The HΞrmiϮ ↭I of Mirrors

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 gstar  can  Canis Major depicts               Laelaps  anmov cererus, a mythological dog who never failed to catch what he was hunting  canmcharacter in question. Gifted to Europa by Zeus,  Laelaps   the dog was once used to hunt the  fox script fo fox script an Teumessian fox,    a fox that could never be caught  egypt anubis   Laelaps  was known for his speed, loyalty, and his persistence during the chase. Zeus cast both the dog and the fox into the heavens, where the chase continues to this day.

This card is all about the pursuit of an incredible, and hard-to-attain prize. Upright, this card indicates focus, determination, stamina, and steadfastness. In some cases this is a search for knowledge and understanding, such as in the case of the Hermit. The pursuit referenced in this card is also almost always done alone and for  selfish purposes, though the wisdom gained during the journey may be shared with others once the seeker deciphers its meaning. 

Reversed, the prey may seem so elusive that a person may wonder if they are chasing anything at all. With any good search, one must know if and when to end the pursuit. Adjusting one’s strategy and beginning the search again after a small rest may be just enough to revitalize the hunt. 

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The modern view of the Hermit


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IX The Hermit + XI Lust



  • th :l The Hermit-The Magus of the Voice of Power,the Prophet of the Eternal
  • Lower Arcanum:

This card is attributed to the letter +, which means the Hand. Hence, the hand, which is the tool or instrument par excellence, is in the centre of the picture. The letter  is the foundation of all the other letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which are merely combinations of it in various ways.
The letter  is the first letter of the name Tetragrammaton, and this symbolizes the Father, who is Wisdom; he is the highest form of , and the Logos, the Creator of all worlds. Accordingly, his representative in physical life is the spermatozoon; this is why the card is called The Hermit.
The figure of the Hermit himself recalls the shape of the letter +, and the colour of his cloak is the colour of Binah, in whom he gestates. In his hand he holds a Lamp whose centre is the Sun, portrayed in the likeness of the Sigil of the great King of Fire (Yod is the secret Fire). It seems that he is contemplating—in a certain sense, adoring—the Orphic egg (greenish in colour) because it is conterminous with the Universe, while the snake which surrounds it is many-coloured to signify the iridescence of . For he is not only creative, but is the fluidic essence of Light, which is the life of the Universe.
The highest symbolism of this card is, therefore, Fertility in its most exalted sense, and this is reflected in the attribution of the card to the sign of , which is another aspect of the same quality. Virgo is an earthy sign, and is referred especially to Corn, so that the background of the card is a field of wheat.
 represents the lowest, most receptive, most feminine form of earth, and forms the crust over Hades. Yet not only is ruled by +, but  is exalted therein. Compare the Ten of Disks, and the general doctrine that the climax of the Descent into Matter is the signal for the reintegration by Spirit. It is the Formula of the Princess, the mode of fulfilment of the Great Work.
This card recalls the Legend of Persephone, and herein is a dogma. Concealed within Mercury is a light which pervades all parts of the Universe equally; one of his titles is Psychopompos, the guide of the soul through the lower regions. These symbols are indicated by his Serpent Wand, which is actually growing out of the Abyss, and is the spermatozoon developed as a poison, and manifesting the foetus. Following him is Cerberus, the three-headed Hound of Hell whom he has tamed. In this Trump is shewn the entire mystery of Life in its most secret workings. Phallus Spermatozoon Hand Logos Virgin. There is perfect Identity, not merely Equivalence, of the Extremes, the Manifestation, and the Method.

The Daughter of Babalon



(The terrible Curse that is the Call of the Thirty Æthyrs sounds like a song of ecstasy and triumph; every phrase in it has a secret meaning of blessing.)
The Shew-stone is of soft lucent white, on which the Rose-Cross shows a brilliant yet colourless well of light.
And now the veil of the stone is rent with as clap of thunder, and I am walking upon a razor-edge of light suspended over the Abyss, and before me and above me are ranged the terrible armies of the Most High, like unto those in the 11th Æthyr, but there is one that cometh forth to meet me upon the ridge, holding out his arms to me and saying:

(v. I.) Who is this that cometh forth from the Abyss from the place of rent garments, the habitation of him that is only a name? Who is this that walketh upon a ray of the bright, the
evening star?
Refrain. Glory unto him that is concealed, and glory unto her that beareth the cup, and glory unto the one that is the child and the father of their love. Glory unto the star, and glory unto the snake, and glory unto the swordsman of the sun. And worship and blessing throughout the Æon unto the name of the Beast, four-square, mystic, wonderful!
(v. II.) Who is this that travelleth between the hosts, that is poised upon the edge of the Æthyr by the wings of Maut? Who is this that seeketh the House of the Virgin?

(v. III.) This is he that hath given up his name. This is he whose blood hath been gathered into the cup of BABALON. This is  he that sitteth, a little pile of dry dust, in the city of the Pyramids. (Refrain.)
(v. IV.) Until the light of the Father of all kindle that death. Until the breath touch that dry dust. Until the Ibis be revealed unto the Crab, and the sixfold Star become the radiant Triangle. (Refrain.)
(v. V.) Blessed is not I, not thou, not he, Blessed without name or number who hath taken the azure of night, and crystallized it into a pure sapphire-stone, who hath taken the gold of the sun, and beaten it into an infinite ring, and hath set the sapphire therein, and put it upon his finger. (Refrain.)

