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 Higher Arcanum or Greater Philosopher's Stone

The Three Gods I A O 

  • 0 The Holy Ghost
  • I. The Messenger 
  • IX. The Secret Seed

The Three Goddesses

  • II. The Virgin
  • III. The Wife
  • XVII. The Mother Star

The Three Demiurges

  • X. The All Father 3 in 1
  • IV. The Ruler
  • V. The Son (Priest)

The Children Horus and Hoor-Pa-Kraat

  • VI. The Twins Emerging
  • XIX. The Sun (Playing)
  • XVI. The Crowned and Conquering Child emerging from Womb in A L P

The Yoni Gaudens /The Woman justified/

  • VII. The Graal; Chariot of Life
  • XIV. The Pregnant Womb preserving life
  • VIII. The Sexually joined

The Slain Gods

  • XI. 156 & 666
  • XII. The Redeemer in the waters
  • XIII. The Redeeming Bellywhich kills XV

The Lingam. The Yoni. The Stèlè /Priest,Priestess, Ceremony/

  • XV. Erect & Glad
  • XVIII. The Witch: Yoni stagnant and waiting
  • XX. God and Man as twins from Nuit and Hadit

The Pantacle of the Whole 

  • XXI. The System


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Mythological Associations for Suits of the Lesser Arcanum

  • Celtic ( Irish , Welsh or Scottish)


    • Swords:Nuada ’s Sword: Associated with healing, smiths , magic & warfare also the Glaive of Light
    • Wands: Lugh’s Spear: Protected against Balor’s Evil Eye
    • Discs: Lugh’s Magic Stone: Known to deflect evil back to the Sender. Promotes truth
    • Cups: Cerridwens Cauldron, “Dagadasor” also Dagda's Cauldron: Held rebirth and Abundance
  • Grail Myths


    • Swords: Sword of Spirit : King David ’s Sword and Excalibur
    • Wands: Lance of Longinus: Pierced Christ’s side
    • Discs: The stone platter used at the last supper
    • Cups: The Grail: The cup from the Last Supper Restores youth , abundance & full reunion God
  •  Greek Mythology


    • Swords: Sword of Fate: One of Nemesis’ tools
    • Wands: Apple Wand of Nemesis
    • Discs:Nemesis Wheel: A symbol of wealth and craftsmanship
    • Cups: Cup of Truth: Owned by Nemesis
  • Teutonic Myth (Nordic)


    • Swords: Heimdal’s Sword: “Guards the way to the spirit world ”  or  Freya's Sword: “ Cuts the air of it ’s own accord”
    • Wands: Tyw 's Spear : Symbol  of Judicial Authority
    • Discs: Necklace which Freya received from the dwarves, symbol  of  bounty , craftsman  and exchange
    • Cups: Bowl of Sigyn : Used to catch poison and keep it a way from her husband (he was chained beneath a poisonous snake)
  • Hindu Myths


    • Swords: Sword o f the God: Shiva ’s Trident
    • Wands: Ardhanari’s  Scepter of Authority
    • Discs: Wheel of Fortune
    • Cups:Cup of Ardhanar

 Lower Arcanum or Lesser Philosopher's Stone

  1. King-Knight of Swords
  2. King-Knight of Wands
  3. King-Knight of Disks
  4. King-Knight of Cups

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  1. Queen of Swords 
  2. Queen of Wands
  3. Queen of Disks
  4. Queen of Cups

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  1. Prince of Swords
  2. Prince of Wands
  3. Prince of Disks
  4. Prince of Cups

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  1. Princess of Swords
  2. Princess of Wands
  3. Princess of Discs
  4. Princess of Cups

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  1.  Ace of Swords
  2. Ace of Wands
  3. Ace of Discs
  4. Ace of Cups

