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A great deal of individual thinking has characterized interpretations of the 13 numbers, especially by those who attempt to link Western numerological concepts with this Native American system. The numerology designed by Jose Arguelles, for example, is entirely Western in character and owes nothing to Mayan concepts. The numerological system propounded by Carl Calleman represents his own highly personal interpretation of material from the Aztec Borgia Codex.

20 day cycles made up a Metztli or Metztlapohualiztli, meaning “Moon, comparable to a Western Calendar “month.”

Lunar Calendar 2012

 The flow of time weaves its way through the calendar. Guatemalan Day Keepers say that time moves through the calendar like a Serpent, representing the 13 Moons manipulation over the Suns glyphs which in turn multiply like to be in the whole galaxy natives so they are actual for humans  jaguar red  sunjaguar double diamond sunjaguar emerald sunAhura Mazda -Magical Aethir Movement of 4 clansrubi and belil sun to understand the nature of the complex Multiverse of the Cosmos in shown way , just to be one from many ways for the visual understanding

Essentially, one should remember that all the numbers are feminine->  and may be regarded as the “wives” of the 20 day-signs (who are male) and. In this way we have horizon  Sun glyphs arrangement =Horizontal path of the Serpent covering more than 13º  but the 14º number degree gap sequence, which connect the Broken bridge predicted by Sabian-La Volasfera symbols from the western zodiac wheel Oracle 

14°  14° 14° 14° 14° 14° 14° 14°  14°  14°  14° 14°
 14½°  14½°  14½°  14½°  14½°  14½°  14½°  14½°  14½°  14½°  14½°  14½°

Therefore, a union  between day-sign and number is in the nature of a “mystic marriage” that unites the essentially masculine and changeless nature of the day-signs with the active, vibrant female principle of the numbers The Moon Goddess, known as Ix Chel or “Lady of the Rainbow” in the Yucatec language, is the patroness of divination and, some would say, of the Tzolk’in itself.

In basic Astrology the first signs of Influence in chart are the Sun followed by the Moon, so it;s been regarded as a satellite of the Earth for expanding our mentl understanding of the universe structure even outside of the Solar system as influence with many Moon outer as future influence over us.

ixchel Goddess O-Jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine

  • Rainbow Moon Goddess
  • aqua flow breakWater Goddess
  • Warrior
  • Nurturer
  • Abundance Goddess
  • Hunt Goddess
  • kun-8earth break ballEarth Goddess
  • Krowned Goddess of Death
  •  Divination Goddess of Astrologers & Prophets
  •  Healing Goddess

While there are 12 months in a solar year, the sidereal lunar month is somewhat shorter than a solar montharabianlunarmansions, averaging 29 days rather than 30. Thus the year is comprised of 12 lunar months and a partial month, often known as the “13th lunar month.” This is one of the most fundamental meanings of the number 13.

Let us also remember that the Maya tend to perceive time in terms of lunar rather than solar months. Many Western scholars have described the Tzolk’in as comprised of 8 ½ months, but I have never heard a Mayan

Daykeeper employ such a description. It is universally said that the Tzolk’in equals 9 lunar months.
The Tz’utujil Maya of Santiago Atitlan recognize 12 Moon Goddesses or “Marias,” all of whom are aspects or manifestations of the Great Goddess herself. These are the months of the year, with the 13th and incomplete lunar month regarded as sacred to the Goddess as Crone. This is Ix Chel in her aspect as the waning moon, the very same Xmucane or First Grandmother of the Pop Wuj who uses Tz’ite seeds representing the day-signs to perform the first divination.

In order to understand the Mayan concept, we may have to start thinking of the “feminine principle” in a somewhat different way.

In Hermetic philosophy and Chinese Taoism, the  principle is always active and in motion, while the feminine principle is quiescent and still. It is somewhat different among the Maya.

