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Aayervayda Astrology types



Ayurvedic medicine categorizes individuals according to which of the three doshas     predominates in their nature, in what proportion and to what degree°. The doshas reflectspectrum vexer sith holocron   jedi holocronthe condition of our prana or vital energy and our resultant psychoPapilio Feralis -Psyche physical expression, so we could also call these 'pranic' or 'vital energy' types. The Doshas can be measured with sofware programs and in general they measure the flow of QI or Ki or IK



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Dis-ease factors in  Astrology

Your state of health reflects our interaction with our environ­ment, which on the level of subtle and cosmic forces includes the influences of the planets. Too much or too little of a planets­ energy in a person's birth chart, like too much heat or cold externally, can cause disease. In this chapter we will examine the relationship between astrological imbalances and disease conditions. BEN-EFIC AND MALE-FIX PLANETS For determining their overall results, planets are divided into two groups: benefic or expansive and malefix or restrictive.

Benefic planets usually promote health and malefics cause disease. Yet this is only a general rule. Malefic planets cause disease owing to their destructive effects, but can increase resistance to dis-ease if apus fountwell-placed. Benefic planets work to create positive health if well placed in the chart but can cause disease when poorly placed. In this regard, the Sanskrit for malefic is krura, which means 'forceful in action'. The term for fix benefix is saumya,or 'gentle in action'. We need the right balance of aggressive and gentle energies, though the harsh energies more often cause us pain.

So, make a blueprint of all influences in you personal Astro chart shown here Astro.com and trace the influences between planets  usually imprisoned via fixed ASPECTS in Natal or Other type charts and  already decoded as commands written via Celestial D-OS operating console 

is the greatest Malefic influence over the long term, promoting the forces of fix keyhole Ide-kay, degeneration and death shown usually through 8 House of  which eat all the CRAP through Eternity Death written from human authors,pretending that they posses valuable knowledge, written down in books.

 Mars c3po can be a great Malefic if not uderstood correctly and  is strictly program coded as apus fountwell, but tends towards short term action causing sudden accidents, injuries or infections. is like but acts on a subtle or psipsychological level, disturbing the mind  through  and nervous systembr ruled by default  from   with Co-ruler 

 is similar to  but like  operates on a subtle or psychological level overheating the mind and brnervous system. The Sun's influence on health is dual; as a general malefic it works to weaken or burn up the factors in the chart that it influences, but as the significator of the self and vitality it serves to benefit the health of a person.

 is the great and enduring. prime benefic promoting long term health, wealth, wisdom and happiness.

 is an important benefic as well but not as lasting in its results as ; it gives  happiness, wealth, enjoyment and creative powers of a more short term nature.

The Earth's Moon  is generally benefic but can become malefic if located too close to the Sun, which weakens its brightness. As a rule, if the Moon is  degrees or more from the Sun it is Benefic other wise it is Malefic.

is benefic in itself, aiding in harmonious thought, action and expression, but easily takes on the influences of malefic planets if conjoined with them.

Relative to Ayurveda, we must remember that Vata dosha, which generally indicates the forces of decay, causes the greatest number of diseases, particularly those of a degenerative nature or debilitating in long term effects. Pitta is second to Vata as a disease causing dosha, producing febrile, infectious and bleeding disorders, which are gener ally acute. Kapha is third, providing physical strength and stamina, but causing diseases from excess indulgence, lack of activity or over weight, conditions that are usually chronic but mild in their results.

A good rule to remember is: Weak planets in the birth chart, both benefic and malefic, generally cause  disorders, even if the planets them selves are of  /Dr. Walter Albert Kocha or qualities. Planetary weakness as a whole translates more into  problems, which cover most conditions of physical weakness and degeneration.

Yet a strong  and , which are both malefics and  in their influences, also mainly cause Vata problems if they afflict the factors of health in the chart like the Ascendant or its lord. Strong   /Dr. Walter Albert Koch/planets, like the, and, on the other hand, gener ally cause Pitta problems if so placed. Strong  planets usually cause Kapha diseases only if the combinations are not harmonious, like aspects or influences Jupiter and Venus are enemies in Vedic astrology).



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Our task is to change the 4 main cuspids  in our chart and in this way to change our Health and vitality tendencies connected with Eastern zodiac wheel linked to chinese constellations, Mayan systems, systems, which have the main influences in last 100 years and have developed as we are.

The houses are a twelvefold division of the sky based upon the point of the zodiac rising on the eastern horizon. Their meanings are similar in both Vedic and western astrology. However, in the Vedic system the house cusp marks the middle of the house, not its beginning as in the western system, which causes some differences in their calculation and placement.

The circle  begins with the sign of vir /as assigned governor of the Dis-easy malevolent  6th House and the responsibility to clear it in Astrology charts/ which also  resembles as Constellation figure of a Human made of stars which do something close to the Ecliptic.As base we take the Sabian symbols as oracle code with assigned explain NOTES s of every degree as form of a puzzle piece from the Bigger picture. In cyrillic  lang the name SABIAN is translated as type of weapon like SWORD with sickle Moon crescent form so this point to the secondary subtle influence of the MOON and of the fact that is reliable weapon for De-fence fenceas the SWORDS speak for themselfs through Thoth and According to Sabian symbolism – which governs our head and brain ,therefor in Profane Western =Tropical Astrology is given to MODE –CARD-IN- AL libr  sign of   through m andromeda pegasusas qualities as by default arrangement and starting point of astrology medical  wheels, which when executed become in MODE –muMU-TABLE

And here comes the BIG problem with assigned DEFINITIONS OF RULESHIPS OF THE SIGNS AND PLANETS written in many books and authors as FINAL definition about every chart which is simply a STATEMENT or point of view  in time in which the statement was written. From this point to Present point the definition of each element are changed like 1000 times so at the end we have like tons  astrological OLD data which in turn become in MODE  FIXED /SIDERAL/ our mind in statements, which can bring us probably the predicted feautures.In every case we must be focused on the Cosmic Picture build by Astronomers & Astrologers forming all the planetary & SIDERAL conected to the stars frames which influence us as users of astro charts made by different methods and programs via the Geo-magnetic Grids of Earth

As we all know the u  Universe is moving  living  organism all the time  and nothing is STATIC , so with this rule confirmed from Kabalyon- THE PRINCIPLE OF MENTALISM  "THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental we can change the influences of every planet in chart using our mind and imagination,  because this process goes faster in there and slower if we fixed with coded words and symbols frame. But to introduce a theory this is kind of unavoided. So everything written below is OLD and kind of  changed still in the moment in which you read it and every BAD sound statement is cutted off or repaired  as example how to correct mainly via aries hippocampus  math functions signs every statement.

