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The modern view of Death


Death (XIII) is the thirteenth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks

This card means redemption through putrefecation, the seed in the ground decays, but rises again to new life.Death, crowned with the headdress of Osiris, is rising  from the scythe the reincarnating  bubbles of life. behind him is the dove guitarpick catch22 doveclr ea  elEagle, symbol of  i'mmortality, and below him are the embryonic amoeba Thermal-Detonator jab 

 – Key words: Change unvoluntary-Unexpeted-Apparent death or engine start-off cipher solverdestruction that is illusiory when viewed from a higher perspective

 + Key words: Transformation- Change voluntary-Expected

The card is attributed to the letter Nun, which point the fish circle via the 12th sign output cipher solver   fi  fi in main 8  8th  House of Reincarnation  (linked domain to rainbow dragon) -Cycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person's resource. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Regeneration. Self-transformation ; all the symbols of life beneath  the waters; or life  ravelling through the waters. It refers to the Zodiacal sign of , which is ruled by sis p15, the planet of transforming energy in its scattered form, which is therefore necessary to provide the impulse to dissolve all unpleasant influences ?coded  in our astro netshatter blueprintstarcharts.

In alchemy, this card explains the idea of  putrefaction, the technical name given by its adepts to the series of fornaxchemical changes which develops the final form of life from the original latent seedboxseed in the serpents egg  Orphic egg.

This sign is one of the two most powerful in the Zodiac, but it has not the simplicity and intensity of shī zi zuò . It is formally divided into three parts; the lowest is symbolized by the Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng which was supposed by early observers of Nature to commit sparkdroid suicide when finding itself ringed with fire, or otherwise in a desperate situation. This represents putrefactionDōng Fāng Qīng Lóng in its lowest form. The strain of environment has become intolerable, and the attacked element willingly subjects itself to change; thus, potassium thrown upon water becomes  ignited, and sparkdroidaccepts the embrace of the  hydroxyl radicle

The middle interpretation of this sign is given by the  serpentserpent, who is, moreover, the main theme of the ophiuchi sign. The Qabalists embodied in the  Book of Genesis, Caps I and II, this doctrine of regeneration. NChSh, the ophiuchi   serpent in Eden, has the value asteroid358: 50  also MShICh,  Messiah. He is, accordingly, in the secret doctrine, the Redeemer. The thesis may be developed at great length. Later in the Legend, the doctrine reappears in slightly different symbolism as the story of the Flood, elsewhere in this Essay explained. Of course, the Fish  pisces is must be bound in some way via the traditional zodiac circle with the  essence  of  the  serpent Serpent via the 13th sign of the zodiac wheel or  ophiuchi. Also,  Teth, the letter of shī zi zuòLeo, bound it with the  serpentSerpent is better to be unbound . The Fish   pisces is also the Vesica, or Womb which bear twin objects , and Christ which are  just an old  programs and concepts  -with the linked  symbolism. This symbol resumes  the whole Secret Doctrine.

The  serpentserpent is sacred, Lord of Life and Death, and its astrological method of progression suggests the rhythmical undulation of those twin phases of life which we Call respectively spelled  File and death of the file in pure programming slang

The  serpentserpent is also, as previously explained, the principal symbol of male energy. From this it will be seen that this card is, in a very strict sense, the completion of the card called Lust , Atu  , and Atu  represents the  solution or dissolution which links the glyph  of the signs. The highest aspect of the card is the ea  el Eagle, which represents exaltation above solid matter. It was understood by the early chemists that, in certain experiments, the purest (i.e., most tenuous) elements present were given off as gas or vapour. There are thus represented in this card the three essential types of putrefactionDōng Fāng Qīng Lóng. The card itself represents the dance of Death; the figure is a skeleton sequence bearing a scythe, and both the skeleton and the scythe are importantly  Saturnian symbols.
This appears strange, as Saturn has no overt connection with Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng; but Saturn raygun p   fs  pandoras box  mov be  be      qibla cube  matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan matrix code scan  matrix code scan         represents the essential structure of existing things. He is that elemental nature of things which is not destroyed by the ordinary changes which occur in the operations of Nature. Furthermore, he is crowned with the crown of Osiris; he represents egyptOsiris in the waters of Amennti. Yet more, he is the original secret male creative God: see Atu . "Redeunt Saturnia regna." It was only thesparkdroid corruption of the Tradition, the confusion with  Set or egypt godess, and the Cult of the Dying God, misunderstood, deformed and distorted by the Black Lodge, that turned him into a senile and fiendish symbol.

