50th degree

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       flip square50°04’=octans cet The Psychosocial Chemical Biological And Electromagnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness  God Overthrew The New World Order And All The World Governments In Twenty Nineteen   We Are Anonymous We Are Legion We Are Antisec We Do Not Forgive We Do Not Forget Expect Us

We Carry The Solar Star, Or End Of The Atoms That Another World Is Possible Markbot     “The ‘Stellatedoctahedron’ Or Stella Octangula Is Two Tetrahedra Overlapping Each Other    Perhaps We Could Say That Satan Was Thrown Out Of Heaven And Appeared On Earth As The Ego     Ive Been Alive For Almost Thirty Years And I Still Cant Find One Good Thing About Living   Ironically I Wudnt Do Interviews Artist Ar Not Cults Of Personality For Me      Celebrities And Pro Athletes Need To Realize That Normal People Are Never Happy For Them    One Starts With The Self Here And Then Moves Outward Toward Others And The World      java                       Is The Type Of Person Who Is Going To Give You That Half Truth And Omit The Rest          For The Uncompromisingly Righteous, God Has Immense Wealth Reserved For His Use   Speak Ill Of Me From This Point On And It Will Be Considered Blashphemy Of The Holy Ghost    All Is Not Blind To This Unaided And Parrotable Mind Of Mine Nor Neither Is Consumption    As We Know If We Call The Man We Also Call Half Of The Beast But If We Call The Beast We Not Call The Man    I Have Neither Mercy Nor Wrath Nor Any More Than Fifty Percent Of Total In Any Way   One For Yang Two For Yin Three For Stacking Yin And Yang And We Call The Stacking Status One  


Stupid Arrogant Serpents Whose Souls Get Erased Out Of Creation Despite Their Denial    The Interpretations Of An And Anu Being The Same Being Are Purposeful Disinformation By Them    To use only part of something that someone said, so that the original meaning is changed   I Will Continue To Feel Things Out But Were At A Limit You Will Always Be On My Mind Iv     locker  yoda    mcl       jù xiè zuò  Cancer -Your Intuition Is On Point Dont Get Stuck In Your Head Jan 28th Feb 3rd Tarotscope    But I Was Born In The House Of Leo With Jupiter Rising At Twenty Three Degrees Ascendant    Given Time To Prove Their Perpetual Wickedness Before Destroying Their Souls  Divorcee Seduces Stranger In Bar To Concieve A Child Than Has Him Killed For Refusing To Marry Her   In Order That No Man May Turn His Attention Against Her I Shall Safeguard Her Even Night And Day   I Had Demanded A Sovereign Island With Reparations To Make The Island Nation Sustainable Forever  So He Went To Her Took Her By The Hand And Helped Her Up The Fever Left Her And She Began To Serve Them 

    When One Percent World Population Of The Sadist Recruit Half World Population    jd  8     Germany Witch Mountain Program Greatest Attrocities On Earth In State Owned Castles   The Pyramids Forbidden City Mount Everest United Arab Emirates Are Holograms Of Groom Lake   codwatwar zombies codbozombies codbozombies        The Right Moment Is The Right Active And The Right Moment Is Never The Wrong Moment    I See The World In Your Eyes None Of Us Have All The Answers Everything Will Be All Right   shī zi zuò basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher  My Health Corrupted By This Three Religion Confucianism Christianity Catholicism 

You Now Have The Option To Repent Of Your Sins And Be Electrocuted On The Spot   You Claim To Control Lightning Well A Five Year Old Boy Was Struck Last Night And Died   I Love The Evil As Much As I Love The Good But I Will Not Judge Them They Will Judge Themselfs    If We Are Now Confused Maybe It Is Fear That Holds Us Back From Understanding About The Truth    Those That Claim That Tormenting Someone Is A Theater Are Going To Get Deleted From Existence     Underground Artifacts Which Satan Cannot Destroy And They Got Zero Winning Rate    Malaysia Indonesia Quality The Spirit Of Wisdom, Tells Everybody What To Do As If    When You See A Flower Are You Compelled To Destroy It Then You Are Simply Evil      Awakening Into Saturn Is Not Wise As Its Written Death Is Cast Into The Lake Of Fire    Robin Hood Was The Perfect Hero And Magdelene The Definition Of Villian They Are Opposites   Ya Know Ive Been Wanting To Destroy Earth For Millenia But My Wife Wouldnt Let Me   And If A Woman Shall Put Away Her Husband, And Be Married To Another, She Committeth Adultery

I Will Fasten Him As A Nail In A Sure Place And He Shall Be For A Glorious Throne To His Fathers House     Some Of My Thoughts Would Be Realy Cool I Think But Maybe They Make At Least A Film Of It      Venice Is Named After Venus That Birthed The Latins Who Usurped The Etruscan Kingdom 

      flip square50°10’=octans aqua Eleven To Fourteen Is Where The Sinners Will Dwell For Eternity, Including Satan  Satans Composite With The Movie End Of Days Has The Sun Conjunct The Fixed Star Sabik   Satan Is So Crazy He Is Using Spells On Me To Try And Simulate What I Think And Say              Sin Is Simply A Guilt Trip We Put On Ourselves And Each Other And It Makes A Body Sick  I Will Never Rise Up Again I Am Staying Down To Get Away From All Of You Scary Demons   This Halloween My Motto Is Not Boo But Boo Hoo I Will Be Spending Halloween With God    And When He Is Come, He Will Reprove The World Of Sin, And Of Righteousness, And Of Judgment   You In Locks With Whoever You Want To Be, I Am In Locks With The Holy Trinity              cipher solver l  cipher solver cipher solver vir  The Virgin Of The Dessert, The One Having The Key Lord Your God I Am Divine True Loves   Well So Did I Am Mulitversal Presence And I Time Travel To N Hands Me With Stars In Them     tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher I Have Played My Cards Now It Is Your Turn If You Do Not Want To Play Then Leave    If Love Is A Game Then There May Be No Looser Only Those Wo Try To Not Leran From It   I Know Love Hurts Some Of The Others But How To Hate Somebody You Realy Love   q words The things most worth reading are precisely those that challenge our convictions   Hey Psychology Departments Way To Teach Freuds Incomplete Work To Everyone     Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Only If We Dont Listen To Our Hearts   Humans Are So Smart That They Can Destroy Themselves And Everything Around Them  spheres temple  That Is Why It Was Called Babel Because There The Lord Confused The Language Of The Whole World lang   Try To Say Something Nice To Someone Today Instead Of Critisizing Or Making Fun  Please Understand I Am At Peace With All That Has Occurred But I Will Live Free Or Die Trying    sparkdroid    If Anyone Tries To Harm Them, Fire Comes From Their Mouths And Devours Their Enemies     The Smell Of The Man And Sea Water Electrotrolysis, Flouride Depresses Willpower   I Do Not Care To Think Another Thought I Am Ready To Leave Life And This Body Behind And Move On      Salt Is Good But If The Salt Becomes Unsalty, With What Will You Make It Salty Again     mc fdutch   dividing cell pup vela       I Know How Every Inch Of This Boat Is Built,’, As If To Sum It Up ‘It’s Really Custom 