We have  also included the qualities of the elements according Enochian magic system, which is responsible for overall well being with the element of Aether called Aethyr and is like air. The houses parallel the signs in terms of many of their indications, with some variations. The signs and houses as fields of activity correspond to certain parts of the body as follows:


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The followed schema is based on new planetary changes  valid from 2012 so every book written before 2012 on paper is MODE  FIXED and the programming code of kind is editable in every moment and in this way we can fix             also rcRectify and attune ourselfs in new proper free way of interpretation exceeding the Mind frame of the any given author. This is not new but actual stated of medical Astrology Branch of interpreting planetary influences in future via the chart wheels which are kind of many types and samples are given from every author or art connected human to show how things can be changed by yourself too when we use the Mental possibilities of our mind when is not fixed  by default by Modes:  CARD-IN-AL ,  fixFIXED /SIDERAL/ or muMU-TABLE signs and Houses which are kind House M.D.  diagnostic cases. 



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as given in  em

  •  Musculoskeletal 






    •  Muscular system






      • Abdomen
      • Abdominals L
      • Abdominals R
      • Abductor digiti minimi -foot L
      • Abductor digiti minimi -foot R
      • Abductor digiti minimi -hand L
      • Abductor digiti minimi -hand R
      • Abductor hallucis-L
      • Abductor hallucis -R
      • Abductor pollicis brevis -L
      • Abductor pollicis brevis -R
      • Abductor pollicis longus-L
      • Abductor pollicis longus-R
      • Achilles tendon /calcaneal tendon, triceps surae , part/ -L
      • Achilles tendon /calcaneal tendon, triceps surae , part/-R
      • Adductors






        • Adductor brevis-L
        • Adductor brevis-R
        • Adductor hallucis -oblique head-L
        • Adductor hallucis-oblique head-R
        • Adductor halllucis -transverse head-L
        • Adductor hallucis -transverse head -R
        • Adductor longus-L
        • Adductor longus-R
        • Adductor magnus-L
        • Adductor magnus-R
        • Adductor pollicis-L
        • Adductor pollicis-R
      • Anal sphincter-external -L
      • Anal sphincter-external -R
      • Anal sphincter-internal -L
      • Anal sphincter-internal -R
      • Anconeus-L
      • Anconeus-R
      • Anococcygeal ligament
      • Anterior compartment of distal leg-L
      • Anterior compartment of distal leg-R
      • Anterior compartment of proximal leg-L
      • Anterior compartment of proximal leg-R
      • Arm-L
      • Arm-R
      • Articularis genu -L
      • Articularis genu-R
      • Aryepiglottic fold-L
      • Aryepiglottic fold-R
      • Aryepiglottic-L
      • Aryepiglottic-R
      • Auricularis anterior-L
      • Auricularis anterior-R
      • Auricularis posterior-L
      • Auricularis posterior-R
      • Auricularissuperior-L
      • Auricularissuperior-R
      • Back
      • Biceps branchii-long head-L
      • Biceps branchii-long head-R
      • Biceps branchii-short head-L
      • Biceps branchii-short head-R
      • Biceps femoris -long head-L
      • Biceps femoris -long head-R
      • Bicipital aponeurosis-L
      • Bicipital aponeurosis-R
      • Brachialis-L
      • Brachialis-R
      • Brachioradialis-L
      • Brachioradialis-R
      • Buccinator-L
      • Buccinator-R
      • Central tendon or urogenital diaphragm
  •  Circulatory system
  •  Cardiovascular system 






