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bu Taurus, the bull, is a symbol of power, strength and purpose. Taurus rules the second house, the house of possessions. Traditionally seen as the house of material goods and matters of wealth and investments, it also rules over one’s abilities and identities. Taurus seeks supreme security. Taurus is hard working, dependable, and steadfast, using their efforts to ensure that they feel grounded whenever possible.

Taurus is patient and plodding, with a dependable schedule and faithful work ethic. They are often serious, concrete, and quite realistic about their view of the world. Finding comfort is of utmost importance in relationships, work, and finances. Taurus’s mission can make them possessive and immovable at times, making it hard to negotiate or compromise with them.  

When this card appears in a reading, it’s a sure sign that a methodical, practiced approach is best when pursuing an upcoming goal, particularly one of financial or workplace matters. Taurus has a connection to traditional philosophies, time-honored practice and ritual. A systematic schedule may be the best way to help realize new goals. There are no short-cuts with Taurus as all accomplishments must feel earned to be worthwhile.

When this card appears reversed, a person may find they are at an impasse with no way to move forward. This may manifest itself during negotiations with another strong personality, when battling against established axioms, or even when running up against regulations set in place without any workarounds. 



The modern view of the Hierophant 


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The Hierophant

This card is referred to the letter , which means a Nail; of this instrument nine appear at the top of the card; they serve to fix the oriel behind the main figure of the picture.
The card is referred to ; therefore the Throne of the Hierophant is surrounded by elephants, which are of the nature of Taurus; and he is actually seated upon a bull. Around him are the four beasts or Kerubs, one in each corner of the card; for these are the guardians of every shrine. But the main reference is to the particular arcanum which is the principal business, the essential, of all magical work; the uniting of the microcosm with the macrocosm. Accordingly, the oriel is diaphanous; before the Manifestor of the Mystery is a hexagram representing the macrocosm. In its centre is a pentagram, representing a dancing male child. This symbolizes the law of the new Aeon of the Child Horns, which has supplanted that Aeon of the "Dying God" which governed the world for two thousand years. Before him is the woman girt with a sword; she represents the Scarlet Woman in the hierarchy of the new Aeon.
This symbolism is further carried out in the oriel where, behind the phallic headdress, the rose of five petals is in blossom.
The symbolism of the snake and dove refers to this verse of the Book of the Law— chap. I, verse 7:  "there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent
This symbol recurs in the trump numbered 
The background of the whole card is the dark blue of the starry night of Nuit, from whose womb all phenomena are born.
Taurus, the sign of the Zodiac represented by this card, is itself the Bull Kerub; that is, Earth in its strongest and most balanced form.
The ruler of this sign is  she is represented by the woman standing before the Hierophant.
Chapter III of the Book of the Law, verse XI, reads:
"Let the woman be girt with a sword before me." This woman represents as she now is in this new aeon; no longer the mere vehicle of her male counterpart, but armed and militant.
In this sign the Moon is "exalted"; her influence is represented not only by the woman, but by the nine nails.
It is impossible at the present time to explain this card thoroughly, for only the course of events can show how the new current of initiation will work out.
It is the aeon of Horusleft eye of Horus right eye of horus of the Child. Though the face of the Hierophant appears benignant and smiling, and the child himself seems glad with wanton innocence, it is hard to deny that in the expression of the initiator is something mysterious, even sinister. He seems to be enjoying a very secret joke at somebody s expense. There is a distinctly sadistic aspect to this card; not unnaturally, since it derives from the Legend of Prasiphae, the prototype of all the legends of Bull-gods. These still persist in such religions as Shaivism, and (after multiple degradations) in Christianity itself. The symbolism of the Wand is peculiar; the three interlaced rings which crown it may be taken as representative of the three Aeons of Isis, Osiris and Horus with their interlocking magical formulae. The upper ring is marked with scarlet for Horus; the two lower rings with green for Isis, and pale yellow for Osiris, respectively.
All these are based upon deep indigo, the color of , the Lord of Time. For the rhythm of the Hierophant is such that he moves only at intervals of 2,000 years.

The Arrow of Truth



THE CRY OF THE 5TH ÆTHYR, WHICH IS CALLED LI-T  buddha avatar t tron switch engine start-off  ? ? 

 There is a shining pylon, above which is set the  pearl  sigil of the eye  eyes galaxvort      eyesegypt horus left eye of Horus left eye of Horus ?   right eye of horus  right eye of horus  catseye G-host of Jupiter  , within the shining triangle    sw sw  sw  tm     nt  tm st    penrose triangle mono rosecross Light streams through the pylon from before the face of  egypt godess Isis-vir sombrero mov so cipher solverHat-hor, for she weareth the lunar crown of cows' horns, with the disk in the centre; at her breast she beareth the child Horushorus.

And there is a voice: thou knowest not how the mov was united with the; much less then canst thou understand the marriage of the  and the . Yet there is a word wherein these are made one, and therein is contained the Mystery that thou seekest, concerning the rending asunder of the swveil of my Mother.
Now there is an avenue of pylons /not one alone/, steep after steep, carved from the solid rock of the mountain; and that rock is a substance harder than diamond, and brighter than light, and heavier than lead. In each pylon is seated a god. There seems an endless series of these pylons. And all the gods of all the nations of the earth are shown, for there are many avenues, all leading to the top of the mountain
Now I come to the top of the mountain, and the last pylon opens into a circular hall, with other pylons leading out of it, each of which is the last pylon of a great avenue; there seem to be nine such pylons. And in the centre is a shrine, a circular table, supported by marble figures of men and women, alternate white and black; they face inwards, and their buttocks are almost worn away by the kisses of those who have come to worship that supreme God, who is the single end of all these diverse religions.