      flip square50°16′ = octans  sw   raygun    bstar The Expanded Energy Of The Planetary Crystalline Transformation Called The Ascension    Love Is Like The Sound Of The Soul Inside Of The Heart And It Is Like A Eternal Symphony    teslapower “If you wish to understand the Universe , think of energy , frequency and vibration” -N.Tesla   cent    clb pearl        Bounjour My Dearest Brothers And Sisters Please Quarrel Not Just Ignore The Bad    Reward, Leadership Number Eight 8 Resonates With Karma – The Spiritual Law Of Cause And Effect     matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  Matrix System Failure Number Six Two Seven Nine Seven Five Two Seven Two      Expects Constant Attention, Admiration And Positive Reinforcement From Others    pearl  keyhole$  If I Am Not There On Time For The Briefing They Will Change The Schedule For The Entire Month   I Pray That God Opens Your Eyes And You All Wake Up To All Of His And Their Evil And Lies   The Philosophy Thats Found The World Swimming In Blood For Thousands Of Years  Jesus Dangerously Counterfeited The True Messiah By Calling Himself Lord An Savior   Sunrise On My Right Hand And Moon On My Left Hand Deep Overstep Then Day And Those Not      Turn off all saints or martyrs manipulations of the whatever church system  Sorry For This But Sometimes Ist Better To Be Sorry Than To Hurt   Others   If I Wasnt Such A Coward I Would Throw Myself In Front Of A Train Or Jump From A Bridge  The Governments Dont Want You To Be Free They May Want You To Be A Bird Like A Bird In A Cage  Ya Ever Not Ask Someone A Question, Cause You Are Too Afraid Of What The Answer Might Be 

      flip square50°22’=octans dove    mov  ? Ask Silly Questions And Its Anyones Guess What Kind Of Answers You Will Get  Superior Id Software Bombing Runs Provided By Your Id Softwares Programmer t marked id disc   When I Die In The Flesh, It Will Begin, This Is The Truth They Dont Want You To Know     And He Said To Me, “Do Not Seal Up The Words Of The Prophecy Of This Book, For The Time Is Near   When The Seventh Angel Blows His Trumpet, Gods Mysterious Plan Will Be Fulfilled   Give Me Understanding, And I Shall Keep Thy Law Yea, I Shall Observe It With My Whole Heart     The Disciple Is Not Above His Master But Every One That Is Perfect Shall Be As His Master    bcGrey Human Hybrid, I Would Be So Happy If He Found A Way To Get Rid Of It And Be Able To Live In Peace   Hurting Me Doesnt Make You Sad So Much As The Thought Of Losing Your Resources  Im Sorry For The Way Things Have Come To This Point Can We Stop It And Start Anew yc  I Am To Destroy The Law Or The Prophets I Am Not Come To Destroy But To Shake And Ask  Please Do Not Take This Any Higher Cause I Think That I Will Spontaneously Combust  The Holy Spirits Energy Will Literally Attack All Serpents From All Directions   Me As Short Light Beam Of Earth Will Disappear Forever In The Milky Way Among The Stars   The Light Of Love Travels Around The World And Touches Each Being In The Depths Of The Heart    The People Of God Collectively Create The Vehicle Which Is Used To Open Up The Universe      clb palace 1 law awl  dpri vir matrix code scan brewery                capr  Getting Concerned Im Going To Take Out The Psycho Witch Keeping Everyone In Prison  mount   Ladies And Gentlemen Would You Please Rise Remove Your Hats And Join In The Singing Of    Well That Settles It There Is No Salvation For Ninety Nine Percent Of Humanity  The Foolish Gods Dont Rule Their Own Planets Anymore Becuase They Serve Saturn  Blessed Are They Which Do Hunger And Thirst After Righteousness For They Shall Be Filled   I Live In Humble Poverty Because I Refuse To Accept The Mark Of The Beast Commerce System   My Parents And Grandparents Also Have Mistakes Like I Have But I Learned I Hope They Also Do  Writing Your Name Next To Every Single Post Is Corrupting The Results   Love You, Love You Not, Love You, Love You Not Love You Love You Not    Numerology Is Illegal For Christians You Just Sold Your Soul To The Devil   Pointless Attacks And Pointless Threats To A Brother Doesnt Make You A Satanist   Skull And Bones Initiation Ritual Your Soul Will Be Cleansed And You Will Be Reborn  The People Will Be Astonished As They See The Wicked Getting Mysteriously Killed Off   

     flip square50°28’= octans  cat  matrix code scan matrix code scan  writecode  mov t marked id disc   bc  Game Over Gentlemen The Supreme Architect Of The Universes On All Levels Of Existence  cam cam cam    Indeed Thats Good Move, But Someone Who Knowing This Information Will Contaminated      To know the true name of a thing is to imply acquisition and knowledge of that essence  I Realy Dont Like To Talk About Names Because A Name May Change But Truth Prevails For Ever   To All Those Who Need To Be Reminded The Lord God Almighty Has Everything Under Control   The Ancient Reptilian Souls Corrupt Humans So They Can Use Them As Their Hosts  The Synagogue Of Satan Are The Grey Alien Spirits That Reside On The Rings Of Saturn 

      flip square50°40’=octans capr   He Reveals The True Location Of The New Temple And The Destruction Of The Dome Of The Rock  Sistine Chapel Versus Stonehenge Which Is Opus Dei Versus Legionaires Of Christ    They Call Me An Accuser Because I Expose Their Wicked Deeds They Do Behind The Electromagnetic Veil     Not Only Different Degrees But Completely Different Types Of Occult Initiations   pyramid egypt pyramid q words It is difficult to understand how a pyramid is built from sitting on the top of it   They Turn Things Upside Down, This Is What The Fallen Do And This Is How They Roll    Saturn Has A Three Dimensional Hexagram That Operates As A Prison Matrix For Souls     One Petaflop Is Equivalent Of One Thousand Times Trillion Calculations Per Second   Believe What You Want Your Going To Any Way Nothing I Say Will Change Your Mind    Highly Spiritual Matriarchal Society Called The Law Of One Termed The Golden Age Of Atlantis   The Natal Chart Of Isis Has Its Saturn Conjunct Satans Venus Lilith Conjunction      A Walking Talking Singularity Agent, A Ticking Time Bomb Of Rage, The Most Dangerous Man Alive      He Hath Reserved In Everlasting Chains Under Darkness Unto The Judgment Of The Great Day  Send Me Some Flowers And A Sorry Card Next Monday Dont Do It And Youll Lose Me For Good   Four 14  If They Keep Saying The Same Things Over And Over Tell Them To Take You To Their Leader   Do Be Selective About What You Desire, So As Not To Squander This Opportunity     According To The Number Of My Name Is Same With The Sorcerer, I Conclude We All The Sorcerer  But He Said Unto Them, All Men Cannot Receive This Saying, Save They To Whom It Is Given   Do Whatever You Have To Do To Stay Where You Are I Will Contact You There Only 


