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  • Order Angels:  Thrones  Ophanim     mayan nawal  
  • Symbols: ↭  The Phallus, the Line ⌇, Yod  slingshot
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In Chokmah is a cloud-like grey which containeth various colours and is mixed with them, like a transparent pearl-hued mist, yet radiating withal, as if behind it there was a brilliant glory.

Number 2 in Sephirot

keyhole$  The Sephira Chokmah an ? is desgnated to the number Two or 2  aqua  , having many symbolical descriptionsvirmayan nawal  , and  we add it to our account  connected trought constellations arrangements & any other system. In study of  the paths of the  Tree of Life or mirror File by default this keyhole$ is domain G-host of JupiterHost Sphere of the Zodiac signs , usually  depicted containing  the western zodiacWestern system of 12 signs+- 1 additional sign with no mentioned Eastern animal circle Zodiac belt eastern zodiac wheel, which is fundamentally misused or misinterpreted  in many ways, so we just  attach it to .To explain this keyhole$ with any mystical terms will be misleading, so we borrow the astrology terminology to get more clear view & understanding.




Many of our present-day notions of sexuality are still rooted in the Victorian era, when sex was considered almost unnatural. It was, at best, not to be discussed in polite company. Today we are coming, increasingly, to understand that what has been described as the "mystery of sex" is aptly termed, and that the ability to manipulate the sexual currents in one's own body was among the greatest secrets of the ancient magicians. It is no coincidence that the ecstasies of visionaries such as buddha avatar ?  basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher who dismiss any pointed Saint or Nun  assignments, given in  calendar of Saints due numbers & words mix exploit and Speculations of Catholic Church mafia  linked to specific keywords pointing  Ill conditions of Human Body's , through Random "Nuns=Letter" or Saint martyrs=Suffering  markers  as  possible Miracle or Wonder Makers.This info is primary Engine of the Fake Faith Dead Zombie implementations given by random Authors, which are Banned here by following sequence    egypt        from the Higher Order or gstarConstellations through rainbow dragon  


Sexual repression, or discomfort with one's own sexuality (and here we are neither discussing nor advocating any particular pattern of behavior) is a serious impediment to any understanding of the inner worlds.The male generative organ (The Phallus, or Lingham) is the key symbol of ?, and the first differentiation of the One->matrix code scan marked id disc siren  EON matrix code scan
It is the primary quality of maleness at the most abstract level, and representative of the Supernal Father  emanating from the Godhead. From ? emerges ?, the kun-8Supernal Mother.Students of scripture will quickly note the parallels here with the story of mov  Adam and Eve   eva awake matrix code scan as described in the Book of  Gene.sis. God-Dog/mayan nawal  cererus  can   svv canm  created  first Man, by  molding him from dust and breathing his own breath into his creation. Eveeva awake, the first woman, was created from the rib of the first man. The uniting of male and female gave rise to the race of men after they were driven from the Garden of Eden.


One can, symbolically, take the ethical triangle     Garden of Eden     river cabels fix     to be the  Supernal Trianglesuperna higher triangle itself. The male and female energies, balanced against each other, evolve in increasing density as they develop toward the lowest aspects of the Tree of Life, far from the Supernal Heights. The first book of the Bible has been described as an 'extremely complex'  Qabalistic cryptogram? , where every letter of every Hebrew word, as well as its    numerical value, has a specific and hidden meaning. But interpretations of this sort are more the appropriate concern of the theologian. Few students possess the language and research skills to deal with the Qabalah in this way. Nor is this a practical necessity, since understanding the Qabalah (though the study begins with the intellect) is ultimately a spiritual process. As we focus our intellectual attention on the signs and symbols of the Tree of Life we find that we are developing an intangible appreciation of the energies which are described. And, as we have indicated, number is among the most important of the symbols with which we have to be  concerned. In the case of ?, that number is 2 two.

The number 2 symbolizes the balance of opposites underlying all of material existence. Thus does "Perfect Harmony" describe the ? of rainbow band, the  TWO OF WANDS.? is the impetus for all manifestation,as opposed to ?, from which that impetus derives and which is the  "Root."dra  sparkdroid 

In the Mundane Chakra, it is the blueprintstar blueprintstarSphere of the Zodiac, as  is the planet p. While  is ultimately androgynous,  is the idea of maleness and  is the idea of femaleness. We use the term idea here since at the exalted realm of the Supernal Triangle, there can be no sexuality as we understand it in our sphere of sensation. Maleness is described as a vital outpouring energy, which is organized, i.e., limited or formalized, by the qualities of femaleness. In the Qabalah these principles are referred to the  (Male) and the (Female). Their offspring is the Vau of the Divine Name, attributed to the six lower Sephiroth to which is central.