(v. VI.) Open wide your gates, O City of God, for I bring Noone with me. Sink your swords and your spears in salutation, for the Mother and the Babe are my companions. Let the
banquet be prepared in the palace of the King's daughter. Let the lights be kindled; Are not we the children of the light? (Refrain.)
(v. VII.) For this is the key-stone of the palace of the King's daughter. This is the Stone of the Philosophers. This is the Stone that is hidden in the walls of the ramparts. Peace,
Peace, Peace unto Him that is throned therein! (Refrain.)
Now then we are passed within the lines of the army, and we are come unto a palace of which every stone is a separate jewel, and is set with millions of moons.
And this palace is nothing but the body of a woman, proud and delicate, and beyond imagination fair. She is like a child of twelve years old. She has very deep eye-lids, and long lashes. Her eyes are closed, or nearly closed. It is impossible to say anything about her. She is naked; her whole body is covered with fine gold hairs, that are the electric flames that are the spears of mighty and terrible Angels who breast-plates are the scales of her skin. And the hair of her head, that flows down to her feet, is the very light of God himself. Of all the glories
beheld by the seer in the Æthyrs, there is not one which is worthy to be compared with her littlest finger-nail. For although he may not partake of the Æthyr, without the ceremonial
preparations, even the beholding of this Æthyr from afar is like the partaking of all the former Æthyrs.
The Seer is lost in wonder, which is peace. And the ring of the horizon above her is a company of glorious Archangels with joined hands, that stand and sing: This is the daughter of BABALON the Beautiful, that she hath borne unto the Father of All. And unto all hath she borne her.

This is the Daughter of the King. This is the Virgin of Eternity. This is she that the Holy One hath wrested from the Giant Time, and the prize of them that have overcome Space.
This is she that is set upon the Throne of Understanding. Holy, Holy, Holy is her name, not to be spoken among men. For Koré they have called her, and Malkuth, and Betulah, and Persephone.
And the poets have feigned songs about her, and the prophets have spoken vain things, and the young men have dreamed vain dreams; but this is she, that immaculate, the name of whose name may not be spoken. Thought cannot pierce the glory that defendeth her, for thought is smitten dead before her presence.
Memory is blank, and in the most ancient books of Magick are neither words to conjure her, nor adorations to praise her. Will bends like a reed in the tempests that sweep the borders of her kingdom, and imagination cannot figure so much as one petal of the lilies whereon she standeth in the lake of crystal, in the sea of glass
This is she that hath bedecked her hair with seven stars, the seven breaths of God that move and thrill its excellence. And she hath tired her hair with seven combs, whereupon are written the seven secret names of God that are not known even of the Angels, or of the Archangels, or of the Leader of the armies of the Lord.
Holy, Holy, Holy art thou, and blessed be Thy name for ever, unto whom the Æons are but the pulsings of thy blood.
I am blind and deaf. My sight and hearing are exhausted. I know only by the sense of touch. And there is a trem-bling from within me.
Images keep arising like clouds, or veils, exquisite Chinese ivories, and porcelains, and many other things of great and delicate beauty; for such things are informed by Her spirit, for they are cast off from her into the world of the Qliphoth, or shells of the dead, that is earth. For every world is the shell or excrement of the world above it.

I cannot bear the Vision. A voice comes, I know not whence: Blessed art thou, who
hast seen, and yet hast not believed. For therefore is it given unto thee to taste, and smell, and feel, and hear, and know by the inner sense, and by the inmost sense, so that sevenfold is thy rapture.
(My brain is so exhausted that fatigue-images appear, by pure physical reflex action; they are not astral things at all. and now I have conquered the fatigue by will. And by placing the shew-stone upon my forehead, it sends cool electric thrills through my brain, so as to refresh it, and make it capable of more rapture. And now again I behold Her.)
And an Angel cometh forth, and behind him whirls a black swastika, made of fine filaments of light that has been “interfered” with, and he taketh me aside into a little chamber in
one of the nine towers. This chamber is furnished with maps of many mystical cities. There is a table, and a strange lamp, that gives light by jetting four columns of vortex rings of luminous smoke. And he points to the map of the Æthyrs, that are arranged as a flaming Sword, so that the thirty Æthyrs go into the ten Sephiroth. And the first nine are infinitely holy. And he says, It is written in the Book of the Law, “Wisdom says: be strong! Then canst thou bear more joy.” “If thou drink, drink by the eight and ninety rules of art:” And this shall signify unto thee that thou must undergo great discipline; else the Vision were lost or perverted. For these mysteries pertain not unto thy grade. Therefore must And this shall be thy rule: A thousand and one times shalt thou affirm the unity, and bow thyself a thousand and one times. And thou shalt recite thrice the call of the Æthyr. And all day and all night, awake or asleep, shall thy heart be turned as a lotus-flower unto the light. And thy body shall be the temple of the Rosy Cross. Thus shall thy mind be open unto the higher; and then shalt thou be able to conquer the exhaustion, and it may be find the words—for who shall look upon His face and live?

Yea, thou tremblest, but from within; because of the holy spirit that is descended into thy heart, and shaketh thee as an aspen in the wind.
They also tremble that are without, and they are shaken from without by the earthquakes of his judgement. They have set their affections upon the earth, and they have stamped with their feet upon the earth, and cried: It moveth not. Therefore hath earth opened with strong motion, like the sea, and swallowed them. Yea, she hath opened her womb to them
that lusted after her, and she hath closed herself upon them.
There lie they in torment, until by her quaking the earth is shattered like brittle glass, and dissolved like salt in the waters of his mercy, so that they are cast upon the air to be blown about therein, like seeds that shall take root in the earth; yet turn they their affections upward to the sun. But thou, be thou eager and vigilant, performing punctually the rule. Is it not written, “Change not so much as the style of a letter”?
Depart therefore, for the Vision of the Voice of the ninth Æthyr that is called ZIP is passed.
Then I threw back myself into my body by my will.



IX Couche + XI Secret Societies


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