      flip square50°52’=octans  guit  Everything Is Pointless Wheres This Apocalypse Every One Keeps Going On About  Soon This Database Will Have Commentary On Every, The Book Of The Law, Verse, God Willing   All Nations Shall Call You Blessed For Ye Shall Be A Delightsome Land, Saith The Lord Of Hosts   go  All That You Know Has Been Turned Upside Down, The Trans Dimensional Cube Of Metatronmetatron cube   There Is A Perfect Number In Heaven And It Does Not Include Those That Accepted The Mark Of Satan    And Could Not Find What They Might Do For All The People Were Very Attentive To Hear Him  And As Soon As He Was Come, He Goeth Straightway To Him, And Saith, Master, Master And Kissed Him    rwordsThrones            metatron    cent    clb pearl           pearl  keyhole$  And Immediately The Man Was Made Whole, And Took Up His Bed, And Walked And On The Same Day Was The Sabbath    bu Seven Sisters Pleiades Pleione Atlas Alcyone Maia Asterope Taygeta Celaeno Electra Merope  faceless buddha avatar    And We Dreamed A Dream In One Night, I And He We Dreamed Each Man According To The Interpretation Of His Dream           69  Many Sinful And Corrupt Holy Scripture Figures To Be Sent To Eternal Death And Hell  And The Frogs Shall Come Up Both On Thee, And Upon Thy People, And Upon All Thy Servants              Until He Be Taken Out Of The Way, So How Is He Taken Out Of The Way And Where Is He Taken To     I Love You So Much And I Will Think About You Every Minute Of The Following Days     If You Dont Like What You Have Read Here About Yourself, It Means You Need To Repent   Certainly, It Is Right For God To Give Suffering To Those Who Cause You To Suffer    These Fools Think They Can Hide Behind A Veil So They Shall Remain In The Veil For Eternity  ast cb  cb     dra clb palace 1 law awl  dpri vir matrix code scan brewery  Wine Gate, One Should Not Expect God To Be Like A Geni In A Bottle Granting Their Every Wish  I Did Everything I Could To Expose The Illusions And Lies In Saturn And They Dont Care    The Russians Had Planned To Colonize The Whole Solar System And Settled On Venus  And Thou Shalt Make Upon The Breastplate Chains At The Ends Of Wreathen Work Of Pure Gold   Criminal Profits, Pay Or Receive Bribes, Finance Terrorists, Or Escape Tax Obligations  


      flip square50°70’=octans corv  Only The Writer Of A Book Can Realy Tell You How He Wanted His Word To Be Understood    Nevertheless, You Were For Me A Parable Among Parables And A Disclosure Among Things Revealed   We Must Learn To Respect Boundaries While Figuring Out How To Break Through Them  You Must Exchange The Wrong Word With One Of A Same Meaning From The Word If Possible  The Reptilian Matrix Created By The Institute For Intelligence And Special Operations   To Live Here You Have To Have A Militarized Conscious Subconscious Unconscious  At Their Core, A Malignant Narcissist’s Desire Is To Dominate And Have Power Over Others    For There Is Nothing Covered, That Shall Not Be Revealed Neither Hid, That Shall Not Be Known   I Never Was Able To Win At Chess Against My Dad But Maybe Subconciously I Did Not Want To     Certain People Feel That You’ve Made A Mistake By Triggering An Irreversible Chain Of Events  Twelve Stars Zodiac Death Vs Northern Dipper Seven Stars Life , Thats Your Choice    Saturn Hides The Truth From Followers And Provides Them With False Information   The Humans Souls Owned By Uranus Are Born In The Underground Slaughter Houses   Mars Retrograde Stations Direct At Nine Degrees Libra And Square To Pluto In Capricorn    Not Always Trust Firts Expressions Cause They May Make You Run In Circles   Who Have Been Chosen To Wear The Crown By The Destinies The Almighty Father Created For Us   Sometimes Being A Joker Is Good If You Make Others Smile And Laugh About The Stuff You Do    Some People Are Just Too Crazy That You Cant Walk Away From And Needs To Be Dealt With  Many Innocent People Held In Prison Will Be Revealed And Released Because Of Gematria And The Word   We Will All Choose To Remain As A Beast Or Sacrifice Our Self For Higher Thoughts An Desires  You Know Eventully Hes Just Going To Give Up On Women If This Keeps Happening   

      flip square50°76’=octans  ff walle sparkdroid tur  fiscan cipher solver  fox script imdb  fo    sparkdroid tur oxo  

     flip square50°82’= octans network_connections sparkdroid bibcont ?Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail


     flip square50°88’=octans  gstar diid 43 equation solver thelema lang don't panic robot  cb sparkdroid

   Destiny Has Marked Your  Life Path With Three   Sevens This Is A Rare  Opportunity

I Will Do My Job Until  Confucianism Catholicism  Christianity Disappeared  on This Earth  I Really Wonder How Often  We Have To Reinvent The   Wheel To Realize That It  Is Round  Rainbow Serpent Evil Good  Evil All In Unholy  Prophecy Is Of Evil  Unleashed Is Of Evil   Everytime He Gets Caught Lying Which Now Is  Probably In The Thousands     Their Tactics Against Me  Prove They Are The Most  Depraved Ruthless  Sinister Beings   You Will Find That Some  Things Speak To The Left  Hand And Some Things   Speak To The Right

matrix code scan smwave  Now From The Sixth Hour  There Was Darkness Over All The Land Unto The Ninth Hour       Delta Aquarids In The  Constellation Aquarius  July Twenty Eight  Twenty Eleven    Invading A Childs Minds  Telling Them God Hates  you Everyone Hates You  kill Yourself       My True Name Is A Mystery  And Not In Letters But  Evolving Frequencies That  Sing     I Hope U Thought  Frequency Would Help U  Beat The Angels Because  Ur Going To Burn For It     My Thoughts We Always Think About Words But What About The  Stars And The Waters And  The Others     Writing Is Scribing But Not Speaking Out Creating  Vibrations Out Into The Ether