    • Vein
    • Artery






      • Abdomen -artery
      • Abdomen L artery
      • Abdomen l side -vein
      • Abdomen R artery
      • Abdomen R side -vein 
      • Abdomen-vein
      • Accessory hemiazygos -vein
      • Anastomosis-superior mesenteric and inferior pancreatic- artery
      • Angular-artery-L
      • Angular-vein-L
      • Angular-artery-R
      • Angular-vein-R
      • Anetrior artery of right ventricle-artery
      • Anterior cardiac veins of right ventricle-vein
      • Anterior cerebral artery /ACA/ branches artery-L
      • Anterior cerebral artery /ACA/ branches artery-R
      • Anterior cerebral segment artery-L
      • Anterior cerebral segment artery-R
      • Anterior communicating -artery-L
      • Anterior communicating-artery-R
      • Anterior inferior cerebellar artery-L
      • Anterior inferior cerebella artery-R
      • Anterior interosseous artery-L
      • Anterior interosseous artery-R
      • Anterior interventricular branch /left anterior descending/ of left coronary artery
      • Anterior temporal branch artery-L
      • Anterior temporal branch artery-R
      • Anterior tibial recurrent artery-L
      • Anterior tibial recurrent vein-L
      • Anterior tibial recurrent artery-R
      • Anterior tibial recurrent vein-R
      • Anterior tibial artery-L
      • Anterior tibial vein-L
      • Anterior tibial artery-R
      • Anterior tibial vein-R
      • Anteromedial frontal branch artery-L
      • Anteromedial frontal branch artery-R
      • Aorta -base of 
      • Aorta -descending abdominal artery
      • Aorta -descending thoracic artery
      • Aorthiv arch
      • Aortic valve 
      • Aortic valve annulus
      • Aortic valve -left semilunar cusp
      • Aortic valve -posterior semilunar cusp
      • Aortic valve -right semilunar cusp
      • Arcuate artery-L
      • Arcuate artery-R
      • Arm artery-L
      • Arm vein-L
      • Arm artery-R
      • Arm vein-R
      • Arteries
      • Artery of central sulcus -L
      • Artery of central sulcus-R
      • Artery of postcentral sulcus-L
      • Artery of postcentral sulcus-R
      • Artery of precental sulcus-L
      • Artery of precentral sulcus-R
      • Ascending lumbar vein-L
      • Ascending lumbar vein-R
      • Atrial branch -artery
      • Atrioventricular bundle
      • Atrioventricular node
      • Antrioventricular valves
      • Auricular artery-L
      • Auricular artery-R
      • Axillary artery-L
      • Axillary vein-L
      • Axillary artery-R
      • Axillary vein-R
      • Azygos vena azygos
      • Basilar plexus and sinus -vein
      • Basilar left side artery
      • Basilar right side artery
      • Basilic vein-L
      • Basilic vein-R
      • Brachial artery-L
      • Brachial vein-L
      • Brachial artery-R
      • Brachial vein-R
      • Brachiocephalic innominate vein-L
      • Brachiocephalic innominate vein-R
      • Brachiocephalic trunk -innominate artery
      • Brainstem and cerebellar branches artery-L
      • Brainstem and cerebellar branches artery-R
      • Branch to sinoatrial node artery
      • Branches of the circle of Willis artery-L
      • Branches of the circle of Willis artery-R
      • Bronchial artery
      • Buccal artery-L
      • Buccal artery-R
      • Bundle branch-L
      • Bundle branch-R
      • Calcaneal branches artery-L
      • Calcaneal branches vein-L
      • Calcaneal branches artery-R
      • Calcaneal branches vein-L
      • Calcarine branch artery-L
      • Calcarine branch artery-R
      • Callosomarginal artery -L
      • Callosomarginal artery -R
      • Cavernous sinus vein-L
      • Cavernous sinus vein-R
      • Celiac trunk artery
      • Cephalic vein-L
      • Cephalic vein-R
      • Cingular branch artery-L-R
      • Circulatory Cardiovascular system
      • Circumflex branch of left coronary artery
      • Circumflex femoral lateral artery-L
      • Circumflex femoral lateral vein-L
      • Circumflex femoral lateral artery-R
      • Circumflex femoral lateral vein-R
      • Circumflex femoral medial artery-L
      • Circumflex femoral medial vein-L
      • Circumflex femoral medial artery-R
      • Circumflex femoral medial vein-R
      • Circumflex  humeral anterior artery-L
      • Circumflex  humeral anterior vein-L
      • Circumflex  humeral anterior artery-R
      • Circumflex  humeral anterior vein-R
      • Circumflex  humeral posterior artery-L
      • Circumflex  humeral posterior vein-L
      • Circumflex  humeral posterior artery-R
      • Circumflex  humeral posterior vein-R
      • Circumflex scapural artery-L-R
      • Circumflex scapural vein-L-R


  •  Lymphatic system






    • ​​Lymphatic vessel​​​






      • Accessory lymph vessel -L
      • Accesory lymph vessel-R
      • Anterior axillary -pectoral lymph nodes-L
      • Anterior axillary -pectoral lymph nodes-R
      • Anterior axillary -pectoral lymph vessels-L
      • Anterior axillary -pectoral lymph vessels-R
      • Anterior deep cervical -paratracheal lymph nodes-L
      • Anterior deep cervical -paratracheal lymph nodes-R
      • Anterior deep cervi-paratracheal & thyroid lymph nodes-L
      • Anterior deep cervi-paratracheal & thyroid lymph nodes-R
      • Anterior deep cervical lymph nodes-L
      • Anterior deep cervical lymph nodes-R
      • Anterior jugular lymph vessel-L
      • Anterior jugular lymph vessel-R
      • Anterior superficial cervical -jugular lymph nodes-L
      • Anterior superficial cervical -jugular lymph nodes-R
      • Anterior tibial lymph node-L
      • Anterior tibial lymph node-R
      • Apical -medial-subclavicular lymph nodes-L
      • Apical -medial-subclavicular lymph nodes -R
      • Brachial lateral lymph nodes-L
      • Brachial lateral lymph nodes-R
      • Brachiocephalic lymph nodes-L
      • Brachiocephalic lymph nodes-R
      • Branches of parasternal lymph vessels-L
      • Branches of parasternal lymph vessels-R
      • Branches of submandibular lymph vessel-L
      • Branches of submandibular lymph vessel-R
      • Branches of lumbar lymph vessels
      • Bronchomediastinal trunk and nodes drained-L
      • Bronchomediastinal trunk and nodes drained-L
      • Bronchomediastinal trunk-L
      • Bronchomediastinal trunk-R
      • Buccinator node of the facial lymph vessel-L
      • Buccinator node of the facial lymph vessel-R
      • Celiac preaortic lymph nodes
      • Celiac lypmh vessels
      • Central axillary inermediate lymph nodes-L
      • Central axillary inermediate lymph nodes-R
      • Cisterna chyli
  •  Digestive system



    • Alimentary canal-gastrointestinal tract
    • Anal canal
    • Appendix -vermiform appendix-cecal appendix-vermix
    • Ascending colon
    • Ascending colon-taenia coli
    • Cardiac-gastroesophageal-lower esophageal sphincter
    • Caudate lobe
    • Cecum 
    • Cecum , taenia coli
    • Cecum intestinum
    • Circular middle muscule layer
  •  Endocrine system scan scan 


    • Adrenal-suprarenal glands
    • Adrenal gland-L
    • Adrenal gland-R
  • hand egypt godess   ipeelawaystarhack gr minerva a2  t np   
  •  Nervous system swars sparkdroid  mc fdutch   pup vela         fiscan rc  hand fiscan  fiscan  scan 



