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As the first sign of the zodiac, ram690ybAries embodies the qualities of a leader. They are the first to volunteer, the first to head into battle, and the first to  fi pisces  finish what they’ve started.   They’re aggressive, daring, and courageous by nature. Aries personalities are often pioneers in the fields of innovation. Inclined to answer any challenge, Aries is naturally bold and direct, finding ways to accomplish things in the quickest, most efficient means possible. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. 

As a cardinal fire sign, Aries is impulsive, opportunistic, and spontaneous. Aries’ enthusiasm and a get-it-done attitude are all part of the sign’s fiery nature. They are spirited and independent and often seek out new personal challenges wherever they are.

In a reading, Aries symbolizes a quick start to new projects. A person may find it particularly easy to roll up their sleeves and dig into a new big endeavor. As the sign of leadership, Aries often indicates that one may be spearheading an upcoming project or find one’s self facilitating a group effort.       drTerror   

Reversed, Aries’ independence may lead to a bit of friction in codependent relationships or in situations that require joint decision-making. As an incredibly   pulse    self-reliant sign,   Aries tends to act quickly, sometimes without thinking of how their actions affect those around them. Aries is also prone to binging on new interests and lusting after new people, projects, and material objects. When this card appears reversed one may have a strong desire to spend time, resources, and money on what may turn out to be short-lived interests.


  • I of Transparency  
  •  snake
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The Magus



  • ThothThe Magus or the Juggler-The Lord of Illusion The Magus of Power
  • Lower Arcanum:

The figure of the Magus of the Taro; in his right arm the torch of the flames blazing upwards; in his left, the cup of poison, a cataract into Hell. And upon his head the evil talisman, blasphemy and blasphemy and blasphemy, in the form of a circle. That is the greatest blasphemy of all (i.e., that the circle should be thus profaned. This evil circle is of 3 concentric rings).

On his feet hath he scythes and swords and sickles; daggers; knives; every sharp thing-a millionfold, and all in one. And before him is the Table that is a Table of wickedness, the forty-two42fold  Table. This Table is connected with the forty-two Assessors of the Dead, for they are the Accusers, whom the soul must baffle; and with the forty-two-fold name of God, for this is the Mystery of Iniquity, that there was ever a beginning at all.
And this Magus casteth forth, by the might of his four weapons, veil after veil; a thousand shining colours, ripping and tearing the Aethyr; so that it is like jagged saws, or like broken teeth in the face of a young girl, or like disruption, or madness. There is a horrible grinding sound, maddening. This is the mill in which the Universal Substancetauchi, which is ether, was ground down into matter

A voice says"Behold the brilliance of the Lord, whose feet are set upon him that pardoneth transgression. Behold the six-fold Star that flameth in the Vault, the seal of the marriage of the great White King and his black slave."

So I looked into the Stone, and beheld the sixfold Star: the whole Aethyr is as tawny clouds, like the flame of a furnace. And there is a mighty host of Angels, blue and golden, that throng it, and they cry: Holy, Holy, Holy art thou, that art not shaken in the earthquakes, and in the thunders! The end of things is come upon us; the day of Be-with-us is at hand! For he hath created the Universe, and overthrown it, that he might take his pleasure there upon.
And now, in the midst of the Aethyr, I behold that god. He hath a thousand arms, and in each hand is a weapon of terrible strength. His face is more terrible than the storm, and from his eyes flash lightnings of intolerable brilliance. From his mouth run seas of blood. Upon his head is a crown of every deadly thing. Upon his forehead is the upright Tau, and on either side of it are signs of blasphemy. And about him clingeth a young girl, like unto the King' s daughter that appeared in the ninth Aethyr. But she is become rosy by reason of his force, and her purity hath tinged his black with blue.