The Maya think of the mountains, in their changeless solitude and eternal strength, as the “masculine earth.” They think of the Pacific coast, with its crashing waves, steaming jungles, chattering birds and burgeoning foliage, as the “feminine earth.” In this sense, the Mayan understanding seems, at least to me, to be closer to Tantric Hinduism, wherein the masculine principle remains unchanging while the Shakti or feminine principle creates activity.

The number 13 has other meanings as well. It is commonly said that there were 13 heavens in the ancient Mayan Otherworld, arranged like a pyramid above the earth; thus 13 is the number of heaven. This may be true; some scholars are skeptical about this idea, but the Daykeepers who arrange teaching diagrams in pyramidal structure based on the number 13, and who appear to accept the notion that there were indeed thirteen heavens in the ancient system. 

The relationship between day-signs and numbers can be usefully understood in the form of a diagram:


Day Signs Numbers
Masculine  Feminine
Nagual Spiritual Soulmoulded soul Anima Bodily Soul
Internal Influence External Influence 
Archietypal Imprint Personality Determinant 


But Daykeepers also insist upon the fact that 13 is a number which appears commonly in nature. Since the numbers are feminine and the earth is our mother, this makes perfect sense.

  • Not counting various individual markings or protrusions, there are thirteen rectangles on the shell of a turtle. Thus 13 is the number of Turtle Island, the North American continent (a paradigm known to the Maya as well as to indigenous peoples farther north).
  • There are also 13 rattles on a rattlesnake’s tail; there may perhaps be some connection here with the Pleiades, which are known as the “rattlesnake’s tail” in Yucatan.
  • Finally, the number 13 is strongly associated with the 13 major joints in the human body. These are: the ankles, the knees, the hips, the wrists, the elbows, the shoulders, and the neck. Thus 13 is also a number of humanity

But there is more to it than that, for the number 13’s correspondence with the joints of the human body conceals a deep esoteric teaching  

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We began to explore the internal energy known as a,represented in contemporary Mayan thinking by the archetype of the Feathered Serpent. It is time to examine this concept a little further.

The existence of a powerful bio-psychological energy within the human body has been postulated by many civilizations. The best known example comes from Hinduism, where this energy is known as the kundalini or serpent power  .The kundalini is in essence a goddess just as much as it is a form of energy. It travels through different energetic centers in the body, known as chakras, and can be manipulated through meditation and spiritual practice. The feminine power known to Kabbalists as the , which also dwells in centers within the body, is an analogous concept.

In K’iche’ Mayan, this powerful inner energy is called . The word literally means “sheet lightning.” However, the Maya also think of a bolt of lightning as a “sky serpent,” so in that sense the koyopa is a serpent power too.

Called the “body lightning” or “the lightning in the blood blood ” the koyopa is the energy upon which shamans draw for important rituals, especially the divination ritual in which the day-signs of the Tzolk’in are represented by groups of seeds from the sacred Tz’ite tree+. A shaman’s hand may literally shake with the power ofa as he holds it over the divining / ½ :seeds.  Sometimes the  “awakens” as a pulsing in one’s leg or other limb.

The , like the kundalini, is essentially feminine because it is associated with the 13 numbers. Koyopa collects in the thirteen major joints of the human body, which thus form a Mayan analogy to the chakras. It is from one of these 13 points that the pulsing and handtrembling will have their origin and  we learned that the Maya believe that a human being has 2 souls.

One of them is an immortal soul, the Nawal that is represented by one’s day-sign. Yet there is another soul, one which is vested in the human body and which dissolves at the time of our death. This bodily soul is called the or, in Spanish, the Anima. We may have a tendency to think of the bodily soul as a somewhat lesser entity than the ; after all, it remains within the human body and dissipates at death. But the  dwells within the body and is thus connected with the bodily soul.
Here, then, we see a deeper esoteric significance at work. The day-signs are a masculine energy that represents the i'mmortal soul or Nawal, while the numbers are a feminine energy that represents the indwelling power of the bodily soul and its 

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The Mayan Calendar is a symphony of cycles within cycles. The 260-day Tzolk’in is interwoven with the solar year, and may be divided into 20  periods of 13 days,commonly known by the Spanish term trecenas. Our pyramid of days reveals the inner meaning of these 13-day trecena cycles.

