SVADHISTANA or Navel chakra


Angel-Svadhistana-Vadhi st. Ana

Svadhistana  е ангажирана с Удоволствята и най-често е блокирана от Вина


elemental svadhistana

Elemental activation:  

twinboat icosahedron

Platonic Solid figure: Icosahedron 


Protection seal-Svadhistana


Affirmation: "I FEEL the glow and devotion and enjoy the passionate life. I'm moving on and creating beauty"


  • Days: 6-13-20-27
  • Chakra:÷÷
  • Moons:
  • Mantra: I consume dualistic thoughts as food
  • Affirmation: I purify the mental electron at the north pole
  • Activation: