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  • :   IQ ,IK, IT 
  • Meaning:Comics energy, Inspiration-Respiration, File Principle
  • Color frequence:  flip square umbrella pulse Translucent white 
  • Element: trapghostG-Host 
  • St.ones: Opalite

Energy Description 

IQ is the galactic win  current  which catalyze the current of the Ghosts/Spirits  that can move through  matter. Some say that this is the divine breath which gives poetic life (life) to all creation, linked mostly to impressions of the human brain  operating within the narrow band of perseption. Therefor this vibrtion gives you mostly polirezed way of viewing or thinking about the world you are placed in. Iq is the simple knowledge that there are "invisible' forces manipulating you to learn how to manipulate this 3D reality and get results with educational purposes.Some of the gifts offered from Iq is the integration of polarities within "yourself", as our brain interpret the reality via Binary code l dice which force you to think either as 1 or 0.      sdg     .Polarity is to loom on which this reality is woven, the magnetic dance  of  this forces  playing in your brain 

Often Iq is represented by the glyph T, or IqT (as internet technician, Information technology etc.) giving a hint who or what  force is used  and for this will be some earth or alien technology for manipulation of humans, suggesting that u got the right link to your probably superior Administrator , represented as whatever, helping you to get again your wholness as information life-file. The new glyph is represented by a protruding tongue, reminding you of A.Einstendrknow born under the sign of  Pisces     as symbol of the bipolarity and how to be united in ONE  relatively simple formula    character in question  emc 


Lower Self vibrations  lang  issues of Doubt (but do), separation , short  circuit  spam memory , beLIEving in stuff ubelieavable 

the word beLIEve is warning for you and mind paradox , if repeted , so observe yourself via cross watching. It contains contradiction to be lie in which u believe  l 

 Transformation  p15

Learn to Unbelieve stuff , Do not doubt , that you are manipulated and are  Player in files-life Game. The     Dark side of Iq tent to force you in questionable groups or believes as the separation from the Higher Power Source known as "the Fall" . In the dark side of Iq are rooted  very strong believes about this issue and negative ideas  of separatism , perpetuated from fear and prosecution

As lower physical form of the Self , we all have the power to apparent separation.However the manner in which you do it , also contains the key to return to the Higher Self. Learn to experience your connection , acting on inspiration as  you initiate it.


White are the stamp purifiers or refiners  representing purity, cleanliness, pause, decanting, meditation, introspection, simplicity, willingness, dedication, adaptability. Symbolyze the  Dissolution of the Geo-Ego             , and should work the second quality: Humility

tur Direction

lap gba North: the gbaG-host/Spirit assignet  to be prepared or cast his hologram  as the vehicle body  or physical body manifestation that serves as a protector  in the areas you should go to evolve  .The  Ghost/Spirit descends to Earth (3 months of gestation) to join  the baby body and to form the soul  gba  trapghost


  Ego-+Geomantic  grid alignment  emc Mayan Cross


Zone of the  High Priestess, p19GK Uranus, Galactic Spiritual Communication

dial linesbinary gridZone of  twipsychogeographic influence: projecting south from south China & China Sea, and north from Arabian land, Aboriginal North and Western Australia, includes all of New Guinea, Indonesia, Java, Bali, Borabadur, Southeast Asia, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam overlays, the Philippines and into the West Pacific Ocean, Aboriginal, Oriental and Polynesian mix


White initiating Kin Group  Core Family White (Mine the Tunnels)  

The sign Iq is the most sensitive and analytical of all signs. 

   Analogue Planetary Support IT and Hidden Partner jaguar emerald sun ->The Person born before the Iq day  is generated in  and his destiny is  governed.The energy of his conception, brings understanding  and harmony with the opposite sex and instinct to protect and attack like a cat. catseye

Occult Hidden Power ->Right Hand character in question   this energy properly applied  will discover  and invent  many things         

  writecode cipher solver Destination->engine start-off   In the future go in the sign of the law , and makes your own law

Gift->Left hand:  gives special sensitivity to Art , which is the best form of expression.The growth  depends on the harmony  with the Earth

Energy Born:

Humans or other Entities  born under the sign are mostly recognized as :

  • speakers
  • singers
  • accountants
  • midwives
  • poets
  • PR
  • photographers


Vibration corresponding your birth ?

Your Nawal time frame  is good for

  • ask questions shī zi zuò ast   qm character in question    
  •  spiritual strenght 
  • enhance the Universal Ghost/Spirit    gba gba gba
  • the purity of Soul  
  • increase  intelligence  memory and  cure diseases of the lungs ,purify the body and mind  sparkdroid       purify the environment  walle
  • ask for non-contamination 
  • to grow more threes 
  • that our thought are rised to heaven 

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Synchro  harmonic  harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic  harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic harmonic

13 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
ham-soul star



 White Magnetic Wind mov
 White Lunar Wind  
 White Electric Wind 
White Self-Existing Wind  
White Overtone Wind 
White Rhythmic Wind
White Resonant Wind
White Galactic Wind
White Solar Wind
White Planetary Wind
White Spectral Wind
White Crystal Wind
White Cosmic Wind


 Law of Time 


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