The trecena periods are essential to an understanding of the Calendar.

The number cycle runs from 1 through 13, then returns to the number 1 again. Each time the number 1 recurs, it will do so on a different day-sign.

The trecenas are the essential component of what we may call "living the Calendar." They set the clock for the major rituals of Mayan life.

The Daykeepers of Guatemala say that low numbers are "weak" and lack strength, while the middle numbers – , , , and – represent the days of balanced energy and power.

The final days, 10 through 13, are "too strong," so powerful as to be potentially dangerous.

Therefore, all major rituals are performed on the days of balanced power at the center of each trecena.
The cycle of the trecena can best be shown as a pyramid, equivalent to the pyramid of the Thirteen Heavens which was part of the cosmology of ancient Mexico.

The energy inherent in a particular trecena cycle is still tentative or weak in the beginning, not yet fully established in its own nature. As it climbs the pyramid, it begins to grow in power. It reaches the region of perfect balance on day 6, and it reaches the peak of the pyramid on day 7.



            cheshire moon          
      6   8      
    5       9    

Black Moon=a reference to one of four astronomical events involving new or dark moons:

  • The second occurrence of a new moon in a calendar month-Cannot occur in February. Analogous to the common calendrical definition of a blue moon for months with two full moons.
  • The third new moon in a season that has four of them.
  • The absence of a full moon in a calendar month
  •  The absence of a new moon in a calendar month

In some aspects of Paganism, particularly amongst Wiccans, the black moon is considered to be a special time when any rituals, spells, or other workings are considered to be more powerful and effective

 Blue Moon= The term blue moon is currently used commonly to describe a second full moon in a single solar calendar month, which happens every two to three years. "Once in a blue moon" is equal to 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz. "Blue" replacing the no-longer-understood belewe, 'to betray'. The original meaning would then have been "Betrayer moon", referring to a full moon that would "normally" (in non-intercalating years) be the full moon of Spring, while in intercalating year, it was "Traitorous" in the sense that people would have had to continue fasting for another month in accordance with the season."7 times in 19 years there were – and still are – full moons in a year. This gives 11 months with one full moon each and one with two. This second in a month, so I interpret it, was called Blue Moon."

 As the current cycle begins its course down the pyramid, it will grow in power, just like a wave that has reached its crest and then begins to crash downward. This descent of power is still in a balanced condition on the 8th and 9th days; after that, the energy inherent in the current cycle of time becomes more and more intense—too intense to be safely dealt with on ritual terms.

Each trecena cycle may be regarded as a particular quantum of energy, an energy that travels in a wave-like motion. Precisely like a wave, it begins as an underground surge, symbolized by the sun's emergence from the Underworld on the 1st day of the cycle. This wave of energy grows in power until it crests. Then it begins to descendesher ascending & descending , discharging its quantum of energy in a thundering crash to the shore. As the energy inherent in the wave trickles away into the sand on the night of the 13 th day, a new wave cycle has already begun farther out at sea. The power of the day-sign that will begin the new trecena is already present. At sunset  on the 13h day, the Daykeepers welcome the spirit of the coming day, the one who will begin the next trecena cycle. They think of the next day as a "guest" who is already entering the sacred space defined by their communal and family altars.If, for the moment, we leave behind the somewhat static or architectonic image of the pyramid, we may return to the metaphor of the wave as a concept that is closer both to the world of nature and the world of post-Einsteinian physics

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In terms of astrological interpretations, it is much too simple merely to say that low numbers are weak, middle numbers balanced, and high numbers too strong. This may be true in a very general way, but the numbers all have their individual characteristics.

We may take some of the high numbers as a good example of this principle. While many people regard the numbers 10, 11, 12 and 13 as “too strong,” there are some important ritual activities which require the power of the high numbers.

