jesus Last Request Of Father Was Eleven Words   Cut Off From The Spirit Abomination Of Desolation     His Body Can Be Destroyed But His Spirit Is Eternal     As Far As The Evil Spirit Go They Will Be Destroyed    Then Do The Plan Of The Holy Spirit Or Burn In Hell 

I Cant Wait To Cross Over From His Stupid Realm   Hush Puppies Are The Most Comfortable Footwear  A Seventythree Inches When Barefoot Perspective   At This Point It Has Traveled One Point One Miles    Transfiguration Of Jesus Was Alien Technology Jesus Was Not The Author Of The New Testament Once You Become A Serpent  I No Longer Care About You    

Universal Laws Have Been Broken And The Chosen Is Aware It Is Not A Matter Of Being Worthy But Being Chosen   Third Eyers Think That I Am Subject To Their Laws Love Is The Holy And Only Language Of The Universe  Everything Is Love But All You Heard Was Money   Everytime They Say God They Probably Get A Dollar  Compensation Will Either Cost You Or Benefit Me


Aware Are You And When Are You Coming Back To Fix This

I Await Eagerly When Their Blood Spills In Rivers   river cabels   fix           Twenty Fifteen Gold King Mine waste water spill   Is More Than All Whole Burnt Offerings And Sacrifices   Where Did The Oxygen Magically From Come In That Diagram?     Worker You Need To Be Working While Youre Here      I Would Love To Move Out Of The United States      Its Just Physics They Balance The Environment   


Why Should A Crazy Man Care About Infrastructre?   This Would Have Never Happened In The Ancient Egypt   The Pyramids In The Grand Canyon Are The Oldest Ones  


List of largest cities throughout history   List of twin towns and sister cities in Finland

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Can You Six Six Six Explain About Yourself     indian indian   I Will Love You No Matter What You Say Or Do       destroy button    flip square29°76'= koobs ff    To Be Perfect Means To Make Mistakes And Learn From Them    Why Do You Search For Me In A Book Iam All Around You     ? You Think Im Not Nice I Will Show You Not Nice    Doing Nothing At All Will Make It Worse Not Better

  Book Of The Intellectual Beings Life Living Experience    store    Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers   The Stone The Builders Rejected Has Become The Capstone  One Given To Or Expert In Dispute Or Argument   Key Is The Serial Switch, The Muslim Brotherhood   Order Four Four Six Four Zero Three Nine Nine 44640399   Wake Up And See The Horrible Truth About Your God     Yes Lord Host, God Is My Witnes And My Judge Too                 How Does Anyone Know Who To Trust Anymore  scream_32 Entire Cast Of Real Housewives Of Orange County  codwatwar zombies codbozombies codbozombies     time capsule time capsule   They Put The Zombie Virus In H One N One Vaccines     Not All Chemical Drugs Work On Each Person But Why   Uncover the truth -Internal organs damage by Coca Cola 


mayan nawal  character in question canm character in question Every Pleasant Wisdom Words Who Paths You​       Science And Conditional Love Are Two Ways Of The Path  Thinks That If You Dont Love Him Then It Is A Crime  Took Millions In Bribes And Criminal Laundered Money      I Know He Wont Tell Me Anything Its A Surprise  galaxvort  galaxvort ? ?  t  The New Moon Is Where The Sun And Moon Join Forces galaxvort   Ashes Were Kept In The Gatehouse Of The Beautiful Gate    galaxvort  galaxvort The Countdown Is Ending And We Have No Place Left To Hide    Twelve Twelve Twelve What Has Happened To Michael   Archangel Michael The Gates Of Hell Are Open They Like It, He Whom Is Satan     The Pit Is Located At The Galactic Center In Astrology      Its Lucifer Did I Mention The Army Of Werewolves   Ariel Liberty Gods Newborn Son Of The Millennium      movBees are genetically designed to recognize royalties        Is Stigmata From God, Or Is It A Demonic Manifestation     Fire Is Hot Ice Is Cold A Tree Is Often Green And Iam Not Old        69    ceti 96    Manche Sätze Ergeben Keinen Sinn Bis Man Mal Darüber Nach Denkt    bee mus        crabminor clb beehivecluster     Los Angeles Is My Home Town In This Present Life  ​     blueprintstar Birthday December Thirty One Nineteen Thirty One netshatter    Born December Thirty First Nineteen Thirty One        And His Spirit Within Him Is Pitiless As Bronze   Find Out How To Build An Auto Id Infrastructure      Phaeleh  – Whistling in the Dark    God Never Ever Killed A Single Human Only Animals Kill  Eating Spiritually Belongs To Every Human Being   Obama Using Hi Tech Attacks Against Orgone Warriors       Light In The Eyes That Can See And A Hand To Hold For The Blind ​           The Key Is To Prevent The Bad Things From Happening    God Told Me To Take A Helicopter To The Top Of Mt Hope  Im So Nervous And Excited I Hope I Will Be Able To Sleep 

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    destroy button flip square29°82'=koobs  network_connections  Doing Nothing At All Will Make It Worse Not Better    Eating Spiritually Belongs To Every Human Being   Flying_Spaghetti_Monster Eat the Spaghetty to Forgetti your Regretti     God Told Me To Take A Helicopter To The Top Of Mt Hope   The Country Depresses Me And I Dont Like The Language  arrow southarrow  How Does Anyone Know Who To Trust Anymore  I Know He Wont Tell Me Anything Its A Surprise  I Thought I Was Jesus But Now I Know Iam That Iam   The Gates Of Hell Are Open They Like It, He Whom Is Satan   Is Stigmata From God, Or Is It A Demonic Manifestation hellboy  Wake Up And See The Horrible Truth About Your God  Satan Thinks Being The Son Of Destruction Is Cool  

     Im So Nervous And Excited I Hope I Will Be Able To Sleep     flam      The Key Is To Prevent The Bad Things From Happening   q wordsYour head is not aerodynamically proportioned  To Be Perfect Means To Make Mistakes And Learn From Them     The Pit Is Located At The Galactic Center In Astrology    Light In The Eyes That Can See And A Hand To Hold For The Blind    Let Him Who Has Understanding Calculate The Number Of    Three Parts of the Wisdom of the Whole Universe   writecode  Pleasant Wisdom Words Who Paths You

  Find Out How To Build An Auto Id Infrastructure  You Think Im Not Nice I Will Show You Not Nice   I Will Love You No Matter What You Say Or Do      One Given To Or Expert In Dispute Or Argument   The Stone The Builders Rejected Has Become The Capstone       Book Of The Intellectual Beings Life Living Experience  The Felidae Are A Feline Species Who Originate On Sirius A  The New Moon Is Where The Sun And Moon Join Forces    sparkdroid cipher solver  bear & lion   um   gp bee   Not All Chemical Drugs Work On Each Person But Why    They Put The Zombie Virus In H One N One Vaccines   Why Do You Search For Me In A Book Iam All Around You     herc     Obtain the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons   Special Economic Zones All Over The United States  Entire Cast Of Real Housewives Of Orange County    flip squareList of twin towns and sister cities in Jordan   flip square   List of twin towns and sister cities in Georgia hand  flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Poland

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    destroy button       flip square29°88'= koobs   diid   flip square    The World Is Not Thy Friend Nor The Worlds Law    I Need Resolution Or Despair Will End Up Killing Me   It Cannot Be Denied We Are Near The End Of Time As We Know It       Resound Mighty Has What Has Righteousness Gate   cassiopeia  Walpurgisnacht April Thirty Twenty Eleven          Extraterrestrial Infiltration Of The Human Race lap Purchased From Brian A H P Compaq Six Seven One Zero B  For The Gifts And Calling Of God Are Without Repentance       Now The Birth Of Jesus Christ Was On This Wise   boo  gsm     pyxies repix        Transfiguration Of Christ Was Alien Technology      lucifer sigil small m     faceless    His Birthday December First Nineteen Seventy Six   And I Saw In The Right Hand Of Him That Sat On The Throne   t  faceless    mov Records Of The Grand Historian Jesus Bring Us Home     Jesus Proved His Disregard For The Holy Spirit    Now He Should Get Some Rest Even If It Is Difficult      Jesus And His Bride Saw The Valley Of Death Many Times    I Hope You All Find The Piece That Youre Looking For    digamma-stigma It Is Believed That Stigmata Is A Demonic Manifestation      Purim Is A Satanic Feast And A Holiday Celebration Of Satan   Mealtimes Are Not The Time For Argument Or Strife  lucifer sigil small  Lucifer Didnt Use His Heart And Thats Why He Became Satan    Two Thousand Ten Revelation Ten Satans Release   I Dont Have To Seed Deception I Have My Guards To Do So   bibcont Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm. He said:  drTerror    Iam That I Ams Truth Shall Send All Muslims To Hell       Historically Expressed Through Terrorism        faceless phoen Transvestite Boy Prostitute Of Afghanistan   She Needs To Stop Lying About The Dark Haired Moshiach   flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Lebanon      Moses’ Brother Aaron Placed An Omer Of Manna Into The Ark  bibcont The Book Of Proverbs Chapter Fourteen Verse Nine    vir matrix code scan    bibcont Harvesting the Earth and Trampling the Winepress  mov   We Come From Land Of Milk And Honey Looking For A Rose And  faceless    faceless He Will Be Given The Seventh Angel Trumpet To Blow    corv  The Energetic Library Of Your Soul’s Journey       faceless  Every Girl Every Music Everything Under Anime     She Is Unholy For Supporting Corruption     Anime Was Created For Me And I Was Created To Annoy PeopleThe Love Of Power Is Displaced By The Power Of Love    Few Men Of God Have Become Extraordinary People Of Faith     I Have Been Humbled Beyond The Understanding Of The Word        Please Remember No One Dies In This Love Drowned Lies  Im Not Criticizing Him If He Thought I Did Im Sorry    Narcissism In Its Most Extreme Manifestation   But For The Elects Sake Those Days Shall Be Shortened   The Lord Does Want Us To Know The Day And The Hour          Most Shocking Creature On God Creation History    Babylon, He Poor His Righteousness Wolf Goat Child     Moonlight Is The Pale Reflection Of The Suns Light    Gone Insane From The Pain That They Surely Know    And The Rust Of Them Shall Be A Witness Against You   The Exeption To The Rule That Proves The Rule   mov The Most Holy Birthday In Two Thousand Years  faceless  faceless  aqua      Everlasting But Understanding O Save Cry Stay      Mausoleum Forty Million Dollars Point Grey    ipeelawaystarhack  These Evil Beings Have Telekinetic And Psychic Abilities   November Twenty Two Nineteen Sixty Three Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng    But In His Place Shall He Honor The God Of Fortresses   National Security Agency Of The Soviet Union K G B  Given Names And Place Names Are Not Significant In Gematria   