And an Angel speaks: "Behold, this vision is utterly beyond thine understanding. Yet shalt thou endeavour to unite thyself with the dreadful marriage-bed."
So I am torn asunder, nerve from nerve and vein from vein, and more intimately–cell from cell, molecule from molecule, and atom from atom, and at the same time all crushed together. (Write down that the tearing asunder is a crushing together.) All the double phenomena are only two ways of looking at a single phenomenon; and the single phenomenon is Peace. There is no sense in my words or in my thoughts. "Faces half-formed arose." This is the meaning of that passage; they are attempts to interpret Chaos. But Chaos is Peace Cosmos is the War of the Rose and the Cross. That was a "half- formed face" that I said then. All images are useless.
Yea, as in a looking-glass, so in thy mind, that is backed with the false metal of lying, is every symbol read averse. Lo! everything wherein thou hast trusted must confound thee, and that thou didst flee from was thy saviour. So therefore didst thou shriek in the Black Sabbath when thou didst kiss the hairy buttocks of the goat, when the gnarled god tore thee asunder, when the icy cataract of death swept thee away. Shriek, therefore, shriek aloud; mingle the roar of the gored lion and the moan of the torn bull, and the cry of the man that is torn by the claws of the EagleAquila  , and the scream of the Eagle that is strangled by the hands of the Man. Mingle all these in the death-shriek of the Sphinx, for the blind man hath profaned her mystery. Who is this, Oedipus, Tiresias, Erinyes? Who is this, that is blind and a seer, a fool above wisdom? Whom do the hounds of heaven follow, and the crocodiles of hell await?  ≈ tau, is his name. [These are the Paths forming a Current 1-2-6-8-9-10 on the Tree of Life].
Beneath his feet is the Kingdom, and upon his head the Crown. He is spirit and matter; he is peace and power; in him is Chaos and Night and Pan; and upon BABALON his concubine, that hath made him drunk upon the blood of the saints that she hath gathered in her golden cup, hath he begotten the virgin that now he doth deflower. And this is that which is written: Malkuth shall be uplifted and set upon the throne of Binah. And this is the stone of the philosophers that is set as a seal upon the Tomb of Tetragrammaton, and the elixir of life that is distilled from the blood of the saints, and the red powder that is the grinding-up of the bones of Choronzon. Terrible and wonderful is the Mystery thereof, O thou Titan that hast climbed into the bed of ! Surely thou art bound unto, and broken upon, the wheel; yet hast thou uncovered the nakedness of the Holy One, and the Queen of Heaven is in travail of child, and his name shall be called Vir, and Vis, and Virus, and Virtus, and Viridis, in one name that is all these, and above all these. [Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici] the motto of the Master Therion.

The Babe



  •  : The Babe
  • Major Arcanum:
  • :  




First, let praise and worship and honour and glory and great thank be given unto the Holy One, who hath permitted us to come thus far, who hath revealed unto us the ineffable mysteries, that they might be disclosed before men. And we humbly beseech His infinite goodness that he will be pleased to manifest unto us even the Mystery of the First Æthyr.

Here followeth the Call of the Æthyr

The veil of the Æthyr is like the veil of night, dark azure, full of countless stars. And because the veil is infinite, at first one seeth not the winged globe of the sun that burneth in the centre thereof. Profound peace filleth me,—beyond ecstasy, beyond thought, beyond being itself, IAIDA. (This word means “I am,” but in a sense entirely beyond being.)

(Note.—In Hebrew letters it adds to 26. In Hebrew letters the name of the Æthyr is 70,; but by turning the Yetziratic attributions of the letters into Hebrew, it gives 66, and 66 is the sum of the numbers from 0 to 11.)

Yes; there is peace. There is no tendency of any sort, much less any observation or feeling or impression. There is only a faint consciousness, like the scent of jasmine.
The body of the Seer is rested in a waking sleep that is deeper than sleep, and his mind is still; he seems like a well in the desert, shaded by windless palms.
And it is night; and because the night is the whole night of space, and not the partial night of earth, there is no thought of dawn. For the light of the Sun maketh illusion, blinding man's eyes to the glory of the stars. And unless he be in the shadow of the earth, he cannot see the stars. So, also, unless he be hidden from the light of life, he cannot behold Nuit. Here, then, do I abide in unalterable midnight, utterly at peace.