There are so many interchangeable symbols in the Qabalah that the system may appear to be more complicated than it actually is. But this concept of vital outpouring energy which, in intercourse with an organizing force, produces something else, is essential. For example, the Hebrew letter Heh applies to , but as the oldest of the Planets is also applied, another suggestion is involved. For p  "devours its children." The meaning hereis2 two-fold: first that  death is implicit in birth; second, and at a deeper level, that the u Universe itself, the pattern of interwoven energies resulting from the balance of  and , will eventually withdraw inwards along the same course through which it evolved.

The mysteries of the number 2 two must be viewed as the interaction between opposites, found throughout the Tree of Life, and originated in the opposition of ?and Binah. This involves fluid polarities  , such as anabolism and catabolism (building up and tearing down), waxing and waning, life and death, etc. However, these opposites are not static. They are not pure and i'mmobile positive against pure and i'mmobile negative, held opposite one another in a sort of celestial sparkdroid check-mate with inbuilt all possible moves in the Game field ruled by celestial BOT's programs. There is a constant growth and movement. As change occurs in the energy of one Sephira, there is a natural balancing response in its opposite, an effect which is seen dramatically as the Sephiroth are applied to aspects/Aspectarian/ of the microcosm linked to darkside emperors route66 cromi . There is a 8continual  interchange which might be likened to the breathing in and out suggested by the Divine Name of ?, Eheieh c3po  , which sets the pattern for all beneath it.

The key to all systems, and to the Universal Pattern, is , which may be considered the only "reality" as opposed to ?, which is not. One can conceptualize the u  Universe as Non-Being (?) and Being (?). It is rather like an  teslapower battery electrical switch which is turned off in and turned on in . The power is potential in , but it does not begin to function until the switch is turned on.
To understand how this works, let us imagine ourselves "switched on" in ?, in a state of deep meditation, with the reality of our current existence welling up in our minds. We dream ourselves, yet that which isyc  marked id discdreamed is unaware of the dreamer.

Here is what is meant by the Chinese story of a man who dreams he is a butterfly WARNING handBUG through MOV-I-E PLOT  mov ->imdb 

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but on waking wonders if he is actually a butterfly dreaming that he is a man.That we meditate ourselves, like a dream inside out, is the ultimate fact of our earthly existence. The inner  "I" dreams what we perceive ourselves to be in life; we, as such, do not exist, an idea which may be very frightening to some and exhilerating to others.

Now this dream of life of ours has some very specific dimensionsdimension, or whatever they may be called. Such dimensions are usually described in spatial terms because that is our best frame of reference. The Qabalah describes an evolution downwards from ?, and various levels of the self-dream which are the symbolic Sephiroth. Other systems explain these levels of self as sheaths developing outward from the "I" (Monad, Supreme Spiritual Self, etc.) which does the meditating. Some of the most complex discussions of these sheafs are given by Alice Bailey. Another who attempts an Fortune, author of The Cosmic Doctrine. Such systems, however, appear so obtuse as to be unapproachable by all but a very few.

Yet when the Universal Patterns are glibly called "so simple that they could be explained to a child," two ideas are intended: First, what we have described as dreaming our own existences. And second, that we are all, collectively, what is known as God, but are not aware of it. The loss ofour sense of oneness with the Divine, however this may have happened, is the symbolic Fall (again, a spatial reference to going "downwards").

These 2 two concepts are, at first, understood intellectually lap(the "Vision of the Machinery of the u Universe" of lower astral triangle resort 3 ?). Then the intellectual work turns into a profound inner ?understanding. We surpass thought and begin to function consciously with our inner dream-maker. Here it may be appreciated that when the marked id discDreamer and the Dreamed (as we know ourselves) begin to cooperate, we acquire a control over what happens to our lives that is truly extraordinary. We can have anything we want… anything. But what happens is that we want nothing at all, because we have learned what matters and what does not.




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