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     destroy button      flip square29°94'= koobs   battery   Happiness Is By Choice It Is A Matter Of Perspective  t   Hate Reading Tabloids The Stories Are So Disgusting   But I Have A Bunch Of Ideas For Multipe Worlds And Brands     The Ancient Greek Myths Based On Real People And Events             The last banana: A thought experiment in probability     Thats A Nice Thought But Completely Unrealistic     Haha Trust Me Indignation Is The Story Of My Life They All Ruined My Life So They Forced Me To Name Them     Neanderthals Are The Source Of Humanities Problems     Well Guess What I Do Compare Myself With Others?!   I Dont Have A Job But I Help Others And They Help Me Get By

I The Lord God Am Beyond Your Simple Understanding   Worlds That Sustain Life On Another Frequency  Combine Coding Thought And Sense Simultaneously      The Very Essence Of Blue Eyed Magic And How It Operates?     Critical Thinking Dismisses Fictional Clickbait Claims     Learn To Observe Thoughts Without Judgment   I Wonder If Other Beings Understand What Sarcasm Is?     Youre Going To Have To Do More Than Just Say It  I Am A Man That Loves Beautiful Woman Respectfully   The Women In The Hot Range Group Are Natural Leaders  Shes Also One Of The Hottest Black Girls Out There   I Think There May Be A Fan Hanging Out Of Your Window   With A Love Like That You Know You Should Be Fat  The Gemini Female Scribe Translations Of The Almighty  The Frustration And Sadness Of A Failed Relationship   The Boy That You Loved Is The Monster You Fear   When Telling Truths Are Labeled Acts Of Terrorism  The Whole Honest Story Behind Each And Every Reason    I Miss Everything About You Without You

Observe All Things Whatever I Have Said Unto You  July Twenty Ninth Two Thousand Thirteen   Six Hundred Sixty Six On Seventh Dimension   Extraterrestrials Bring In New Word Order Agenda      The Star System Arcturus The Planet Pitolla  Nebula Of Great Bear And Seven Stars And Solar System   

August Twenty First Nineteen Ninety Two  You Are The Conduit Of He Who Is Or He Himself Who Am I    koobs   They Stretched Him Out And Placed A Stone On His Abdomen    They Are Really Going To Regret It For Eternity     The Taxonomic Tree Of The General Formal Ontology   All Of The Serpents Want To Destroy The World  Feminism Is From Constrictor Snakes And Insects    Satan Wants You To Put Him Before Everything  I Do Not Plan To Cooperate With Anyone In Anyway    But Maybe Now I Dont Want To Be Friends With You    An Obvious Self Focus In Interpersonal Exchanges  United States Of America Government Give Gift To Me   flip square List of twin towns and sister cities in Israel   I Dont Live In The Real World Because You Dont Let Me   Truth And Lies Has To Do With What Is True And False  

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    destroy button      flip square29°96'= koobs crabminor   time capsule mov     2,996 people died in the attacks

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