I have forgotten where I am, and who I am. I am hanging in nothing. Now the veil opens of itself. To Scribe. Come nearer; I don’t want to have to speak so loudly.
It is a little child covered with lilies and roses. He is supported by countless myriads of Archangels. The Archangels
are all the same colourless brilliance, and every one of them is blind. Below the Archangels again are many, many other legions, and so on far below, so far that the eye cannot pierce
And on his forehead, and on his heart, and in his hand, is the secret sigil of the Beast. And of all this the glory is so great that all the spiritual senses fail, and their reflections in the body fail.
It is very strange. In my heart is rapture, holy and ineffable, absolutely beyond emotion; beyond even that bliss called Ananda, infinitely calm and pure. Yet at the gates of mine eyes stand tears, like warriors upon the watch, that lean on their spears, listening.*

The great and terrible Angel keeps on looking at me, as if to bar me from the vision. There is another blinding my mind.
There is another forcing my head down in sleep. (It's very difficult to talk at all, because an impression takes
such an immense time to travel from the will to the muscles. Naturally, I've no idea of time.)
I have gone up again to the child, led by two Angels, abasing my head.This child seems to be the child that one attempted to describe in “The Garden of Janus”
Every volition is inhibited. I have tried to say a lot, but it has always got lost on the way. Holy art thou, O more beautiful than all the stars of the Night!
There has never been such peace, such silence. But these are positive things. Singing praises of things eternal amid the flames of first glory, and every note of every song is a fresh flower in the garland of peace.
This child dance not, but it is because he is the soul of the two dances,—the right hand and the left hand, and in him they are one dance, the dance without motion.
There is dew on all the fire. Every drop is the quintessence of the ecstasy of stars
Yet a third time am I led to him, prostrating myself seven times at every step. There is a perfume in the air, reflected down even to the body of the seer. That perfume thrills his body with an ecstasy that is like love, like sleep.

And this is the song:

  • I am the child of all who am the father of all, for from me come forth all things, that I might be
  • I am the fountain in the snows, and I am the eternal sea
  • I am the lover, and I am the beloved, and I am the first-fruits of their love
  • I am the first faint shuddering of the Light, and I am the loom wherein night weaveth her impenetrable veil
  • I am the captain of the hosts of eternity; of the swordsmen and the spearmen and the bowmen and the charioteers
  • I have led the armies of the east against the armies of the west, and the armies of the west against the armies of the east
  • For I am Peace. My groves of olive were planted by an harlot, and my horses were bred by a thief
  • I have trained my vines upon the spears of the Most High, and with my laughter have I slain a thousand men
  • With the wine in my cup have I mixed the lightnings, and I have carved my bread with a sharp sword
  • With my folly have I undone the wisdom of the Magus, even as with my judgments I have overwhelmed the universe
  • I have eaten the pomegranate in the House of Wrath, and I have crushed out the blood of my mother between mill-stones to make bread.There is nothing that I have not trampled beneath my feet.There is nothing that I have not set a garland on my brow
  • I have wound all things about my waist as a girdle
  • I have hidden all things in the cave of my heart
  • I have slain all things because I am Innocence
  • I have lain with all things because I am Untouched Virginity
  • I have given birth to all things because
  • I am Death

Stainless are my lips, for they are redder than the purple of the vine, and of the blood wherewith I am intoxicated. Stainless is my forehead, for it is whiter than the wind and the dew that cooleth it.

  • I am light, and I am night, andleft eye of Horusright eye of horus
  • I am speech, and I am silence, and I am that which is beyond them
  • I am life, and I am death, and I am that which is beyond them
  • I am war,and I am peace, and I am that which is beyond them
  • I am weakness, and I am strength, and I am that which is beyond them
  • Yet by none of these can man reach up to me
  • Yet by each of them must man reach up to me
  • Thou shalt laugh at the folly of the fool
  • Thou shalt learn the wisdom of the Wise
  • And thou shalt be initiate in holy things
  • And thou shalt be learned in the things of love
  • And thou shalt be mighty in the things of war
  • And thou shalt be adept in things occult
  • And thou shalt interpret the oracles
  • And thou shalt drive all these before thee in thy car, and though by none of these canst thou reach up to me, yet by each of these must thou attain to me
  • And thou must have the strength of the lion, and the secrecy of the hermit
  • And thou must turn the wheel of life
  • And thou must hold the balances of Truth
  • Thou must pass through the great Waterseridanus, a Redeemer
  • Thou must have the tail of the scorpion, and the poisoned arrows of the Archer, and the dreadful horns of the Goat
  • And so shalt thou break down the fortress that guardeth the Palace of the King my son
  • And thou must work by the light of the Star and of the Moon and of the Sun, and by the dreadful light of judgment that is the birth of the Holy Spirit within thee