    • Adenohypophysis-L
    • Adenohypophysis-R
    • Amigdala-L
    • Amigdala-R
    • Anterior commissure-left side
    • Anterior commissure-right side
    • Anterior divisions-L
    • Anterior divisions-R
    • Arbor vitae-L
    • Arbor vitae-R
    • Axillary /C05-C06/-L
    • Axillary /C05-C06/-R
    • Basal ganglia-L
    • Basal ganglia-R
    • Brachial plexus and upper limb -L
    • Brachial plexus and upper limb-R
    • Brain
    • Branches from roots-L
    • Branches from roots-R
    • Branches from upper trunk-L
    • Branches from upper trunk-R
    • Branches of cords-L
    • Branches of cords-R
    • Branches of lateral cords-L
    • Branches of lateral cords-R
    • Branches of medial cord-L
    • Branches of medial cord-R
    • Branches of posterior cord-L
    • Branches of posterior cord-R
    • Branches to the extrinsic muscles of the tongue-L
    • Branches to the extrinsic muscles of the tongue-R
    • Branches to the intrinsic muscles of the tongue-L
    • Branches to the intrinsic muscles of the tongue-R
    • C01 Dorsal root ganglion-L
    • C01 Dorsal root ganglion-R
    • C01 Dorsal root -L
    • C01 Dorsal root-R
    • C01 Spinal nerve -ventral ramus-L
    • C01 Spinal nerve -ventral ramus-R
    • C01 Ventral root-L
    • C01 Ventral root-R
    • C02 Dorsal root ganglion-L
    • C02 Dorsal root ganglion-R
    • C02 Dorsal root-L
    • C02 Dorsal root-R
    • C02 Spinal nerve -ventral ramus-L
    • C02 Spinal nerve -ventral ramus-R
    • C02 Ventral root-L
    • C02 Ventral root-R
    • C03 Dorsal root ganglion-L
    • C03 Dorsal root ganglion-R
    • C03 Dorsal root -L
    • C03 Dorsal root -R
    • C03 Spinal nerve -ventral ramus-L
    • C03 Spinal nerve -ventral ramus-R
    • C03 Ventral root -L
    • C03 Ventral root -R
    • C04 Dorsal root ganglion-L
    • C04 Dorsal root ganglion-R
    • C04 Dorsal root-L
    • C04 Dorsal root-R
    • C04 Spinal nerve venral ramus -L
    • C04 Spinal nerve ventral ramus-R
    • C04 Ventral root-L
    • C04 Ventral root-R
    • C05 Dorsal root ganglion-L
    • C05 Dorsal root ganglion-R
    • C05 Dorsal root-L
    • C05 Dorsal root -R
    • C05 Spinal nerve venral ramus -L
    • C05 Spinal nerve venral ramus -R
    • C05 Ventral root-L
    • C05 Ventral root-R
    • C06 Dorsal root ganglion-L
    • C06 Dorsal root ganglion-R
    • C06 Dorsal root-L
    • C06 Dorsal root-R
    • C06 pinal nerve venral ramus -L
    • C06 Spinal nerve venral ramus -R
    • C06 Ventral root-L
    • C06 Ventral root-R
    • C07 Dorsal root ganglion-L
    • C07 Dorsal root ganglion-R
    • C07 Dorsal root-L
    • C07 Dorsal root-R
    • C07 pinal nerve venral ramus -L
    • C07 Spinal nerve venral ramus -R
    • C07 Ventral root-L
    • C07 Ventral root-R
    • C08 Dorsal root ganglion-L
    • C08 Dorsal root ganglion-R
    • C08 Dorsal root-L
    • C08 Dorsal root-R
    • C08 pinal nerve venral ramus -L
    • C08 Spinal nerve venral ramus -R
    • C08 Ventral root-L
    • C08 Ventral root-R
    • Caudate nucleus-L
    • Caudate nucleus-R
    • Central
    • Central sulucus -L
    • Central sulucus -R
    • Cerebellar peduncle-L
    • Cerebellar peduncle-R
    • Cerebellar tonsil-L
    • Cerebellar tonsil-R
    • Cerebellum -anterior lobe-L
    • Cerebellum -anterior lobe-R
    • Cerebellum -right side
    • Cerebrum-telecephalon
    • Cerebrum-L
    • Cerebrum-R
    • Cervical plexus-L-R
    • Cervical spine
    • Cingulate gyrus limbic lobe-L-R
    • CN 01 Olfactory -L
    • CN 01 Olfactory  lateral stria -L-R
    • CN 01 Olfactory medial stria -L-R
    • CN 01 Olfactory bulb -L-R
    • CN 01 Olfactory fibers -L-R
    • CN 01 Olfactory tract -L-R
    • CN 01 Olfactory -R
    • CN 02 Optic-L-R
    • CN 03 Oculomotor-L-R
    • CN 04 Trochlear-L-R
    • CN 05 Inferior alveolar-L-R
    • CN 05 Infraorbital-L-R
    • CN 05 Lingual-L-R
    • CN 05 Mandibular-L-R
    • CN 05 Maxillary-L-R
    • CN 05 Mental-L-R
    • CN 05 Ophthalmic branch-L-R
    • CN 05 Ophthalmic branch ciliary -L-R
    • CN 05 Ophthalmic frontal branch -L-R
    • CN 05 Origin of pterygopalatine -L-R
    • CN 05 Trigeminal semilunar ganglion -L-R
    • CN 05 Trigeminal -L-R
    • CN 06 Abducens L-R
    • CN 07 Buccal-R-L
    • CN 07 Facial-L-R
    • CN 07 Mandibular L-R
    • CN 07 Posterior auricular -L-R
    • CN 07 Remporal R
    • CN 07 Zygomatic -R
    • CN 07 Buccal -L
    • CN 07 Cervical -L
    • CN 08 Vestibulocochlear -L-R
    • CN 09 Carotid branch-L-R
    • CN 09 Glossopharyngeal -L-R



  • Acromioclavicular ligament-L
  • Acromioclavicular ligament-R
  • Alar lagiment-L
  • Alar lagiment-R
  • Annular ligament of radius-L
  • Annular ligament of radius-R
  • Anterior cruciate ligament-L
  • Anterior cruciate ligament -R
  • Anterior longitudinal ligament
  • Anterior sacroilliac ligament-L
  • Anterior sacroilliac ligament-R
  • Apical ligament of the dens
  • Appendicular
  • Articular capsule-elbow -L
  • Articular capsule-elbow -R
  • Arytenoid cartilage-L
  • Arytenoid cartilage-R
  • Atlanto-axial ligaments
  • Atlanto-occipital capsule-L
  • Atlanto-occipital capsule-R
  • Atlanto-occipital ligaments
  • Axial
  • Bifurcate -calcaneocuboid and calcaneonavicular ligament -L
  • Bifurcate -calcaneocuboid and calcaneonavicular ligament -R
  • Body of Sternum
  • C01 Atlas
  • C02 Axis
  • C02-C03 Intervertebral disc -interverterbral fibrocartilage
  • C03 Vertebra
  • C04 Vertebra
  • Calcaneus-L
  • Calcaneus-R
  • Calvaria-skullcap
  • Capitate-L
  • Capitate-R
  • Capsular lagiment-L
  • Capsular lagiment-R
  • Cardinal ligament-L
  • Cardinal ligament-R
  • Carotid canal-L
  • Carotid canal-R
  • Carpometacarpal articular capsule of pollex-L
  • Carpometacarpal articular capsule of pollex-R
  • Carpometacarpal ligaments-L
  • Carpometacarpal ligaments-R
  • Carpus -carpals L
  • Carpus -carpals R
  • Clavicle-L-R






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Medical astrology (traditionally known as iatromathematics) is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sunmoon, and planets, along with the twelve astrological signs. Each of the astrological signs (along with the sun, moon, and planets) is associated with different parts of the human body. The underlying basis for medical astrology, astrology itself, is considered to be a pseudoscience or superstition as there is no scientific basis for its core beliefs.

Medical astrology posits the association of each sign of the zodiac with parts of the body, and was already mentioned by Marcus Manilius (1st century AD) in his epic poem (8000 verses) Astronomica.

So from 1st century AD till 2016 , we use the same old  descriptions, and every author copy-paste that info without even to think and find the deeper hidden meanings in words.By default we have as defence mechanism   Opposition signs which block or execute, every text to manifest in Earth reality , mainly linked through the word p8Earth, which in Revers is spelled Heart, linked to  serving as a main doorway or channel for manipulation of many Human Beings.

The given descriptions of governments over body parts is Wrong assigned and are base for further development of  misunderstandings and misplacements, which some authors continue to copy-paste in their books. Some of the constellations contain in their name the body part-RIB in Libra , so is Error as Kidneys are assigned instead? How this is manifested in a life of real persons ?

Sample: 2 sisters born under the sign of Libra /Tropical astrology/  or 13-14 October in different yeras has both Rib's defects,both has chronic affinity to drink  much Beer , declaring that Beer is realy good for the Kidneys . According to Sideral Astrology both bdays are linked to Virgo , which is holder of the Scales and must clear this imperil situation  caused by obvious chaos cleared with Cross-check of the Source systems-Eastern and Western leading to suspected planetary bots involved in this manipulation Mercury and Venus -as Ruling Lords of Libra and Virgo. 

Our task is to stich up a Creature like Frankenstein with the given info which will have Ram or Sheep Head detached from the Bull's Neck,Brain splitted betwen the Ram and the Twins, the Hearth or Earth in a Lion  , the Nerves splitted between the Twins and the Maiden and so on CHAOS of Body parts in the background of constellations


The Mastermind IT behind the HumanBody parts linked to Constellations system probably have no mind  at all and every author as Jane Ridder-PatrickA Handbook of Medical Astrology  & by   M.Costelloe –The Complete Guide to Crystal Astrology which follow further those prescriptions repeat same errors  over again,without to question the logic of the old traditional distribution of the parts 

Without any doubt the BodyParts linked to zodiac signs  have questionable nature and program errors in their logical software arrangement especially if they respond of the words or mottos as  BELIEVE but not  KNOW for sure so  can mislead the auditory

Here we put  Some disturbing paradoxal questions according Body Parts assignments theory.We can use some modern software blueprintstar blueprintstar pictures of every sign to compare them visually and  we use IT programmers point of view to explain the structure of  that system

-How Human anatomy can be compared and  to be equaly right  to animal anatomy? This can be answered   with the Anima part coded in humans  and  lead us from higher  to lesser evolved  beings –

The human can be understood like a Hybrid monster in this way 

–>with Sheep head with every adjacent brain part, the Eyes which make him more victim than predator , as the eyes of the sheep are put  sideways, the Face  seems to be just of stupid animal speaking of our nature or how the creators  see us probably. If we take the viewpoint  of  IT programmers  the sheep is equal of  RAM 

—>with Bull throat, neck and voice -the Bull or Taurus constellation is very important because of the Pleiades and Hyades clusters , which are assignet to almost every illness condition in human according to this info . So our voice have power maybe to lock or unlock those conditions via the neck chakra  as his whole body is not feautured in the program but is shared within Sagittarius image 

—>We can see that Gemini sign look  like Human beings, with all the parts we have. But why they are flip squareTwins not female but male and what other commands errors they can hold as Copy, Mirroring or Sabotage ? Maybe they  are just some mutation hybrid of the Architect imaginationflip square explained through  the mythology. They posses the Arms, lungs , hands and the nervouse system so we must have 2 pairs of  all parts but paradoxically we don't   or we do but don't know  how to use this virtual double feauture called the Double  

—-> The Crab is another software creature which bring mostly only harm and  ill-conditions in our system.We can view his code as very malefic  responding to the numbers 6 and 9 and their flip squarecombinations route66within  the  Moon base as ruler-with all lunar calendars, all phases and the dark side . Why is the Moon assigned only to the Crab spelled also CRAP  from the IT's. The human civilisation maybe is the only one, which can use Star configuration software corresponding to   illness condition, and to support  that  lawfully through a calendar system , as logically this illness comes from the stars or Beehive cluster .The Crab rule over chest, breasts, stomach  which are  certainly also cancer zones. One wrong appointed  part is the stomach which is ruled domain  only  by Virgo as part  of the  Digestive system

—–>The Lion or Leo also have coded many errors linked to the Heart  and conditions like Heart failure or stroke.Linked other parts are  chest, spine, spinal column, upper back

—->The Virgin posses also Human appearance depicted like a woman or an Angel holding cereals or different crops, linked to our digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system.The Virgo rule can be : You are what you eat !!!! 

—–>Libra is the only  inanimate object in the zodiac so can be used for measuring of different stuff or values.Logically can be linked with Human figures as Aquarius, Gemini or Virgo, as only they have hands  to use such object properly. It is amusing how people born under this sign can  see themselves as objects, so here we must clarify that they are under the domain of Virgo until 31 October  according to Sideral astrology  so this is their real Lord of power which overrule every other sign pretending to use this object  rightfully to adjust the  kidneys, skin, lumbar region, buttocks

—–> Unfortunately the Scorpion is an evil creature even in nature also can be poisonous to Humans,so why is not  remodelled in something more pleasant ? With reason for sure , to remind and poison us that we are subjects of  evil virtual experiments through every other sign.He sting us  via  the reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, excretory system manipulations and most of them are really disgusting and bring harm. Some astrology definitions describe that Libra is over ruled by the constellation of Scorpio, and this is purpose design of a Big mistake

—–> Sagittarius is a hybrid monster  between Taurus /the  body of the Bull without the head and throat/  and Sagitta -the Arrow killing the Scorpion . He ruled over hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve which as parts are under domain of Taurus as knowhow

—->with Capricorn  we must have   Goat knees, joints, skeletal system. With his Lord of domain or Saturn as malefic influence is not strange that  many humans has problems with the skeletal system and different dis-eases very hard to cure,  linked with Karma  or DNA  manipulations over us.