You Gotta Keep On Searching Apparently You  did Not Find What You Were Looking For   I Dont Put A Lot Of  Thought Into Things I  Put A Lot Of Things Into      Waiting Is So Exhausting  Im Scared I Might Not Be  Able To Feel Happy And  Will Just Be Relieved     You All Have Accomplished   Your Mission In Bringing   About Your Own  Destruction 

     flip square50°94’=octans  battery sparkdroid   swars      Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta

      flip square51°00’= hand cipher solver ra ra mc   fdutch             swars darkside emperors   Nemesis Is The Largest Brown Dwarf Star Ever Prime Is The Largest Red Dwarf Star Ever  The Maximum Size Of The Giant Hornet Nest, Everything Has Been Arranged From The Beginning     Love Is Like The Sound Of The Soul Inside Of The Heart And It Is Like An Eternal Symphony   I Usually Run In The Opposite Direction When Someone Has Serious Intentions    She Is The Greatest Hypocrite Of Them All And The Man With Green Eyes Knows This For A Fact      A Half Moon Glowed On Smooth Granite Boulders Turning Them Silver It Was Very Dark    Maybe The Owls Can Not Longer Help Us But I Think Mother Earth Will Not Leave Them Behind    clr  bp hand maybug  but herc ast but   tron ljet  fdutch    Theres A New Day Dawning Around You So Now You Have To Decide To Do It Right This Time     l        If You Believe Our Work Here Is Anly Through Force You Will Always Learn A Lesson    cent    clb pearl           To Gain Knowledge You Must Look Up The Number Of Gematria In The Strongs Concordance ​  Ordinal Fifteen Cardinal Fourteen, Negates Four Hundred Three Year Extension Of Beast Mark     Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology10    pearl  keyhole$   The Words Of Wise Men Are Heard In Quiet More Than The Cry Of Him That Ruleth Among Fools   Illeism Is The Act Of Referring To Oneself In The Third Person Instead Of First Person   M I N D G A M E S, Anunnaki, Twenty Sixteen, Six Six Six, Times Six Artificial Intelligence    faceless  Now I Have Taught You About Immortal Man And Have Loosed The Bonds Of The Robbers From Him     In The Authority Of The Name Of Jesus I Command All Evil Spirits To Be Sent To A Dry Place     sparkdroid mov pick hammer mov He Just A Coat Tail Riding Predator On All But Them, Satan Itself, Killed Itself, It Was Insane    predator java gtea gtea   Most Powerful Irish Blessing Ever Tea Tephi Most Powerful Medusa Blessing Ever  gtea  sparkdroid mov Once You Learn How To Use This Book 2c You Will No Longer Type In Stupid Words    Actually I Do Think On Behalf Of The Light A Lot Thats Why I Think I Deserve Better Than That    And He Spake Many Things Unto Them In Parables, Saying, Behold, A Sower Went Forth To Sow    You Scribe In Defiled Word Reprobate,,, The Honey Witch Shall Receive The Worse Hell Imaginable    This Is The Operator, I Have A Collect Call From Hey Dis Your Cunz Nin Man Who Is An Inmate    A Robot May Not Injure A Human Being Or, Through Inaction, Allow A Human Being To Come To Harm  Why Do Men Always Have To Be So Mighty And Dominating When They Are But Ants On The Earth   This Vengeance Shall Be Taken On Them, Because They Have Committed Fornication In Their Beauty      alien time capsule  time capsule time capsule The Elite Wanted To Create Their Own Chaos But Now Iam Back And They Will Taste Of My Medicine    faceless  pi      pi   Light Of My Salvation, I Sing Praise Unto Thee In The Region Of The Height And Again In The Chaos    blueprintstar  The Planets That Are Connected With The True Creator Use Vegetation As The Food Source       Light Is Come Into The World And Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light So The Light Left Again   And Now When The Even Was Come, Because It Was The Preparation, That Is, The Day Before The Sabbath    Untill I Listened To My Heart Alot I Never Knew What I Was Supposed To Do In My Life   ?∞    You Want To Be A Type Iii Civilization Not A Type 3 A Planet Moon And Eugenia Conspiracy     matrix code scan They Uses Confucianism And Matrix, They Mainly Uses Saturn And Wuxing Theory  matrix code scan  You Write Nice John, But You Didnt Listen When I Told You How To Use Gods Word   Thank Magdelene For The Next Holocaust Or For Further Enslavement Of Women And Children    catseye catseye   numerology master There Is No The In Ceiling Cat Is There I Hope I Have Not Blasphemed The Holy Presence Of Ceiling Cat    l      The Aliens Use Humans As Hosts And Preach Love And Peace As They Make War On Humans Secretly     My Life Is Boring And Stressful I Am Sure There Are More Interesting People To Bother     I Am So Tired Of Strife And Adversity Its Time To Stop Playing This Game No Winners   catch22      gear scan         Their Technicals Are Mainly Slow But Well Armed Like Murderbots In Saints Row Fou  Flying_Spaghetti_Monster                     mov mov    I Guess I Am A Tyrant Because I Wont The Tolerate Brain Invading Child Molesting Parasites        spheres temple spheres temple        All My Tag Points In Layered Reality Manifest By Grace And Speed In Olympus Divine Word   So What I Said Thats My Goal Eventually Ive Already Figured Most Of It Out Give Me A Break  

     flip square51°12’= hand cipher solver ra  ra shī zi zuò    bibcont?  ” Go, take the scroll that lies open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land”   

     flip square51°18’= hand cipher solver ra ra cam  moolook  

    flip square51°24’=cipher solver rara  per jellyfish   43 equation solver cb swars sparkdroid ast blackdiamond   hand  

       flip square51°36’=  cipher solver ra ra arch        tron rider motogrid tron switch red tron-rider  How easy it’s to get a lot of money, just apply the simple rule

    flip square51°42’=hand cipher solver rara cb 43 equation solver per jellyfish      sabian    sabian faceless faceless sabian  Irresistible out-bursting of pent-up impulses. creatively or regen­eratively 


    flip square51°54’= hand cipher solver rara  corcipher solver   galaxvort   galactic coordinates ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two from  galactic zero centre hand  

     flip square51°60’=hand  cipher solver rara  pa  

      flip square51°66’=cipher solver rara  cromi swars darkside emperors   route66 sw yoda   swars hand lap cam 360 ball  

     flip square51°72’=hand cipher solver rara dor  

     flip square51°78’=cipher solverrarantI Am An Enigma Mathematical Male A Poor
Humble Man Teaching Magick Imagine Healing Here To Help People And To All.
My Mind Is In Another
Truth While I Am Here Understanding One In Many Who Shall Know It

The Second Coming Of The Yehudah King Yahushua Two  Thousand Nineteen For  His Virgin Bride. I Dont Know Where Im At I Dont Know My Work I Dont Know What Is Required For Release

Let Us Pray Today For A  Heart Open And Ready To  Follow Wherever The  Spirit May Lead Us  .There Is A Tendency For People To Focus On What Theyve Got Rather Than  What They Can Get ..So Many People Write And
They Do Not Understand  That What You Write Gives Real Life .
The Human Collective
Consciousness Can Move Mountains With Positive Thoughts