With the sweep of his scythe he creates bubbles in which are beginning to take shape the new forms which he creates in his dance; and these forms dance also. In this card the symbol of the fish is paramount; the fish (Il pesce, as they call him in Naples and many other places) and the serpent are the two principal objects of worship in cults which taught the doctrines of resurrection or re-incarnation. Thus we have Oannes and Dagon, fish gods, in western Asia; in many other parts of the world are similar cults.

Even in Christianity, Christ was represented as a fish. The Greek work IXThUS, "which means fish And very aptly symbolizes Christ", as Browning reminds one, was supposed to be a notariqon, the initials of a sentence meaning "Jesus Christ Son of God, Saviour". Nor is it an accident that St. Peter was a fisherman. The Gospels, too, are full of miracles involving fish, and the fish is sacred to Mercury, because of its cold-bloodedness, its swiftness and its brilliance. There is moreover the sexual symbolism. This again recalls the function of Mercury as the guide of the dead, and as the continuing elastic element in nature.
This card must then be considered as of greater importance and catholicity than would be expected from the plain Zodiacal attribution. It is even a compendium of universal energy in its most secret form.


The Death card usually depicts a jack_32 skeleton, sometimes riding a  tron rider  red tron-rider  horse horse horse horsehorse but more often wielding a character in question canm character in question qm. Surrounding it are dead and dying people from all classes, including kings, bishops and commoners. The Rider-Waite tarot deck depicts the skeleton carrying a black standard emblazoned with a white flower along with the Crashing Towersrc spheres temple  spheres temple   from   engine start-off sm smwaveThe Moon raising with  sm The Sun setting behind them in the background. Some decks, such as the Tarot of Marseilles, omit the name from the card. The number 13 card shows positive meaning in reverse reading as 31 cipher solver   jù xiè zuò

—————————>Alternative Decks

  • In the Mythic Tarot deck, Death is depicted by Hades   can  thor helmet per  zoom zoom jellyfish  blink an per

The Garden of Nemo



Into the Stone there cometh an image of shining waters, glistening in the sun. Unfathomable is their beauty, for they are limpid, and the floor is of gold. Yet the sense thereof is of fruitlessness. And an Angel cometh forth, of pure pale gold, walking upon the water. Above his head is a rainbow      , and the water foams beneath his feet. And he saith: Before his face am I come that hath the thirty-three  thunders of increase in his hand. From the golden water shalt thou gather corn.

All the Aire behind him is gold, but it opens as it were a veil clr sw or evil. There are two terrible black giants, wrestling in mortal hatred. And there is a little bird upon a bush, and the bird flaps its wings.

Thereat the strength of the giants snaps, and they fall in heaps to the earth, as though all their bones were suddenly broken. And now waves of light roll through the Æthyr, as if they were playing. Therefore suddenly I am in a garden, upon a terrace of a great castle, that is upon a rocky mountain. In the garden are fountains and many flowers. There are girls also in the garden, tall, slim, delicate and pale. And now I see that the flowers are the girls, for they change from one to another; so varied, and lucent, and harmonious is all this garden, that it seems like a great Opal or some other Gem t marked id disc

A voice comes: This water which thou seest is called the water of death. But movNEMO hath filled therefrom our springs.

And I said: Who is movNEMOmo?

Without the  poetic accents of description language NEMO is linked with  reactor iph  raygun  JPL DE and so on calculated symbols.
With the veiled accents explained the voice answered and gave something like sequence row of symbols: A dolphin'sceti tooth, and aipo ram690yb dra  ram's horns,and the    hand of a man that is hanged, and the phallus of a goat capr.

And now there cometh an Angel into the garden, but he hath not any of the attributes of the former Angels, for he is like a young man, dressed in white linen robes.

And he saith: No man hath beheld the face of my Father.
Therefore he that hath beheld it is called movNEMO. And know thou that every man that is called movNEMO hath a garden that he tendeth. And every garden that is and flourisheth hath been prepared from the desert by movNEMO, watered with the waters that were called death 
And I say unto him: To what end is the garden prepared?
And he saith: First for the beauty and delight thereof; and next because it is written, “And Tetragrammaton Elohim planted a garden eastward in Eden.” And lastly, because though every flower bringeth forth a maiden, yet is there one flower that shall bring forth a man-child. And his name shall be called NEMO, when he beholdeth the face of my Father. And he that tendeth the garden seeketh not to single out the flower that shall be movNEMO. He doeth naught but tend the garden.