—–>Aquarius has human appearance and rule ankles, circulatory system and both are strange linked to this sign,as ankles are part from the Skeletal system. And the question here is  about the Jug or the pitcher and the water filled within Piscis Austrinis mouth

—–> the 2 Fishes –the  Fishes are creatures on p8  which HAS NO FEET or Toes  and have not Human Anatomy by  NATURE , so their  assignet right to rule that part from Human Body and House is overriden and taken by astronaut


In brief to use the Zodiac signs with the  Sabian  symbols of  360 degree descriptions +any other  system like Crystals with Medical intentions is EQUAL to CHAOS or MADNESS and can't  be trusted without  much more precise work over that topic 

"The signs of the zodiac were believed  to preside over the parts of the body, covering the body from head (Aries) to toe (Pisces), as follows":

  1.  fixAries – head, face, brain, eyes
  2.  fixTaurus – throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal tract
  3.  fix Gemini – arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, b-rain
  4.  fix Cancer – chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal
  5.  fixLeo – heart, chest, spine, spinal column, upper back
  6.  fixVirgo – digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system
  7.  fixLibra – kidneys, skin, lumbar region, buttocks
  8.  fixScorpio – reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, excretory system
  9.  fixSagittarius – hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve
  10.  fixCapricorn – knees, joints, skeletal system
  11.  fixAquarius – ankles, circulatory system
  12.  fixPisces – feet, toes, lymphatic systemadipose tissue

The western – eastern astrology planets are also associated with certain portions and functions within the body which create contradictions and chaos to understand the logic applied and open a doorway to unimaginable manipulations or exploits over our bodies







After examining an individual's natal chart, a medical astrologer may give advice to the client about the areas of the body in which they are most likely to experience trouble. For instance, an individual with the Sun, Moon,Ascendant, or many planets in the sign of Aries is presumed to have more headaches than other people because of the association of Aries with the head. A person with Taurus strong in the natal chart is predicted to have many sore throats and problems with the voice because of the Taurean association with that particular part of the body. 

This info is also connected to Sideral Astrology, which is linked to The Fixed Star Categories

In Eastern astrology body parts functions are assigned to WU XING, which even operate through hours

  • Metal organs= Lung3am-5am /\ Large intestine 5am-7am
  • Earth or Heart organs= Heart 11am-1pm /\ Small Intestine 1pm-3pm 
  • Fire1 organs=Stomach 7am-9am /\ Spleen 9am-11a
  • Water organs= Bladder 3pm-5pm /\ Kidney 5pm-7pm
  • flameFire2=Ministerial Fire=Lifegate Fire (the "non-empirical" Pericardium and Triple Burner organs)= Pericard7pm-9pm /\ Triple Burner 9pm-11pm
  • Wood organs which is the reverse of the citation order (plus an extra use of Fire and the non-empirical organs to take care of the sixth four-hour period of the day) = Gallbladder 11pm-1am /\ Liver 1am-3am

 Eastern zodiac system has  influence  /60 years lunar cycle/and  is moving in much bigger eastern zodiac wheel octaves of vibration connected also to the Tree of life so we use it like a ruler to adjust the Eastern (which use Polarities channels 2 linked through ) and western zodiacs (divided to Advanced  or Profane Astrology and Mayan-Aztecs system) .


yang eastern->∞ 

ying eastern->∞ ∞ 


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The given asignments of the HumanBody parts to the degrees of the zodiac are taken from this book, which probably has copy -paste it from this site, all linked mostly to that topic Medical astrology (traditionally known as   i'at'rom'a thematics)



Ruler Turning the wheel


  Co-Ruler Degree  First Decade or Face
ram690yb vir gsm body part
0 br
1    5°10 Cerebrum 
      Cerebral hemispheres Corpus callosum 
2     MidbrainTectum 
    9°48 Limibic system
3   5°76 Cerebellum
4   5°70 Pineal Gland
5 eyes  5°94 Both eyes
6 eyes   Orbit
  eyes   Iris
7   Ears
      Auditory system 
8     Cheekbone
9 eyes   Lens of the eyes
10 eyes   Pupil
  Co-Ruler Keyword Second Decade or Face
 11 eyes   Optic nerve Pia mater
  eyes   Blind spot L or R
12 mouth   Tongue 














13     Corpus Callosum
      Ventricular system
      Pyramidal tract
 14     Frontal lobes of brain
15     Lateral Lobes
      Amygdala L R
16     Pons Vareil
17     Vertebral Spinal cord canal
  eyes   Optic Chiasm
18     Nerve connections
20     Hyoid bone
ram Co-Ruler   Third decade or Face 
21 eyes   Eye muscles
22     Cheek muscule 
23     Masticatory muscule
24     Zygomatic muscle
  eyes   Retina
25     Sternocleidomastoid muscle
  eyes   Optic Chiasm
 26   Skull
 28   Fornix
    Fornix/parietal and occipital bones 
 29     Auditory canal
30     Parotid gland


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bu Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1     ThroatGullet
2     Palate
3     Pharynx
4     Uvula
5     Pharyngeal cavity
6     Larynx
7     Epiglottis
8     Cervical nerves
9     Jugular veins
10     Transverse cervical veins
  Ruler Keyword Second Decade or Face
11     Cervical and Brachial plexus
12     Lesser occipital nerve
13     Greater auricular nerve
14     True vocal cords
15     Epiglottis
16     Carotid arteries
17     Thyroid gland
      Parathyroid gland
18     Lymph vessels and tonsils
19     Maxillary artery
20     Occiput
gb Co-Ruler Keyword Third Decade or Face
21   Arteries of nasal cavities
22 mouth   Tongue muscles
23   Teeth 
24 mouth   Upper jaw
25 mouth    Lower jaw
27      Atlas
28     Deltoid muscle
29     Main neck muscles
30     Trapezius muscle




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gm Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1     Trachea
2     Oesophagus
3     Upper right pulmonary lobe
4     Lower right pulmonary lobe
5     Upper left pulmonary lobe
6      Lower left pulmonary lobe
7     Apex of lungs
8     Bronchi
9     Pulmonary arteries
10     Hilum of lungs
hand marked id disc Cypher Keyword Second Decade or Face
11     Thymus gland
12     Tracheal mucosa
13     Pulmonary veins
14     Clavicle
15     Scapulae
16     Pleura
17     First rib
18     Second rib
19     Laryngeal muscles
20     Third rib
li Co-Ruler Keyword Third Decade or Face
21     Arm muscles
22     Upper arm
23     Head of the humerus
24     Olecranon
25     Radius
26     Wrist bone
27     Fingers
28     Metacarpal bones
29     Fourth rib
30      Fifth rib


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jù xiè zuò Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1   Sixth rib 
2   Seventh rib
3   Eighth rib
4   Ninth rib
5   Tenth to twelfth ribs
6   Diaphragm
7   Thoracic cavity Thoracic Canal
8   Oesophageal opening of diaphragm Hyacus
9     Pylorus
10     Fundus of stomach 
69 galaxy arm  Cypher Keyword Second Decade or Face
11     Gastric veins
12     Greater curvature of stomach Large Gastric Curvature
13     Lesser curvature of stomach Small Gastric Curvature
14     Stomach walls
15     Gastric nerves
16     Pancreas
17     Duodenal opening of pancreatic duct Opening Of The Pancreas
18     Duodenal opening of pancreatic duct Into Common Duct
19     Ampulla of bile duct Head Of Pancreas
20     Superior pancreatico-duodenal artery Upper Arterial Bend
crabminor Co-Ruler Keyword Third Decade or Face
21      Inferior pancreatico-duodenal artery Lower Arterial Bend
22     Gastric mucosa
23     Gastric blood vessels
24     Blood vessels of digestive organs
25      Blood vessels of digestive organs
26     Mammary glands
27     Nipples
28   Rib Cartilage
29     Spleen
30     Twelfth thoracic  Dorsal vertebra






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shī zi zuò Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1      Left coronary artery
2     Aorta
3     Right coronary artery
4     Left carotid artery
5      Right carotid artery
6     Entrance of pulmonary artery Eyesight, Aselli
7     Left coronary vein
8      Inferior vena cava
9     Superior vena cava
10     Jugular vein
bear & lion Cypher Keyword Second Decade or Face
11     Subclavian veins
12     Vertebral column
13     Right ventricle of the heart
14      Left ventricle of the heart
15      Right atrium
16     Left atrium
17     Right auricle
18     Right cardiac cavity
19     Ventricular septum
20      Mitral valve
leom Co-Ruler Keyword Third Decade or Face
21     Left atrium
22     Left auricle
23     Left auricle
24     Papillary muscles
25     Pericardium
26     Myocardium
27     Chordae tendinae Tendons To The Goiter
28     Chordae tendinae Heart Valve
29     Atrioventricular septum
30     Back






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vir Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face


2     Small intestine
3     Cecum Appendix
4     Ascending colon
5     Transverse colon
6      Descending colon
7      Rectum
8      Abdominal cavity
9      Right hepatic lobe
10      Left hepatic lobe, bile
  Cypher   Second Decade or Face
11      Falciform Ligament Of Trietz And Gall
12      Abdominal aorta
13      Hepatic arteries
14     Gallbladder Cystic arteries
15      ‘Bare area’ of liver
16       Groove for inferior vena cava
17      Abdominal muscles
18     Obliquus abdominis muscles Serrate Groove
19      Reticulorumen Left Hepatic Groove
20      Bile duct
vir Co-Ruler   Third Decade or Face
21      Cystic duct
22     Gallbladder
23     Capsule and round ligaments of  liver Hepatic Cartilage, Spine
24      Liver Hepatic Cartilage And Tendon Of Liver
25      Abdominal veins
26     Iliac branch Abdominal Vein
27      Hepatic plexus Hip Veins
28      Quadrate lobe of liver Hepatic Veins
29     Back Lobes Of Liver Back Lobes Of Liver
30     Hepatic duct



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koobs Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1     Renal pelvis
2      Renal cortex
3     Adrenals
4     Kidney surface
5     Renal pyramids
6     Pubis
7     Nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis
8     Nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis
9     Nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis
10     Nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis
  Cypher Keyword Second Decade or Face
11     Nerve supply to kidney and renal pelvis
12      Left renal system
13     Right renal system
14     Left inguinal lymph nodes
141/2     Right inguinal lymph nodes
16     Renal arteries
17     Suprarenal arteries
18     Fatty capsule of kidneys
19     Calyx major
20     Calyx minor
conserve Co-Ruler Keyword Third Decade or Face
21     Renal hilum
22     Renal veins
23      Suprarenal veins
24     Blood vessels of renal cortex
25     Blood vessels of renal cortex
26     Vascular system of skin
27     Vascular system of skin
28     Bladder
29     Right ureter
30     Left ureter







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Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1     Urethra
2     Urethral meatus
3     Prostate, uterus
4     Testicles, right side of uterus
5     Testicles, left side of uterus
6     Right epididymus, uterine cavity
7     Left epididymus, right fallopian tube
8     Scrotum, left fallopian tube
9     Sperm duct, vagina
10     Corpus cavernosum of penis
  Cypher   Second Decade or Face
11     Penis, Labia majora
12     Seminal vesicles
13     Vulva, Labia minora, glans penis
14     Foreskin
15     Cowper’s glands
16     Right ovary, cochlea of inner ear
17     Testicular lobes, left ovary
18     Vas deferens, hymen
19     Uterine ligaments, Haller’s net
20     Ligaments of penis, Bartholin’s glands
Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng Co-Ruler   Third Decade or Face
21     Sphenoid sinus
22     Ethmoid bone
23     Ethmoid bone
24     Nasal septum
25     Coccyx, Fallopian tubes
26     Perineum
27     Anus
28     Mucous membranes
29     Vomer
30     Vomer Nasal Muscles





