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  • Name of Divine Essence: 
  • Sphere of fixation sun yellow ball:1 
  • Archangelarchangels:  metatron
  • Order of Anglessuperna higher triangle: ⁂seraphim
  • Concept:All that Is; the Breath of That which Is Not,The Source of Energy from the
    Infinite Unmanifest,The First "Motion",God the Creator,That from Which we come, and
    to Which we shall return
  • Symbols: ⁂ ⁂



In Kether is the Divine White Brilliance, the scintillation and corruscation of the Divine Glory- that light which lighteth the universe- that light which surpasseth the glory of thejaguar red  sunjaguar double diamond sunjaguar emerald sunAhura Mazda -Magical Aethir Movement of 4 clansrubi and belil sun and beside which the light of mortals is but darkness, and concerning which it is not fitting that we should speak more fully

The Crown

All of the Sephiroth must be approached intellectually before some intuition about their natures begins to develop. One begins with a study of the symbols attached to each Sephira. Such symbols transcend language. Moreover, one symbol may suggest something about another symbol, thus creating a general picture of the energy in question. It is impossible to know Kether, as it is said that man cannot look upon the face of God and live. Yet we can establish some principles about Kether through its symbols, such as the Point. It may be said that Kether is the point, and that is true. But the Point is not Kether, it is merely an idea, a focus of reference for our thoughts about Kether.

The interrelationship of symbols provides the best instruction, for each symbol describes a specific aspect of a Sephira. In Kether, these are the Crown, the Point and the Swastica. This latter is one of the oldest symbols of the Ultimate Godhead, unfortunately attached to the positive evil of Nazism in an age past.

The first symbol of Kether is the Crown. Our anthropomorphic perspective may lead us to the idea that the directing force is within our heads, but the Qabalah places that force above. The distinction is a significant one, indicating that the Holy Guiding Spirit is a crowning glory to which we may aspire, and an energy to which the mental processes of our brain are subordinate. The Crown, in the microcosm, is our Essential Spirit. In the macrocosm it rests above the head of Adam Kadmon, the Archetypal Man of the Zohar who symbolizes the entire manifest Universe. Kether is the Crown above Creation, but it is also that from which all creation springs. For this reason,
another of its prime symbols is the Point.

The Point is complete unto itself, without dimensions or external definition. It represents total Unity. It is the seed from which the Universe grows. Ultimately, all is Kether, and each of the Sephiroth emanating successively from Kether are crystallizations of the latent aspects of the One.
The journey of manifestation begins and ends with Kether. It is the Kether of Atziluth to which we aspire, and into which the manifest Universe will eventually withdraw.

We begin the process of accelerating our own spiritual development, or return, by the invocation of our own Kether. This Kether unconsciously guides and directs us. The very act of calling attention to the "Light above our heads" brings about a subtle activity on the Inner Planes. It is a conscious affirmation of the Personality in manifestation of its mutability, and that the source of all true life is above. As the very universe begins and ends with Kether, so all work of spiritual development, whether meditative or ritualistic, must begin with an invocation of the Highest.

The God name in Kether is Eheieh, meaning I WILL BE, a name which has been likened in its sound and meaning to breath. To the Point is attributed the number 1 which, mathematically, has the potential for all other numbers, by simple addition. If we take the number 1 and place another number 1 beside it, we have 2. If we take a third 1, we have three ones, i.e., 3. This idea may appear so obvious as to be inane, until we begin to meditate on the concept of simple numbers and simple geometry. What do we know, for example, that could be considered pure one, which is totally indivisible? Numbers are the most pure form of symbol and are of great importance in the Qabalistic scheme of things. No student who has pursued Ouspensky's Tertium Organumr' through its profound discussion of dimensions would dispute that.

While Kether is symbolized by the Point and the number One, it is not static. In Assiah (the material world) it is also the "First Swirlings" of manifestation. So a third descriptive idea is attached. That is the Swastica representing vital, swirling motion around the point. It is self-contained, but in motion.

The Swastica has four arms, representing the four latent aspects of the rn il" , the Primordial Elements. It is not trinitarian. These are the energies which, unified in Kether, are finally differentiated into the four Base Elements of Malkuth, called the Bride of Microprosopus. Malkuth is Kether on the lowest are, and defines the principle of "As above, so below." The Swastica is the perfect Symbol for the Primordial Elements because if the arms are imagined in motion, like the blades of a fan, each is indistinguishable from the other. As the Elements are represented in Malkuth, on the Tree of Life, they are sharply defined.

"As above, so below" is a principle which states, in essence, that Malkuth, the densest development of the universe, is equally holy as the source.

Fundamentalists, finding the physical world evil, per se, are misguided extremists.
This question of evil is best approached in dealing with Kether because this is the sole area of the Tree of Life where no evil exists. It is the Holy of Holies, having no opposing energies within it.

Evil is unbalanced force.It is a by-product of evolution, resulting from a stage of temporary imbalance in one Sephira, prior to the mitigating emergence of another. That is the Qabalistic theory: at each point of evolution is left an extreme of a specific energy.

Evil is an extreme. It attempts to pull to one side, making balance impossible. Unity is the ultimate good, and unity is the result ofthe balance of two opposites. For example: Geburah is dynamic strength, and its opposite, Chesed, is Mercy or Love. The extreme of Geburah is hideous cruelty. The extreme of Chesed is the worst kind of weakness manifesting as bigotry and hypocrisy.

Dion Fortune makes the point that there are two kinds of evil, positive and negative. Negative evil is not so much a matter of choice as unbalanced temperament. But positive evil involves willfully espousing an unbalanced force
for some sort of self-gain."

Each Sephira has its unbalanced aspect, and a system of named Demonssuperior spirits, as it has its God Names and Angelic forms, known as the Qlippoth. These are extremes which are also found in each individual, in varying degrees, and which the Qabalah serves as a method of first defining and then bringing under control. It is for this reason that a system such as that of Abramelin invokes both the good and evil forces. One is viewed as no better than the other, since they are both an integral part of All. There is no value judgment, only the desire to understand and bring under the control of balance. This is the meaning of the warring families of the Bhagavad Gita. They are the component parts of the personality which is, literally, at war with itself until the battle is resolved through the intermediary of the Higher Self (Krishna in this work) and peace restored.

The ultimate peace and unity of Kether is represented by a special anthropomorphic symbol known as a Magical Image. Such an image is given for each of the Sephiroth, and has been built up over the centuries by meditative work on the inner planes. These images are, along with the applicable symbols, points of contact with the energies of the Sephiroth. In the case of Kether, the image is that of an Ancient Bearded King Seen in Profile. This is a crowned and white-bearded head, seen from the right side, its left being unknown to us, as it borders on the Unmanifest.

As the are attributed to Kether, they represent the most pure forms of energy, subject to elaboration as the  Sephiroth (symbolized by the other numbered cards of the Tarot) consecutively emerge to form a complete World.

Each is unique and distinct in the degree of its density and in its specific type of energy. Thus, when any Ace appears in a divination, it stands for great power. Finally, it must be reiterated that while the Kether which is the Source of all is a quality which cannot be known to us, it is a quality which we can symbolize to some extent. It is intriguing to consider the idea of eternity, an effort which tends to underscore the very frailty of the system of definitions within which we necessarily function. We may be able to deal with the idea that the division between matter and spirit is artificial, or even a concept of intelligence which is totally formless, but our concept of time falls hard! We suppose that if God is not finite, he must be infinite. And yet, we are told that none of our human concepts can begin to apply to Kether, and infinite is a human concept. There is a large degree of faith required here, and an open mind which asks questions fearlessly until answers emerge.




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