For example, high-level shamans with special psychic or mystical gifts are often initiated on 10 or 12 Chicchan days – Chicchan being, of course, the day-sign associated most strongly with the koyopa or “inner lightning.” There is a ritual circuit of Momostenango’s four sacred mountains which takes place on 11 Aj, 11 Ajpu, 11 Kame and 11 Kej. There are four days with the number 13 which are set aside for “special” rituals, especially 13 Toj for the repayment of karmic debts and 13 Iq’ for our sacred altars. 13 B’atz’ is regarded as an especially auspicious day for marriage and 13 Tz’ikin a day to pray for money; while these are not ritualistic in the same sense as 13 Toj or Iq’, they are part of the tradition of the four special 13 days.3
Thus we should avoid making hasty judgments, especially when dealing with the lives of human beings.

Among the Maya, the astrological delineation of numbers is never as detailed as that of day-signs. The day-signs remain the essential characterization of the individual’s soul, the personal archetype. The numbers, fluid and changeable, shape the archetype into the human personality we see before us. There is sometimes said to be a correlation between specific numbers and specific daysigns.
This is common among some Mayan teachers, but not all. I obtained the information not from Don Rigoberto, but from an entirely different source.

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With the knowledge of the galactic engineering project and with the discovery of the Law of Time, Argüelles perceived that his duty was to help educate humanity toward a new timing sensibility. He noted that most of the troubles in the world today are a result of placing our trust in human laws and machine technology, rather than trusting the natural law of the cosmos.

From his exhaustive studies into different world calendars and the Mayan calendar, Argüelles concluded that a calendar is a programming device whereby the society that uses it creates its psychic field of influence and organizes its collective life.

In the Gregorian calendar there’s is very little cyclic or periodic order. Months are uneven; the length of months does not correlate with number of seven-day weeks that exist and the numbers change every month. There is not cyclic or periodic order; this is why civilization is a chaotic disorder.

He saw that as a species we had veered out of synch, away from our natural attunement with the cosmos and into a linear way of operating. So the question was: how to break the linear time habit? How do we access galactic consciousness?

By following the clues left by the Maya, José discovered the synchronic order, a systematic set of mathematical codes that reveals the larger evolutionary patterning. He called these the Dreamspell codes. He found the simplest way to access these mathematical codes was through daily use of the 13 Moon/28-day matrix. As deceptively simple as this sounds, it has profound implications, so much so that he traveled the world several times over bringing this message to every continent. He referred to this calendar as a “synchronometer” or measure of synchronicity, rather than calendar (derived from calendswhich means account book).

The 13 Moon calendar is a solar-galactic cycle that meshes the 365-day third-dimensional solar cycle with the 260-day 4th-dimensional galactic cycle (tzolkin) every 52 years. It can be used as an intermediary between one’s mind and being and the experience of the form and process of galactic consciousness. Its daily use helps entrain the consciousness into the threshold of galactic consciousness.



Months Description of 13th Moon calendar and the energy of the Solar Glyphs

Magnetic Moon: Magnetic Bat /Tzootz/

  • Moon frame July 26- August 22
  • What it does:Unify to attract​

Lunar Moon: Lunar Scorpion /Dzec/

  • Moon frame August 23-September 19
  • What it does: Polarized provocation-Stabilization

Electric Moon: Electric Stag or Deer /Stag -Keh/

  • Moon frame: September 20- October 17
  • What it does:Active connection of Service

Self- Existing Moon: Self-existing Owl /Moan/

  • Moon frame October 18-November 14
  • What it does: Defining of Froms and Measurment

Overtone Moon: Overtone Peacock /Cutz/

  • Moon frame: November 15-December 12
  • What it does:Command of charged radiation

Rhytmic Moon: Rhytmic Lizard / Xibkay/

  1. Moon frame:December 13-January 9
  2. What it does: Organized equivalent balance

Resonant Moon: Resonant Monkey / Batz/

  • Moon frame:January 10- February 6
  • What it does:Consonant channel of Inspiration