But the shrine itself is higher than a man may reach. But the Angel that was with me lifted me, and I saw that the edge of the altar, as I must call it, was surrounded by holy men.

Each has in his right hand a  weapon—one a sword, one a spear, one a thunderbolt, and so on, but each with his left hand gives the sign of silence. I wish to see what is within their ring. One of them bends forward so that I may whisper the pass-word. The Angel prompts me to whisper: “There is no god.” So they let me pass, and though there was indeed nothing visible therein, yet there was a very strange atmosphere, which I could not understand.
Suspended in the air there is a silver star, and on the forehead of each of the guardians there is a silver star. It is a pentagram,—because, says the Angel, mov  and=are ; and  are eleven. (There is another movnumerical reason that I cannot hear  ipo  ipo raygun.)
And as I entered their ring, they bade me stand in their circle, and a  raygunweapon was given unto me  mcl    raygun   . And the pass-word  that I had given seems to have been whispered round from one to the other, for each one nods gravely as if in solemn acquiescence, until the last one whispers the same words in my ears. But they have a different sense. I had taken them to be a denial of the existence of God, but the man who says them to me evidently means nothing of the sort: What he does mean I cannot tell at all. He slightly emphasized the word “there.”

And now all is suddenly blotted out, and instead appears the Angel of the Æthyr. He is all in black, burnished black scales, just edged with gold. He has vast wings, with terrible claws on the ends, and he has a fierce face, like a dragon's, and dreadful eyes that pierce one through and through.

And he says: O thou that art so dull  of  Binah-Understanding  ?understanding, when wilt thou begin to annihilate thyself in the mysteries of the Æthyrs? For all that thou thinkest is but thy thought; and as there is no god  in the ultimate shrine, so there is no I  in thine own Cosmos.

They that have said this are of them that understood. And all men have  raygun nu   sparkdroid  lap ? br sparkdroid buc buc buc brmisinterpreted it, even as thou didst misinterpret it. He says some more: I cannot catch it properly, but it seems to be to the effect that the true God is equally in all the shrines, and the true I in all the parts of the body and the soul. He speaks with such a terrible roaring that it is impossible to hear the words; one catches a a phrase here and there, or a glimpse of the idea  . With every word he belches forth smoke, so that the whole Æthyr becomes full of it.
And now I hear the Angel: Every particle of matter  reactor   keyhole I   reactor thelema   reactor   reactor raygun     cam 360 ball gsm  gsm g system  system  system thelema system system system system  system  q words      raygun gigas serv  q words gigas serv  system q words q words flip square q words  system catseye catseye that forms the smoke of my breath is a religion that hath flourished among the inhabitants of the worlds. Thus are they all whirled forth in my breath.

Now he is giving a demonstration of this Operationmov . And he says: drknow  drknow drknow movKnow thou that all the religions of all the worlds end herein, but they are only the maze  cipher solver  bear & lion   um cgsmoke of my breath, and I am only the head rainbow dragon QilinDRAGON's HEAD ichicoin  DRAGON's TAIL ceti dolph  of the  raygun       zoom alpha alpha toothless  monstrousnightmare  gronckle cloudjumper deadlynadder monstrousnightmare  terribleterrorGreat Dragon that eateth up  the universe; without whom the Fifth Æthyr would be perfect, even as the first. Yet unless he pass by me, can no man come unto the perfections. And the rule is ended that hath bound thee, and this shall be thy rule: that thou shalt purify thyself, and anoint thyself with  mov perfume; and thou shalt be in the sunlight, the day being free from clouds. And thou shalt make the Call of the Æthyr in silence.
Now, then, behold how the head of the dragon is but the tail of the Æthyr! Many are they that have fought their way from mansion to mansion of the Everlasting House, and beholding me at last have returned, declaring, “Fearful is the aspect of the Mighty and Terrible One.” Happy are they that have known me for whom I am. And glory unto him that hath made a gallery of my throat for his arrow of truth, and the moon for his purity.

The moon waneth. The moon waneth. The moon waneth. For in that arrow is the Light of Truth           that overmastereth the light of the sun, whereby she shines. The arrow is fledged with the plumes of egypt godessMaat, that are the plumes of Amoun, and the shaft is the phallus of Amoun, the Concealed One. And the barb thereof is the star that thou sawest in the place where was No God.
And of them that guarded the star, there was not found one worthy to wield the Arrow. And of them that worshipped there was not found one worthy to behold the Arrow. Yet the star that thou sawest was but the barb of the Arrow, and thou hadst not the wit to grasp the shaft, or the purity to divine the plumes. Now therefore is he blessed that is born under the sign of the Arrow, and blessed is he that hath the sigil of the head of the crowned lion and the body of the Snake and the Arrow therewith.
Yet do thou distinguish between the mc   fdutch    pup vela    arrowupward and the downward Arrows  southarrow , for the arrowupward arrow is straitened in its flight, and it is shot by a firm hand, for Yesod is Yod slingshot   Tet-rag-ram-ma-ton, and Yod is a hand , but the downward arrow is shot by the topmost point of the Yod; and that Yod is the Hermit  , and it is the minute point that is not extended, that is nigh unto the heart of Have IT per  per   jellyfish an blink   
And now it is commanded thee that thou withdraw thyself from the Vision, and on the morrow, at the appointed hour, shall it be given thee further, as thou goest upon thy way, meditating this mystery. And thou shalt summon the   Scribe, and that which shall be written, shall be written.
Therefore I withdraw myself, as I am commanded.

Master of the Head


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