 ∞ ∞

  • March 21-March 30


  • March 31-April 10


  • April 11-April 20


  • April 21-April 30


  • May 1-May 10


  • May 11-May 20


  • May 21-May 31


  • June 1-June 10


  • June 11-June 20


  • June 21-July 1


  • July 2-July 11


  • July 12-July 21


  • July 22-August 1


  • August 2-August 11


  • August 12-August 22


  • August 23-September 1


  • September 2-September 11


  • September 12-September 22


  • September 23-October 2


  • October 3-October 12


  • October 13-October 22


  • December 22-December 30


  • December 31-January 9


  • January 10-January 19


  • January 20-January 29


  • January 30-February 8


  • February 9-February 18


  • February 19-February 28


  • March 1-March 10


  • March 11-March 20




[toggle title=”THE TAROT AND THE HOLY QABALAH” state=”closed”]



This is a very simple subject, and presents no difficulties to the ordinary intelligent mind. There are ten numbers in the decimal system; and there is a genuine reason why there should be ten numbers, and only ten, in a numerical system which is not merely mathematical, but philosophical. It is necessary, at this point, to introduce the "Naples Arrangement". But first of all, one must understand the pictorial representation of the Universe given by the Holy Qabalah.


The Qabalists expanded this idea of Nothing, and got a second kind of Nothing which they called "Ain Soph"-"Without Limit". (This idea seems not unlike that of Space.) They then decided that in order to interpret this mere absence of any means of definition, it was necessary to postulate the Ain Soph Aur-"Limitless Light". By this they seem to have meant very much what the late Victorian men of science meant, or thought that they meant, by the Luminiferous Ether. (The Space-Time Continuum?) All this is evidently without form and void; these are abstract conditions, not positive ideas. The next step must be the idea of Position. One must formulate this thesis: If there is anything except Nothing, it must exist within this Boundless Light; within this Space; within this inconceivable Nothingness, which cannot exist as Nothing-ness, but has to be conceived of as a Nothingness composed of the annihilation of two imaginary opposites. Thus appears The Point, which has "neither parts nor magnitude, but only position".
But position does not mean anything at all unless there is something else, some other position with which it can be compared. One has to describe it. The only way to do this is to have another Point, and that means that one must invent the number Two, making possible The Line.
But this Line does not really mean very much, because there is yet no measure of length. The limit of knowledge at this stage is that there are two things, in order to be able to talk about them at all. But one cannot say that they are near each other, or that they are far apart; one can only say that they are distant. In order to discriminate between them at all, there must be a third thing. We must have another point. One must invent The Surface; one must invent The Triangle. In doing this, incidentally, appears the whole of Plane Geometry. One can now say, "A is nearer to B than A is to C".
But, so far, there is no substance in any of these ideas. In fact there are no ideas at all except the idea of Distance and perhaps the idea of Between-ness, and of Angular Measurement; so that plane Geometry, which now exists in theory, is after all completely inchoate and incoherent.. There has been no approach at all to the conception of a really existing thing. No more has been done than to make definitions, all in a purely ideal and imaginary world.

Now then comes The Abyss. One cannot go any further into the ideal. The next step must be the Actual-at least, an approach to the Actual. There are three points, but there is no idea of where any one of them is. A fourth point is essential, and this formulates the idea of matter.
The Point, the Line, the Plane. The fourth point, unless it should happen to lie in the plane, gives The Solid. If one wants to know the position of any point, one must define it by the use of three co-ordinate axes. It is so many feet from the North wall, and so many feet from the East wall, and so many feet from the floor.