Galactic Moon: Galactic Eagle /Coz/

  • Moon frame: February 7-March 6
  • What it does: Harmonic model of integration

Solar Moon:Solar Jaguar /Balam/

  • Moon frame: March 7- April 3
  • What it does: Pulse of Conscious Intent

Planetary Moon: Planetary Dog / Pek/

  • Moon frame: April 4- May 1
  • What it does:Perfect manifestation of reproduction

Spectral Moon: Spectral Serpent /Kaw/

  • Moon frame: May 2- May 29
  • What it does:Scattering of free allocation

Crystal Moon: Crystal Rabbit /Tzub/

  • Moon frame: May 30-June 26
  • What it does:Commitment to universal cooperation

 Cosmic Moon: Cosmic Turtule /Aak/

  • Moon frame: June 27-July  24
  • What it does:Withstand transcendent presence

Out of Time Moon: Day for laying the foundations of order ->July 25


The 13 Moon calendar runs precisely on a program of 52-year solar galactic cycles and is correlated with the traditional date of the heliacal rising of Sirius, July 26. It takes approximately 52 years for Sirius B to revolve around Sirius A. Incidentally Sirius as a binary star was discovered in 1926, the same year as when the word “noosphere” was coined.

Being fourth-dimensional in nature the 13 Moon calendar also serves as a master synchronization matrix so that any other calendar system can be plugged into it. This program establishes the matrix of what Argüelles refers to as the synchronic order.

A key to the 13:28 cycle can also be found in the tomb lid of Pacal Votan and in the Tzolkin. There are 13 clear signs carved along the four edges of the sarcophagus lid of the tomb. The  edge of the lid contains two glyphs: Kin 60, representing Pacal’s incarnation, and Kin 58, representing his disincarnation. The  edge of the lid contains one set of 4 seals and another set of 2. The tone numbers of the first four seals add up to 28, and the tone numbers of the second set of seals add up to 13. Argüelles believed this demonstrated the code of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar. (As synchronicity would have it, José passed away precisely 1,328 years after the death of Pacal Votan in 683 AD).

The purpose of the 13 Moon calendar is to assist humans in shifting frequency.  By following a cyclic, harmonic measure, human consciousness can enter into a non-linear standard of time, not through any grand theory, but simply by following a galactic cycle day-to-day.

In order to spread the message of the 13 Moons and galactic time, he, with the assistance of his wife, created the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, an Earth-centered peace movement adopting the Nicholas Roerich Banner of Peace as its symbol. As a result, the 13 Moon calendar spread to more than 90 countries worldwide.

In January 2010, he received the highest honor of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace in Mexico City: the Nicholas Roerich Peace Medal for his lifetime work as a world peace activist.

The essence of his message was: human civilization is living in artificial time that is destroying the biosphere. To reverse this situation requires a collective return to natural time in reverence with the Earth where time is not money but Time is Art. José wrote:

“… The ancient Maya foresaw that the next evolutionary cycle would be the true solar age. They envisioned 2012 as the entry point or gate of a purified humanity ready for the new solar age. And they were right. The Sun is undergoing a tremendous transformation right now, altering the very nature of life on Earth. In order for us to survive, we've got to strip down – get rooted in the garden, and lighten our load. In the new Solar Age we will learn that our telepathic thought waves are really solar signals, and that our mental evolution through the noosphere is to prepare us for heightened soul travel. We'll all become like one being with a billion autonomous cells, working in unison to become enlightened. And since we will see that we are the planet, we will know that it is the planet that is becoming enlightened, and our job is to make it an enlightened work of art – an art planet, a jewel of the galaxy…”


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A lunisolar calendar is a calendar in many cultures whose date indicates both the moon phase and the time of the solar year. If the solar year is defined as a tropical year, then a lunisolar calendar will give an indication of the season; if it is taken as a sidereal year, then the calendar will predict the constellation near which the full moon may occur. Usually there is an additional requirement that the year have a whole number of months, in which case most years have 12 months but every second or third year has 13.

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