And I said: Pleasant indeed is the garden, and light is the toil of tending it, and great is the reward.
And he said: Bethink thee that movNEMO hath beheld the face of my Father. In Him is only Peace.
And I said: Are all gardens like unto this garden?
And he waved his hand, and in the Aire across the valley appeared an island of coral, rosy, with green palms and fruittrees, in the midst of the bluest of the seas.
And he waved his hand again, and there appeared a valley shut in by mighty snow mountains, and in it were pleasant streams of water, rushing through, and broad rivers, and lakes covered with lilies.
And he waved his hand again, and there was a vision, as it were of an oasis in the desert.
And again he waved his hand, and there was a dim country with grey rocks, and heather, and gorse, and bracken.
And he waved his hand yet again, and there was a park, and a small house therein, surrounded by yews. This time the house opens, and I see in it an old man, sitting by a table.

He is blind.boot     G-host of Jupiter  catseye egypt horus left eye of Horus left eye of Horus  gigas serv?  ??   pinwheel ?   right eye of horus  right eye of horus

Yet he writeth in a great book, constantly. I see what he is writing: “The words of the Book are as the leaves of the flowers in the garden. Many indeed of these my songs shall go forth as maidens, but there is one among them, which one I know not, that shall be a man-child, whose name shall be mov NEMOmo, when he hath beheld the face of the Father, and become blind.”
(All this vision is most extraordinarily  pleasant and  peaceful, entirely without  strength or ecstasy, or any positive quality, but equally free from the opposites of any of those qualities.) And the young man seems to read my thought, which is, that I should love to stay in this garden and do nothing for ever; for he sayeth to me: Come with me, and behold how NEMO tendeth his garden.
So we enter the earth, and there is a   sadarum vveiled figure, in absolute darkness. Yet it is perfectly possible to see in it, so that the minutest details do not escape us.  And upon the root of one flower he pours acid so that that root writhes as if in torture.
And another he cuts, and the shriek is like the shriek of a mandrake, torn up by the roots. And another he chars with fire, and yet another he anoints with oil.

And I said: Heavy is the labour , but great indeed is the reward. And the young man answered me: He shall not see the reward, he tendeth the garden.
And I said: What shall come unto him?
And he said: This thou canst not know, nor is it revealed by the letters that are the totems of the stars, but only by the stars ? ?
And he says to me, quite disconnectedly: The man of earth is the adherent. The lover giveth his life unto the work among men. The hermit  goeth solitary, and giveth only of his light unto men.
And I ask him: Why does he tell me that?
And he says: I tell thee not. Thou tellest thyself, for thou hast pondered thereupon for many days, and hast not found light And now that thou art called mov NEMOmo, the answer to every riddle that thou hast not found shall spring up in thy mind, unsought.

Who can tell upon what day a flower shall bloom?
And thou shalt give thy wisdom unto the world, and that shall be thy garden. And concerning time and death, thou hast naught to do with these things. For though a precious stone be hidden in the sand of the desert , it shall not heed for the wind of the desert, although it be but sand. For the worker of works hath worked thereupon; and because it is clear, it is invisible; and because it is hard, it moveth not.
All these words are heard by everyone that is called mov NEMO mo.
And with that doth he apply himself to understanding. And he must understand the virtue of the waters of death, and he must understand the virtue of the sun and the wind, and of the worm that turneth the earth, and the stars that roof in the garden. And he must understand the separate nature and property of every flower, or how shall he tend his garden?
And I said to him: Concerning the Vision and the Voice, I would know if these things be of the essence of the Æthyr, or of the essence of the seer.

And he answers: It is of the essence of him that is called movNEMOmo, combined with essence of the Æthyr, for from the 1st Æthyr to the 15th Æthyr, there is no vision and no voice, save for him that is called movNEMOmo. And he that seeketh the vision and the voice therein is led away by cererusdog-faced  demons that show no sign of truth, seducing from the Sacred Mysteries, unless his name bemov NEMOmo.

And hadst thou not been fitted, thou too hadst been led away, for before the gate of the 15th Æthyr, is this written: He shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. And again it is written: The Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart. And again it is written that God tempteth man. But thou hadst the word and the sign, and thou hadst authority from thy superior,and licence. And thou hast done well in that thou didst not dare, and in that thou dost dare. For daring is not presumption.

And he said moreover: Thou dost well to keep silence, for I perceive how many questions arise in thy mind; yet already thou knowest that the answering, as the asking, must be vain. For mov NEMOmo hath all in himself. He hath come where there is no light or knowledge, only when he needeth them no more.
And then we bow silently, giving a certain sign, called the Sign of egypt godessIsis Rejoicing. And then he remaineth to ward the Æthyr, while I return unto the bank of sand that is the bed of the river near the desert.
December 4, 1909. 2.10-3.45 p.m.

Le Mortis


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