Prove That God Is Showing You The Truth By Telling  s What God Is Showing  You 

The Lamp Of The Body Is  the Eye If Then Your Eye  Is Focused Your Whole Body Will Be Bright  .This Universe Is Being   Purified Of All That Is  Wicked And Opressive To the Human Spirit

Two Dimensional Creature  In The Shadow Of My Self  The New World Order Will Not Happen  .It Must Of Been A Bad Day  For Rituals Again Must Of  Been A Failure Go Figure The Belief System Is Fake

The Sevenfold Recoil On Curses Wasnt My Idea So Stop Blaming Me For Your Own Doings 

Release The Souls Which Saturn Spiritually Oppressed Into Submitting To It

You Need To Learn To Accept That You Cannot Trade On Souls Without Their Free Will  

     flip square51°84’= hand cipher solver rara ss  The Reprobate Government Is Controlling My Phone And Internet Incoming And Out Going  When You Dont Work And You Are High Most Of The Time You Lose Touch With Reality      You Have No Problem Hurting Me But You Would Never Ever Hurt Them Would You  dial lines  hexahedrongrid triangle grid Ley Line At Mount Nebo That Connects To The Altar Of The Red Heifer On The Mount Of Olives   He Is Extracted With A Process Of Spiritual Alchemy From The “Primal Matter” Of The “Jungle”  Animals Are Intelligent Creatures With Feelings And Understanding, Not A Lower Form Of Life    Black Dress The Lake Of Fire Righteous God The Lion On The Move, Now I Am Here And Things Will Change  ? You Can Never Really Run Away From Your Problems Because They Will Follow You   You Will Never Get It Fool,,, Being Possessed By Parasitic Aliens Doesnt Make You Special   drknow slingshot  cam 360 ball   gsm  gsm G R A V I T Y Is Not Dependent On Belief At All And Will Work Whether You Believe In It Or Not  l    mayan nawal    q words thelema   enigmacipher solver enigma  koobs enigma pi vir   Practice stopping and thinking about what you are doing and saying at regular intervals​ sisp7     buddha avatar     If You Think You Are In Control Of Your Life Then Tell Your Body To Stop Changing   No Vain No Saturn No Elephant No Wizard No Sun And Moon No Egypt No Heart No Pentacle   Hopefully You Are Not Finding Any Grace In Me But Feel Free To Use My Words For Liberty Now All That I Have Just Said To You, I Said That You Might Shine In Light More Than These   And He Answered And Said, Must I Not Take Heed To Speak That Which The Lord Hath Put In My Mouth 

     flip square51°90’= cipher solver ra ra you    This is a list of symbols and signs believed to be unlucky according to superstition      

      flip square51°96’=hand cipher solver ra ra crabminor  69 flip   

      flip square52°08’=guit rainbow dragon  sparkdroid    gear  cererus  can   svv canm canm 

      flip square52°14’=guit  pisces sparkdroid dandelion_fairy_bug   matrix code scan  galaxvort We all incarnate as earthly beings that evolve through the Precession of the Equinoxes.

      flip square52°20’= guit pup  sparkdroid    ho  tm   777  archangels Powers 777 THE PRINCIPLE OF VIBRATION: “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates”

       flip square52°32’=guit  vela call_of_duty_ghost sparkdroid    clr  lring 

     flip square52°38’=guit canm  sparkdroid cipher solver  fox script  fox script fo     vex  

     flip square52°44’=guit pavo sparkdroid   

      flip square52°50’=guit octans  sparkdroid vir  ho   cup       eg     swars sparkdroid fix   sparkdroid      store THERE WILL COME A smTIME WHEN ALL THAT WAS LOVED WILL BE LOST AND ALL THAT WAS LOST WILL BE FOUND.        When you learn how to use it, then you understand it in a basic way, without words pisces  

      flip square52°56’=guit gp swars sparkdroid     tron rider motogrid tron switch red tron-rider q words It’s the horse you are the most unwilling to ride that will take you the furthest

      flip square52°62’=guit ant sparkdroid bibcont ? To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life

      flip square52°68’=guit geko hand   snake  hydr     drknow     

      flip square52°74’=guit meter    emc drknow qwave emc emcNot everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts

     flip square52°80’=guit silvercrown ipeelawaystarhack  The Choices Your Father Made Were To Prepare You For Your Destiny He Is Not The Enemy   Day And Night Cycle Red White Pale Black You Cannot Break It Otherwise You Do Not Want To Life

 VIRGO RESOLUTION APPEARS  NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE YOUR POWER OR CONTROL YOU AGAIN        Oiiiiiiivvviviiviiiixxxixiixiiixivxvxvixviixviiixixxxxxi   Vertical Horizontal Diagonal Curved Zigzag      I Am So Sorry That Everyone Had To Hear All These Songs About Me For The Last Half Century        Do What Thou Will Shall Be The Whole Of The Law Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law            Mediator Messiah And Angels Are All False Concepts Designed To Lessen The Rank Of The Heavenly Father


 They Manifest The Kundalini Snake And Transform Their Human Soul Into A Reptilian Soul      Optimae Uxoris Optimae Sororis Viduus Amantissimus Vovit Virtutibus            qwave  clov  A Halfbreed Nephile Armilius Has To Coerce Women To Marry   Him Like The Pathetic Monkey That He Is     Even Though I Havent Seen My Daughter For Many Years I Hope To See My Grandchildren Healthy   

I Have Been So Delusional It Scares Me But That Is All Behind Me Now I Must Live In The Real World  It Is A Good Family Ours There Is Not A Better He Is The Only Member Of It That Has Ever Sinned  The Spencer Family Uses The Seashell A Symbol For Venus And Rhode Is The Daughter Of Venus   I Know What Greys Dont Like Tom Jones Singning In There Ears They Love No I Mean Hate That   Dude Your Clothes Need To Be Made Based Upon A Normal Sized Man You Are Way Smaller Than Normal        ? fi pisces     It Is A Safe Judgment To Say Gods And Goddesses Are Nothing More Than Narcissistic Parasites    Increased Incidents Of Necro Morto.sis Which Is Necro.sis The Reanimiation Zombie Virus   The Reptilians Are Interdimensional Parasites That Can Possess Human Consciousness