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sagitar Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1     Pelvic bone
2     Pelvic girdle Ilium
3     Ischia
4     Femur
5     Right femoral artery
6     Left femoral artery
7     Right superficial femoral artery
8     Left superficial femoral artery
9     Right lymphatic vessels
10     Left lymphatic vessels
arrow southarrow Missing-Ruler Keyword Second Decade or Face
11     Adductor muscles
12     Long saphenous veins
13     Long saphenous veins
14     Cutaneous vessels of the thighs
15     Right iliac vein
16     Left iliac vein
17     Sciatic nerve
18     Right femur
19     Left femur
20     Head of right femur
hmm Co-Ruler Keyword Third Decade or Face
21     Head of left femur
22     Right trochanter
23     Left trochanter
24     Popliteal fossa
25      Condyles of right femur
26     Condyles of left femur
27     Gluteal muscles
28     Right leg muscles
29     Left leg muscles
30     Pear-shaped muscle





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capr Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1      Right Patella
2     Left Patella
3     Cutaneous nerves of thigh Cutaneous Nerves Of Upper Leg
4     Cutaneous nerves of lower leg 
5     Cutaneous nerves of knee
6     Right adductor muscle
7     Left adductor muscle
8     Lymph vessels of knee 
9     Nerves of knee Veins Of Knee
10     Right cruciate ligaments Ligaments Of Right Knee
lucifer sigil small Cypher   Second Decade or Face
11      Ligaments Of Left Knee
12     Right Knee Joint
13     Left Knee Joint
14      Right Knee Cartilage
15      Left Knee Cartilage
16      Right Knotty Protruberance
17      Left Knotty Protruberance
18     Right Ligament Knee
19      Left Ligament Knee
20      Tendons Of Right Knee
capr Co-Ruler   Third Decade or Face
21      Tendons Of Left Knee
22     Muscle insertions of upper to lower legs Muscle Endings
23     Muscle insertions of upper to lower legs
24     Muscle insertions of upper to lower legs
25     Connections between femur and tibia
26     Connections between femur and tibia
27     Deep nerves
28     Right geniculararteries Artery Of Right Knee
29     Left genicular arteries Artery Of Left Knee
30     Adductor muscle





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aqua Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1      Right Shinbone Nerve
2      Left tibial nerve Left Shinbone Nerve
3     Right fibula
4     Left fibula
5     Nerve of right fibula
6     Nerve of left fibula
7      Right saphenous veins 
8     Left saphenous veins
9      Pituitary gland
10     Skin of left lower leg
serpent cypher Cypher   Second Decade or Face
11     Pineal gland &Right cruciate ligaments  Ajna chakra
12     Left cruciate ligaments
13      Right tibial artery
14     Left tibial artery
15     Lymph vessels of right lower leg
16     Lymph vessels of left lower leg
17      Spinal nervous system
18     Spinal nervous system
19     Spinal nervous system
20     Spinal nervous system
aqua Co-Ruler   Third Decade or Face
21     Spinal nervous system
22     Right gastrocnemius muscle
23     Left gastrocnemius muscle
24     Right tibialis anterior muscle
25      Left tibialis anterior muscle
26     Right fibula
27     Left fibula
28      Right Tibia
29      Left Tibia
30       Right Ankle Bone






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pisces Ruler Keyword First Decade or Face
1     Right calcaneum Right Heelbone
2     Left calcaneum Left Heelbone
3     Nerves of right foot
4     Nerves of left foot+Thyroid gland
5     Right cuboid bone
6     Left cuboid bone
7     Right talus Anklebone
8     Left talus Anklebone
9     Right metatarsals
10     Left metatarsals
fi  fi fi Cypher   Second Decade or Face
11     Lymph vessels of foot
12     Plantar artery of right foot
13     Plantar artery of left foot
14     Right cutaneous veins Right Surface Veins
15      Left cutaneous veins Left Surface Veins
16     Cruciate ligaments of right foot
17     Cruciate Ligaments Of Left Foot
18     Right Extensor Digitorum
19     Left Extensor Digitorum
20     Right fibula muscle
pisc Co-Ruler   Third Decade or Face
21     Left fibula muscle
22     Achilles tendon of right foot
23     Achilles tendon of left foot
24     Right distal tibio-fibular joint
25      Left distal tibio-fibular joint
26      Plantar nerves Nerve Of Lower Foot
27      Phalanges of right foot
28     Phalanges of left foot
29     Toe Nails of right foot
30     Toe Nails of left foot




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nr. season  House MD themes and precision of 0.001 arcsec included all other bodies and hypothetical factors which are of interest to the astrologer.
























  • 11 Respiratory Organs- Sylphs
  • 12 Cerebral and Nervous Systems -“Voices,” Witches and Wizards
  • 13 Lymphatic Systems- Lemures, Ghosts
  • 14 Genital System -Succubi
  • 15 Head and Face -Mania, Erinyes [Euminides]
  • 16 Shoulders and Arms -Gorgons, Minotaurs
  • 17 Lungs -Ominous Appearances, Banshees
  • 18 Stomach- Vampires
  • 19 Heart- Horror, Dragons
  • 20 The Back- Mermaids (and l, its Zodiacal Opposite), Banshees
  • 21 Digestive System- Incubi, Nightmares
  • 22 Live-r Fairies, Harpies
  • 23 Organs of Nutrition -Nymphs and Undines, Nereids, &c.
  • 24 Intestines -Lamiæ, Stryges, Witches
  • 25 Hips and Thighs- Centaurs
  • 26 Genital System- Satyrs and Fauns, Panic-demons
  • 27 Muscular System -Furies, Chimæras, Boars (as in Calydon), &c.
  • 28 Kidneys, Bladder, &c. -Water Nymphs, Sirens, Lorelei, Mermaids (cf. f)
  • 29 Legs and Feet -Phantoms, Were-wolves
  • 30 Circulatory System- Will o’ the Wisp
  • 31 Organs of Circulation -Salamanders
  • 32 Excretory System- Ghuls, Larvæ, Corpse Candles
  • 32 bis Excretory Organs-Skeleton The Dweller of the Threshold, Gnomes
  • 31 bis Organs of Intelligence -[Socratic Genius] 




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