When these shall have destroyed the universe, then mayest thou enter the palace of the Queen my daughter


This is the translation of the Call of the Æthyr

I Reign Over You, Sayeth The God Of Justice,
In Power Exalted Above The Firmaments Of Wrath. In Whose
Hands The Sun Is As A Sword, And The Moon
As A Through-thrusting Fire; Which Measured Your Garments
In The Midst Of My Vestures, And Trussed You Together As
The Palms Of My Hands. Whose Seats I Garnished With
The Fire Of Gathering And Beautified Your Garments
With Admiration; To Whom I Made A Law To Govern The Holy Ones,
And Delivered You A Rod With The Ark Of Knowledge.
Moreover You Lifted Your Voices And Swore Obedience
And Faith To Him That Lives And Triumphs, Whose
Beginning Is Not Nor End Can Not Be; Which Shines
As A Flame In The Midst Of Your Palace And Reigns
Among You As The BalanceOf Righteousness And Truth!
Move Therefore And Show Yourselves! Open The Mysteries
Of Your Creation! Be Friendly To Me For I Am
The Servant Of Your God A True Worshiper Of The Highest!

Blessed, blessed, blessed; yea, blessed; thrice and four times blessed is he that hath attained to look upon thy face.

For I will hurl thee forth from my presence as a whirling thunderbolt to guard the ways, and whom thou smitest shall be smitten indeed. And whom thou lovest shall be loved indeed. And whether by smiting or by love thou workest, each one shall see my face, a glimmer through a thousand veils. And they shall rise up from love’s sleep or death’s, and gird themselves with a girdle of snake-skin for wisdom, and they shall wear the white tunic of purity, and the apron of flaming orange for will, and over their shoulders shall they cast the panther’s skin of courage. And they shall wear the nemyss of secrecy and the ateph crown of truth

And on their feet shall they put sandals made of the skin of breasts, that they may trample upon all they were, yet also that its toughness shall support them, and protect their feet, as they pass upon the mystical way that lieth through the pylons÷. And upon their breasts shall be the Rose and Cross of light and life, and in their hands the hermit's staff and lamp. Thus shall they set out upon the never-ending journey, each step of which is an unutterable reward.
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy; yea, thrice and four times holy art thou, because thou hast attained to look upon my face; not by my favour only, not by thy magick only, may this be won.

Yet it is written: “Unto the persevering mortal the blessed Immortals are swift.”
Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty; yea, thrice and four times mighty art thou. He that riseth up against thee shall
be thrown down, though thou raise not so much as thy little finger against him. And he that speaketh evil against thee shall be put to shame, though thy lips utter not the littlest syllable against him. And he that thinketh evil concerning thee shall be confounded in his thought, although in thy mind arise not the least thought of him. And they shall be brought unto subjection unto thee, and serve thee, though thou willest it not. And it shall be unto them a grace and a sacrament, and ye shall all sit down together at the supernal banquet, and ye shall feast upon the honey of the gods, and be drunk upon the dew of immortality—


Pass thou on, therefore, O thou Prophet of the Gods, unto the Cubical Altar of the Universe; there shalt thou receive every tribe and kingdom and nation into the mighty Order that reacheth from the frontier fortresses that guard the Uttermost Abyss unto My ThroneThrones
This is the formula of the Æon, and with that the voice of , that is the Lamp of the Invisible Light, is ended.Amen



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