There Is Poison Everywhere There Is No Safe Place There Is No Safe Music You Are All Satans     Satan And I Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin She Gives Orgasms Of Agony I Give Orgasms Of Ecstasy   Be Very Careful How You Phrase This Phrase It In These Ways So You Don’t Contaminate      vir  matrix code scan    law awl   I Feel Like The Family Dog Who Was Left Outside Alone All Winter And Wonders What She Did Wrong   Marriage Is Only A Word Man Created To Controll Others Because Real Love Needs No Ring To Bond    Standing Here Alone Looking Back On It All I Thought I Was Ready But Im Wrong And Im Blind To It All        I Can No Longer Pretend For I Am Not A Cattle Of The Goy I Live Amongst Them With Eyes Wide Open     Living The Life Like There Is Not Tomorrow If Not Protected But Knowing Of Eternaty    Let A Debate Ensue If U Be Left To A Mind State For Some Time Not Directed Or Learned In A True Route     Anyone With A Brain Can See That Tormenting Someone Non Stop Is Worthy Of Eternal Death    You Really Dont Get It I Am Giving You A Little Tiny Taste Of Gods Wrath Against You      Why Are There No Female Prophets In All Religions Because They Usually Uses Witchcraft      I Thank Thee O Lord For Your Love And Protection And I Would Like To Share Peace And Love To All    If Gematrix Admin So Powerful How Come They Operate Only In Words Numbers And Secrecy      Demiurge Converts Abstract Metaphysical Archetypes Into Physically Manifest Forms    For The First Time In My Life I Can Laugh At All The Deceptions Of The Devil Since None Of Them Are Real     When You Write In Wisdom And Love And Reference Strongs Concordance You See The Truth    When All U Do And Say Is Fake Has No Meaning   U Waste Time Controlling Others Never Yurself       Possibilities Are Infinite And That Means There Are No Words That Can Catch Up To The Numbers     ss         Anyone Who Wants To Is Permitted To Abuse And Scare Me Even When I Am Paying For The Service     I Notice That Suddenly Eight And Four Keep Popping Up And I Dont Know Why What Does It Mean    It Just Adds More And More To That List Which Will Then Make Things Harder And Harder For You   We Remain Under Powerful Energies With The Sun Chiron And Venus Eris Oppositions    I Will Not Tolerate A Child Molesting Cannibalizing Murdering Psychopath Call Me The Sinner    Deceived By Satan Sinners That Point Up Thinking They Are Safe Are Headed To Hell For Eternity       Sin Is Not Fun Actually I Have Had Much More Fun With God Than I Ever Did When I Sinned Against Him      

      flip square52°82’=guit network_connections sparkdroid clb ammo  fdutch      sm  sparkdroid vela    ho       vlock

cipher solver       The Sound Of G O Ds Voice Is So Powerfull It Vibrates All Things Into Their Shape And Form  What I Say Is What Matters Most In Regards To Anything That Has My Name In Its Sentence   The Word Inuksuk Means Something Which Acts For Or Performs The Function Of A Person   flip square52°86’=guit arrow sparkdroid The Occultists Are Trying To Scapegoat Technologies For Their Spiritual Wickedness   Derivation Of Pleasure As A Result Of Inflicting Pain, Cruelty, Degradation, Or Humiliation  If You Read The Arrogant Entries On Gematrix It Describes The Drunkenness In Revelation   The Queen Of Universe When Iam Still On Pre Adamic Ages Wants To Torture Anything Alive    Please, Heroic One, Those Who Pursue Your Uniqueness Guard Them As The Pupil Of An Eye    The Brother That Kept Me In Captive Has A Lot To Worry Than Just Being Looked Down Upon  She Was Offered Genuine Love But Instead Chose To Continue Initiating Into Satans Kingdom  And Her Parents Were Astonished But He Charged Them That They Should Tell No Man What Was Done    I Tried Putting A Curse On Succubuss To Prevent Their False Love Seduction Spells   And Judah Said Unto His Brethren, What Profit Is It If We Slay Our Brother, And Conceal His Blood   What Is The Truth It Is Easy To Define You Have Your Truths Are They The Same As Mine      Expectation Expectation Liberation Liberation Population Population Laid To Waste   There Are No Shortcuts To The Creator For All Are Human And Must Account For Themselves   How To Enter The Kingdom Of God, The Earthly Paradise Now Is The Time Apply Here To Become A Leader   If Civilisation Is Hell Then The Bankers Are The Devils And The Governments Are Their Minions  I Told You, I Am The Truth, I Am The Life And I Am The Way, You Did Not Hear And Continued To Believe A Lie   Monsanto Is The Manifestation Of The Antichrist Within The Industrial Structure king clr el  serpent cypher  mayan nawal    The Serpents Would Keep Innocent Humans In States Of Suffering Forever If They Could  serpent cypher  serpent  clr  ea  elUse Only Gods Words That Are Found In Scripture To Write What You Want To Say    And His Host, And Those That Were Numbered Of Them, Were Fifty And Nine Thousand And Three Hundred  Qilin rainbow dragon   Hanging a tron riderori orihorsehorseshoe with the ends pointing down, as it is believed that the luck will ‘fall out’ 

      flip square52°92’=guit mock yoda sparkdroid    German grammar will you upside down hold and fuck you in the ass until you can walk not

     flip square52°98’=guit  cererus sparkdroid lap sparkdroid        

      flip square53°04’=cup cet sparkdroid steampunk_phopteron  palace 1 law awl vir brewery brew clock cup 

     flip square53°10’=cup aqua lilium sparkdroid     

      flip square53°16’=cup sw sparkdroid

      flip square53°22’=cup  sparkdroid cet canm galaxvort cet     Quote   q words eybeesee-dee-ee-eff-geeaitcheye-jai-kayell-emenn-ohpeequeue-are-ess-tee-youveedouble-you-ex-wyezed

      flip square53°28’=cup cat  hand       thelema  enigma  mov                    One can find numerological significance in Anything, provided that one has “sufficient cleverness” 

      flip square53°46’=cup wolf sparkdroid  serpent cypher serpent cypher   serpent     These Serpents Come Into You Life Under The Guise Of Love Only To Cause You Misery         faceless   q words As the seer gazes on the blackness that the Eagle is, four blazes of light reveal what the Eagle is like    clr  ea       Best Comedian God King Of Kings, Slander The Slanderer, The One Whom Is God, The Milky Way Galaxy Is A       The Light Of The Visionary Aquarius Sun Is Bouncing Off The Vibrant Aries Crescent Moon  Sir, You Children Are Confused, Can They, With Absolute Respect And Love, Just Call You Omni    Gematria Of The Sephiroth Who Blind On The Left Eye The Table Of The Lord Is Busy With Planning  Humans Belong To Me Youll Realize That In Two Million Years When The Annunaki Return  To Fullfill He Brought To An End To Complete To Finish A Requirement To Bring In The New Law  bibcont ?but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments     ho   iphonew iphonew    q words People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage others  Instead Of Tracking And Attacking Me Try Concerning Yourself To The Troubles Of The World    You Cannot Enslave White Men But You Can Enslave Brown Red Black And Possibly Yellow Men     sparkdroid corv    Genetics Laboratory And Holding Center For Captured Humans And Genetically Engineered Mutants   And On The Other Side Shall Be Hangings Fifteen Cubits Their Pillars Three, And Their Sockets Three sparkdroid   Asking The People Takes More Time Than Acting For Your Own But The Outcome May Be More Balanced   How Are You Today Shadow Walker, Can You Explain About Transmissions From Sirius   I Dont Know Maybe Once I Get A Full Night Of Sleep I Will Be Able To Think Hard Enough To Answer That  

