The Eights

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 E-GO Path

"When Nothing Goes Right – Go Left=and Better Stay at the Middle"



 The given degrees are Fixed-Absolute -0 Ground Stable depending on word letters    as End -Beginning cycle of interaction between involved via Humans manipulations, via key words and their Geomantic assignments     


 Movie star  ????Villainess  ???? Star Dust ???? The die is cast ???? Sadlerian Chair ????    Man in a Cocked Hat





Akashic Records Prime mover???? Atomic number ????Measurement HD postcode area ???? Guest host ???? Star Guitar  Electroshock




???? SPECTRE MUL.APIN ???? Al-Biruni   Knower 

 The File Three of  Lifes



 Mid Heaven  ????Ascendant Tangent  Square  Parsecs  ????Scanning




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