Thus there has been developed from Nothingness a Something which can be said to exist. One has arrived at the idea of Matter. But this existence is exceedingly tenuous, for the only property of any given point is its position in relation to certain other points; no change is possible; nothing can happen. One is therefore compelled, in the analysis of known Reality, to postulate a fifth positive idea, which is that of Motion.
This implies the idea of Time, for only through Motion, and in Time, can any event happen. Without this change and sequence, nothing can be the object of sense. (It is to be noticed that this No.s is the number of the letter He in the Hebrew alphabet. This is the letter traditionally consecrated to the Great Mother. It is the womb in which the Great Father, who is represented by the letter  which is pictorially the representation of an ultimate Point, moves and begets active existence).
There is now possible a concrete idea of the Point; and, at last it is a point which can be self-conscious, because it can have a Past, Present and Future. It is able to define itself in terms of the previous ideas. Here is the number , the centre of the system: self-conscious, capable of experience.
At this stage it is convenient to turn away for a moment from the strictly Qabalistic symbolism. The doctrine of the next three numbers (to some minds at least) is not very clearly expressed. One must look to the Vedanta system for a more lucid interpretation of the numbers 7, 8 and 9 although they correspond very closely with the Qabalistic ideas. In the Hindu analysis of existence the Rishis (sages) postulate three qualities: Sat, the Essence of Being itself; Chita, Thought, or Intellection; and Ananda (usually translated Bliss), the pleasure experienced by Being in the course of events. This ecstasy is evidently the exciting cause of the mobility of existence. It explains the assumption of imperfection on the part of Perfection.

The Absolute would be Nothing, would remain in the condition of Nothingness; therefore, in order to be conscious of its possibilities and to enjoy them, it must explore these possibilities. One may here insert a parallel statement of this doctrine from the document called The Book of the Great Auk to enable the student to consider the position from the standpoint of two different minds.
"All elements must at one time have been separate.That would be the case with great heat.Now, when the atoms get to the Sun, we get that immense, extreme heat, and all the elements are themselves again. Imagine that each atom of each element possesses the memory of all his adventures in combination. By the way, that atom, fortified with memory, would not be the same atom; yet it is, because it has gained nothing from anywhere except this memory. Therefore, by the lapse of time and by virtue of memory, a thing could become something more than itself; thus, a real development is possible. One can then see a reason for any element deciding to go through this series of incarnations, because so, and only so, can he go; and he suffers the lapse of memory which he has during these incarnations, because he knows he will come through unchanged.
"Therefore you can have an infinite number of gods, individual and equal though diverse, each one supreme and utterly indestructible. This is also the only explanation of how a Being could create a world in which War, Evil, etc., exist. Evil is only an appearance, because (like "Good") it cannot affect the substance itself, but only multiply its combinations. This is something the same as Mystic Monotheism; but the objection to that theory is that God has to create things which are all parts of himself, so that their interplay is false. If we presuppose many elements, their interplay is natural."
These ideas of Being, Thought and Bliss constitute the minimum possible qualities which a Point must possess if it is to have a real sensible experience of itself. These correspond to the numbers 9, 8 and 7. The first idea of reality, as known by the mind, is therefore to conceive of the Point as built up of these previous nine successive developments from Zero. Here then at last is the number Ten.
In other words, to describe Reality in the form of Knowledge, one must postulate these ten successive ideas. In the Qabalah, they are called "Sephiroth", which means "Numbers". As will be seen later, each number has a significance of its own; each corresponds with all phenomena in such a way that their arrangement in the Tree of Life is a map of the Universe. These ten numbers are represented in the Tarot by the forty small cards.


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Sephira                   Name Aziluth          Name Archangel   Briah             Name Angel    Yetzirah
1. Kether                          Eheieh                 Metatron           Chayoth ha-Qadesh
2. Chokmah                      Yah                  Raziel                   Auphanim
3. Binah                       Yhvh Elohim                Tzaphqiel                     Aralim
4.Chesed                           EI                 Tzadqiel                 Chashmalim
5. Geburah                    Elohim Gibor                  Kamael                   Seraphim
6. Tiphareth Yhvh Eloah Vedaath                  Raphael                    Melekim
7. Netzah                    Yhvh Tzabaoth                   Haniel                     Elohim
8. Hod                       Elohim Tzabaoth                   Michael                Beni Elohim
9. Yesod                     Shaddai EI Chai                   Gabriel                   Kerubim
10. Malkuth Adonai ha-Aretz 1+0.Daath                     Yhvh Elohim    Sandalphon  Tzaphqiel                     Ashim





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