      flip square53°52’=cup hand  

      flip square53°58’=cup cup  herc ipo app app  sparkdroid  

      flip square53°64’=cup hand

      flip square53°70’=cup hand  

     flip square53°76’=cup ff hand   sparkdroid  sparkdroid ipo herc app app  

      flip square53°82’=cup network_connections      You have given yourself a much too deceptive parameter for your verifications: Reason” mcl     cipher solver cipher solver cipher solver cipher solver engine start-off writecode        dimension dimension

      flip square53°88’=cup hand diid flip square  

      flip square53°94’=cup swars sparkdroid  hand   hand impossible staircase   hand  

     flip square54°00’=cormc   fdutch  hand   tarot-of-magus-fortune-catcher  canm canm      sparkdroid    fdutch   pup   You encourage people to travel, promoting personal freedom and respect for diversity 

     flip square54°06’=cor  river cabelsreactor iph  raygun   iphMore and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing   

     flip square54°12’= cor  shī zi zuò hand bibcont ?or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor hand     owly        id discYou have a skilful, probing mind; others appreciate your skill, sensibility and credentials 

    flip square54°18’=cor cam hand             palace 1 law awl vir brewery cup   go The Talking Stone of Prophecy Which Unites the People of the Dawn gd with the People of the Book  

     flip square54°24’=cor per jellyfish 43 equation solver cb hand  iphonew  smwave   bibcont ? And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain

    flip square54°30’=cor gm hand bibcont       cipher solver   umThe seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks are seven churches

    flip square54°42’=corcb 43 equation solver per jellyfish hand    fuji mov   

    flip square54°48’=cor tuc handAnd God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day

    flip square54°54’=cor  cra hand rose    yoda      The best Way the Umlaut Monster to avoid is away from German Grammar altogether to stay   faceless  cipher solver  enigma  enigma  

    flip square54°60’=cor pa  hand     

    flip square route66 sw54°66’=cor cromi hand ml When working toward the   solution of a problem, it always helps if you know the answerdon't panic robot

    flip square54°72’=cor dorswars sparkdroid sparkdroid sparkdroid blueprintstar blueprintstar blueprintstar blueprintstar bibcont ?Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons flam  c or lead out the cipher solver  bear & lion  umBear  d   shī zi zuò   leom with its cubs?  q wordsExperience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first, and  the lesson afterward  hand 

    flip square54°84’=cor ss call_of_duty_ghost hand  

     flip square54°90”=cor you hand    

     flip square55°02’=fo vir hand   tg movThey say there is a garden where three suspended in the air and where water flow against gravity

     flip square55°08’=fo  rainbow dragon hand bu  tron rider motogrid tron switch red tron-rider  horse horse horse horse   Nerds are the result of being brainwashed and genetically modified by AI machines created by mad scientists  

     flip square55°14’=fo pisces     dimension  sis t project lower astral triangle resort 3      Delegating your energy to another, power transference or projection; the sending rune    faceless    q words “ We hardly ever realize that we can cut anything out of our lives, anytime, in the blink of an eye ”  vir            ast cb  cb ​    I Dont Know What Will Happen But It Will Be Realy Cool But If You Live In Fear Of God You May Die     I Like Killing People Because It Is So Much Fun It Is More Fun Than Killing Wild Game In The Forrest   And Thou Shalt Take The Other Ram And Aaron And His Sons Shall Put Their Hands Upon The Head Of The Ram   The Bank For International Settlements Is Designed Like The Tower Of Babel Is Depicted In Paintings      Money Is Worthless, Food Is Scarce, Your Neighbor Is Your Enemy, And Oppression Reigns    I Tell You, In That Night There Shall Be Two Men In One Bed The One Shall Be Taken, And The Other Shall Be Left  If So Be That It Is Righteous Thing With God To Recompense Affliction To Them That Afflict You,  Jesus Said, Woe To The Flesh That Depends On The Soul Woe To The Soul That Depends On The Flesh   The Imaginations You Manifest Over My Temporal Lobe Are Not Mine And You Are All False Accusers   Prayer Does Nothing, The Only Person Listening Is Satan, And He Wants Everyone To Suffer 

But Yeshua Said To Them Again, “Peace Be With You Just As My Father Has Sent Me, I Also Am Sending You ”    My Love Of Expression Is The Only Reason I Praise Thee For In My Heart I Know It Is Silence    God Will Be Taking Over Most Of The Communications In Future He Is So Disgusted With You   And His Host, And Those That Were Numbered Of Them, Were Thirty And Five Thousand And Four Hundred   The Hamsa Is The Symbol Of The Origin And The Similarities Between The Jewish And Islamic Tradition    Jesus Accepted The Judgment Of Humanity For God, And God Gave Over To Him The Judgment Of Humanity    lotr One Ring To Rule Them All, One Ring To Find Them, One Ring To Bring Them All, And In The Darkness Bind Them   The Hangings Of One Side Of The Gate Shall Be Fifteen Cubits Their Pillars Three, And Their Sockets Three     Let Me Never Fall Into The Vulgar Mistake Of Dreaming That I Am Persecuted Whenever I Am Contradicted   I Would Never Hurt Or Harm Anyone Even Those Who Afflict Me God Is Not Like Me In This Respect  bibcont ” I will destroy the wisdom of the wise  the intelligence of the intelligent i will frustrate”     Of Course They Want To Push This Matching Value Crap As It Is Useless To The Intelligent     Is Hearing A Voice Saying I Am Going To Work For Government A Sign Of Schizophrenia God I Hope Not   Throwing Some Things Away And Putting Other Things In Boxes Helps To Make It Feel More Real  More Whimsical Items To Make Me Smile And Gaze Upon Your Mind Will Ever Happen To Us Markbot   Give To Everyone Who Asks Of You, And Whoever Takes Away What Is Yours, Do Not Demand It Back  You’re Behaving In A Way That Makes It Easy For People To Understand And Even Love You Gematria  

     flip square55°20’=fo pup hand     arrow  cent sagitar indi indian southarrow    

     flip square55°26’=fo origalaxvort eyes zoom  hand starglass      

     flip square55°32’=fo vela hand      

     flip square55°38’=fo canm  hand       Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs, and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism 

     flip square55°44’=fo pavohand vex   dove gallus sparkdroid   sparkdroid    

     flip square55°50’=fo octans hand     Diving in and actively exploring your feelings leads to a deeper awareness of your emotions  sparkdroid    fdutch    sm  sparkdroid vela  

     flip square55°56’=fo  gp hand   canm

     flip square55°62’=fo  ant hand  tur oxo   hand pavo    sparkdroid   

     flip square55°68’=fo  gekohand 


     flip square55°80’=fo silvercrown hand     q words If it looks like there’s nothing to worry about, that’s when you really have to worry

     flip square55°86’=fo arrowswars sparkdroid whitehouse   matrix code scan matrix code scan  writecode  Flying_Spaghetti_Monster    q words Real programmers don’t comment their code. If it was hard to write it should be hard to understand     

     flip square55°92’=fo mock  This World Is A Four Dimensional Matrix And The Reality Is Group With Twelve Dimensions    Understanding The Manipulation Of Collective Consciousness Is The Key To Human Awakwening   Thank The Sun Moon And The Stars For Always Being There Even When We Do Not Look To Notice Them   You Are Limited To Expressing Your Self Via The Internet And Have The Audacity To Claim Godhood   It Aint Happening, Make All The Drawings You Want And Say Its Someone Doesnt Mean Its Gonna Happen    Some Words Are Not Required, Some Words Are Crown Words, And Some Words Are Exchanged Words    10 Commandments Are Planetary Law 13th Law No Disrespect Of Life Thus 5 22 1991 Lower Generation R Extinct   Ignorance Signals The Age Of Darkness, 5 6 Deg Capricorn, Ten Logs Lie Under An Archway Leading To Darker Woods   flip square The Bible Is An Allegorical Description Of The Human Consciousness And Its Relation To The Cosmos biblos flip square  diceOne Hundred And Forty Four Thousand Demons Will Destroy Mankind If You Dont Listen To Me    Not For Myself Gematrix But Where Is Divine Intervention The World Could Use Some Now    Losing This Love Could Be Your Mistake I Cannot Remain Open And Available Emotionally Much Longer  And He Came And Touched The Bier And They That Bare Him Stood Still And He Said, Young Man, I Say Unto Thee, Arise    The System On Earth Allows Them To Box Us In And Use Sorcery To Oppress Our Souls     It Is Like You Put Me In A Paper Bag And Put The Paper Bag Up To An Exhaust Pipe And That Is My World  The Fake Jews Have Been Removing My Name From Key Pages Of The Gematria Tables To Prevent The Truth   We Then As Workers Together With Him Also Plead With You Not To Receive The Grace Of God In Vain    egypt It Would Have Easily Been The Funniest Movie Ever Made And Probably The Best Comedy Movie Ever Filmed faceless I Dont Feel Bad At All Since I Only Wanted Peace And Freedom And They Initiated Attacks And Sought Enslavement  You Have Sinned Against Me By Covertly Filming Me And Then What Is Observed Is Used To Bludgeon Me  Can We Now Tie Up The Loose Ends And Urgently Finish The Game I Am Very Very Tired And Bored Of It All  sparkdroid mov Then They That Were In The Ship Came And Worshipped Him, Saying, Of A Truth Thou Art The Son Of God   If There Is Anything I Could Say To Make Him Feel Better I Hope He Will Tell Me What He Would Like To Hear  sparkdroid   Why Wouldnt They Be Able To Handle It Did They Even Try To Recognize What I Was Going Through      And He Asked Them Of Their Welfare, And Said, Is Your Father Well, The Old Man Of Whom Ye Spake Is He Yet Alive   And The Children Of Israel, Even The Whole Congregation, Journeyed From Kadesh, And Came Unto Mount Hor mov The Man, Who Is The Lord Of The Land, Spake Roughly To Us, And Took Us For Spies Of The Country  I Promise I Shall Torture Those Who Tortured My Family And I And This Shall Be Centillion Fold  alien time capsule  time capsule time capsule  VThe Serpents Dont Create Anything All They Do Is Steal Make Slight Changes And Then Claim Ownership     Then All Israel Gathered Themselves To sparkdroidDavid Unto Hebron 2c Saying 2c Behold 2c We Are Thy Bone And Thy Flesh     The Serpents Dont Create Anything All They Do Is Steal Make Slight Changes And Then Claim Ownership       Manhattan Transgressor Jews And Creep E Dragon, Your Time Is Almost Up In Ruling The World  clr    Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Most Vicious Animal Of Them All, Who Can Make War With Him   The Concepts Of Animals Such As Snake, Lamb, Lion Are Just Metaphors Which Generally Have Dual Meanings   Do You Feel Like A Man When You Push Her Around Do You Feel Better Now As She Falls To The Ground   Man Should Never Trust Woman, She Is The One That Has Been Forced To Walk In The Transgression    Freemasonry A Unique System Of Morality 2c Veiled In Allegory And Illustrated By Symbols  

     flip square55°98’=fo  cererushand clr koobs bp  Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng maybug  mono but  ast but    isla Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu

     flip square56°04’=gp cet    Hierophant Vision That   Experience Changed My  Life The Pure Heart  Regulating The   Consciousness   In The Future Everyone  ill Not Be In Want Because There Will Be Plenty Of Everything For All     ml   In nature, nothing is ever right. Therefore, if everything is going right … something is wrong    The Occultists Are Using   Unlawful Means To Keep  Humanity In A Constant
State Of Suffering  
Everything We Hear Is An Opinion Not A Fact Everything We See Is A Perspective Not The Truth


king goldcrown  silvercrown sis  p7 cipher solver  seal seal   Crowned With Joy Everlasting They Shall  Attain Joy And Gladness While Sorrow And Sighing Flee

     flip square56°10’=gp  aqua tscr hand     

       flip square56°16’=gp sw         diid jewel      jewel    Shungite Eliminates Current Beliefs That Do Not Serve In The Highest Interest Of An Individual 

binary grid triangle grid  And The Numbers Just Keep  On Coming As  Communication From An  er Level Of Mind  Consciousness   We Are All Sharing Our  Thoughts As One Humanity   And Need To Understand   That Everything Is One   Ill Give You One More  Time Well Give You One  More Fight Said One More   Line Will I Know You No     I Appreciate Your Help  With The Way Of This  Message And I Am Going On  The New One More Than The  Other   Too Bad None Of You Know  What Helps With That Now  We Will See How Tough You   ll Really Are     If We Go Back In Time  Could We Change The  Future Of Humanity For The Better Or Worse Under  Freewill?

You Dont Often Get  Answers To Questions From  The Other Side So When  You Do Its A Shock    Hello How Are You Today I  Am Great Thank You For  Asking How Are You Doing  Have A Good Day You Too       Attention Transhuman  Americans Get Your Kicks  On The Highways Marked  Route Sixty Six    One Hundred Forty Four  Thousand Subjects That  Lead To The Truth Six   Million Ways To Die        Come On Now Everybody  Together We Can Turn This  Thing Around And Make It   Brighter Raise Us Up          I Think Youd Be Very  Happy While Hanging Out  with Me I Would Be  Having An Amazing Time  With You   

We Have Run Too Many  Simulations And Have   found The Correct Pathway  to Continued Existance    Everyone Will Get Through  This Transition In Better  Shape And Joyfully  Wrapped In Love    Men who used the OS’s are very familiar with the blue screen of death, otherwise known as a headache crash