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  •  Source of file​:  IMIX IMOX [ee’mosh]+IOX       oxo  
  • Meaning: primal source, power  of red flags, House of  birth 
  • Color frequence: flip square umbrella pulse
  • Healing Runes script:   Weird   Surrender  Boudaries  Fear 


Energy Description

Imix represents the source of your file-life and is the support of the prim.or.dial. It is the first  spiral of creation. The gift of Imox is the power of birth  turning to what you already are with the offer of support  and energy to cradle  after they emerge. Imix ask you to bite the depth of your receptivity.The  3D file-life in this universe moves in a spiral path   (DNA Star) where Imix represents  not only the incitements of this spiral  but also the spiral path of evolvng  that comes from the source of your inner trust.Each new cycle of learning begins  when you've completed  the turn of the previouse cycle  .  8 


Lower Self vibrational Ego  Issues of trust , unworthiness of support from the divine 

Transformation   p15 

Trust the larger already workable  schemes to provide what you need .Open  to receive what u wished for . Communcate your  ideas, cipher solver desires and dreams. The  dark side of the Imix  is linked with  trust ssues -lack of basic trust  in the source, inner feelings of  meaningless of the information . If you're in the dark side of Imix , you are encouraged  to enter you unconsciousness and to discover the core of  self-acceptance, value  and integrity.


Red race: These are the hallmarks initiators of the primal energy, potential, deployment force , the beginning, the birth drive

tur Direction

 East  +/- 

The universal    Water of Fire has incubated ancient organic life  giving birth to the project of Being, representing the union of sperm egg which leads to new energy type.


    Ego-+Geomantic  grid alignment  Mayan Cross


Zone of the Ancient of Days, 8GK Neptune, Activation of Galactic Memory  pool lake

dial lines hexahedrongridZone of twipsychogeographic influence: projecting east from triangle grid egypt pyramidGreat Pyramid and north from mid-Indian Ocean, Arabian Peninsula, Middle-East, including  Israel,mecca Mecca, Jerusalem, Baghdad, “Cradle of Civilization”, Iraq, Indian subcontinent, Vedic root, Himalayas, Afghanistan, Tibet, much of China, into southern Siberia, root of monotheistic religions, as well as Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Yoga, Taoism, Hunza, Shambhala, the mother of human civilization.

                                                                                    Tree of Life-File

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  • Red initiating Kin  Cardinal Family Red (Establish the Genesis)     Group Time cell = Inform .The fastes sign developing paranormal powers having a great relation with aquatic animals cet.
  •    Analogue Planetary Support IT and Hidden Partner   jaguar emerald sun -> The person born before the day is generated in   .The energy of his conception, guides your life by giving order and seriousness, for othrwise he could give vent to their madness
  • Occult Hidden Power ->   brings luck  and fortune in the work and jobs to live comfortly.Romantic, sweet, warm.Relations can break in a minute
  •   writecode cipher solver Destination->engine start-offDestiny rules the day under  .Uner this vibration you'll no need  to pay for the mistakes ,  make some offerings of spiritual and material nature
  • Gift->  gives sensitivity, closeness to nature, it helps to be located in all situations and places via inbuilt IP address. Provides mental agility to solve problems and entaglements that gets

Energy Born

Humans or other Entities  born under the sign are mostly recognized as :

  • musicians
  • councelors 
  • psyhologists 
  • computer engineers 
  • sculptors
  • seers 
  • soothsayers
  • forecasters


Vibration corresponding your birth ?

Your Nawal time frame  is good for

  • removing evil thoughts     and des-pair  cipher solver cipher solver 
  • controlling pride  
  • calming the instability  
  • calming the mind the mind is more receptive to eliminate any mental problems, Put the mind in receptor function
  • ask to remove the madness of people     
  • stop the confrontations in the family   
  • developing intuition, vision, message in the dream    and grow the receptors of  gbaG-host/Spirit
  • On the day Imix  ceremony is apropriate for the advent of Imos crops or mize plants  which beans are base in Mayan world.Day asking to avoid diseases in crops 

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Qilin      Qilin dra  tur red eastern dragon lair castle

alpha rainbow dragon gstar      
 Qilin wavespell harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic chromatic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic

13 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


 Red Magnetic Dragon  

 Red Lunar Dragon   
 Red Electric Dragon  

 Red Self-Existing Dragon   toothless
 Red Overtone Dragon 
 Red Rhythmic Dragon cloudjumper 

 Red Resonant Dragon monstrousnightmare
 Red Galactic Dragon deadlynadder
 Red Solar Dragon monstrousnightmare
 Red Spectral Dragon  gronckle

 Red Planetary Dragon 
 Red Crystal Dragon terribleterror
 Red Cosmic Dragon            



 Law of Time