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Elemental activation: 



       Platonic   Quote  Solid figure:  Tetrahedron      ipeelawaystarhack   

Protection seal-Adjna


Affirmation: "I PERCIEVE the divine universal wisdom through inner guidance system. I see the 'big picture' and follow my dreams "



  • Days: 2-9-16-23
  • Chakra: ?
  • Mantra:  ≈ My Mother is the ultimate sphere

●Physiological system:Endocrine and Nervous

● Nerve plexus: Hypothalamus  

●Physical location:The center of the brow

  Quote  Associated spinal area: First cervical vertebra spiritual energy between the two eyebrows linked to pineal and pituitary glands

● Inner aspect: Intuition

● Emotional action: Clarity

● Spiritual action: Meditation

 ● Key issues:Balancing the higher/lower Selves and trusting inner guidance



The Brow Chakra or Ajna is also known as the Third Eye Chakra, the Eye of Shiva, Ajitapatra, Ajna-pura, Jnana-padma, Dwidala, Bhru chakra and Bhruyugamadhyabila.

It is linked externally to the physical body just between (and slightly above) the level of the eyebrows. The word Ajna means "servant" or "command"-in the sense of the Guru's command of spiritual guidance. It is referred to as the "ocean of nectar," the lifesustaining liquid that arises in the mouth of a yogi when he reaches a state of enlightenment. Ajna is depicted with two petals, representing the two aspects of prana that meet here. Its element is Ether.

The functions of  AJNA


In Tantric yoga, the Brow Chakra is  associated with "manas" or mind, which is beyond even the most subtle elements, although still part of our existence in an Earthly body. In recent Western occult and New Age thought, Ajna has been identified with the "Third Eye"-our eye of psychic vision eyes, a concept not found in the original Tantric system. When we fully associate ourselves with the power contained within Ajna we are able to step beyond the mind, w1th all its desires and long1ngs, and enter the realms of knowledge and wisdom.
However, if this chakra is blocked, we will confuse information with knowledge; or get carried away with our own powers of insight and use them for our own means or spiritual arrogance.

  Quote  Additional chakras associated with AJNA

Ajna is often described as having at least four distinct minor (but important) chakras in a vertical line above it: the Manas, lndu, Mahanada and Nirvana chakras, the lastnamed
being at the top of the head       egypt pyramid All combine their energies and lresonate with one another to form the Ajna, "Third Eye"  or   reactor 69 Eye of Shiva. Another minor chakra, the Soma, contains a triangulation of energy coming from the three main nadis (sushumna, ida and pingala), which combine to make the trinity of indian Brahma- the creator,rc shī zi zuò basilisk-cocatriche nightmare catcher  indianVishnu -the preserver u    bc yc  bc bc bc rc rc  yc and  indian Shiva- the destroyerindian destroy button

Health issues and AJNA

Darwinian theorists claim that the Third Eye is a remainder from a  void iconreptilian stage of human evolution, but it may actually have been the primary "eye" to form within our  brain and should in fact be called the First Eye

Associated body system

Physical issues  associated with Ajna are headaches and problems within the skull generally, including the eyes and ears. If you are continually stressed or experiencing headaches, part of the solution is to give attention to the Brow Chakra. Perhaps you are not nourishing her enough with meditation and visualization in quiet times,and must learn, for the sake of your own health, to switch off completely from this noisy modern world. If you sit in front of a computer screen for too long, the photo·receptors in your eyes become stressedand
headaches result. To counter this,visualization with the color green (as the light seen through trees), or taking a regular break from your computer and simply looking at some grass or vegetation outside, will relax your eyes. helping to keep your energy levels up and your health good,since the world of Nature benefits your whole complex.

Associated Endocrine gland

Ajna is linked with the pituitary gland  and energetically with the pineal gland. The pineal resembles a tiny pine cone, in the center of the brain directly behind the eyes. Research Indicates that the pineal may be photo-receptive and able to sense light directly, because scientists have realized that it has a similar structure to the retina of the eye. A number of reptiles (especially small lizards) have a pineal gland that receives information from a rudimentary Third Eye with a lens, and similar photo·receptors to eye retinas. It is believed this
enables them to see in ranges of light that are not normally possible for humans-such as infrared and ultraviolet (UV).
The pineal gland also secretes melanin and     mov per  ipeelawaystarhack  seratonin, which come into play when visualizing or relaxing pnor to meditation.Our pineal gland is stimulated by a whole range of electromagnetic energy around us;far from being a degenerate gland, as was once thought, it IS self-activating as ultraviolet light radiation surges toward Earth in the cosmic wmds. By penetrating the decreasing ozone layer around our planet,UV light is beginning to have a profound effect on the raising of human consciousness.

  Quote  Endocrine imbalances associated with AJNA

As we look deeper at endocrine system and hormonal functions from a metaphysical viewpoint, we first need to understand some basics. All the endocrine glands act together, usually orchestrated by the pituitary gland. And in general they malfunction in two different ways: either they produce too few hormones or too many. Balance can be restored by the pituitary gland, which is associated with the Brow Chakra.

Endocrine imbalances associated with maladjusted Ajna energies are:
• Hyperthyroidism (increased secretion of thyroxine) and thyrotoxicosis (usually caused by excessive amounts of a thyroid-stimulating hormone in the pituitary gland): Rest is prescribed and the condition of the thyroid is balanced with drugs. Natural remedies to take alongside medical supervision are the sea vegetable kelp, onion juice, cabbage, cress and spinach (note that these vegetables are of a balancing green color).

• Hypothyroidism (thyroid deficiency): This can stunt growth in babies and young children; myxoedema is thyroid deficiency in adults. In combination with medical treatment, kelp and a mineral supplement containing manganese should be taken. On an esoteric level,subtle energies should be improved around the throat and head in order to stimulate these higher chakras and thus the hormonal balance. This can be done with light or color treatments and crystals (if given by a trained healer).
• Sleep disorders: These are connected to melatonin/seratonin output and the way we respond to light. It is recommended that Ajna and Sahasrara (the Crown Chakra) are balanced by a healer, rather than attempting to do this yourself. You can go a long way to help yourself, though, by learning a relaxation technique. Deep relaxation for around an hour can be as beneficial to your body as a whole night of disturbed sleep.

Seratonin levels affect the regulation of mood, sleep, sexuality, menstrual cycles and appetite, and play a role in many disorders, notably depressron, anxiety and migraine.
When natural light is diminished, your body converts the brain chemical seratonin into melatonin. It is detrimental to your body clock to sleep rna partially lit room, party the
night away or frequently take long-haul flights. The extent to which you risk long term health problems is aggravated by living or working under artificial lights that do not have a full daylight spectrum. Winter depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), responds well to full-spectrum light treatment to boost seratonin levels.

Psychic skills and AJNA

Esotericists claim that, when activated with Divine Light, the pineal gland links to the pituitary gland, becoming a communication channel with the higher spiritual planes and
enabling an exchange of information. They say that the Crown Chakra increases in size and strength, and the center point of its vortex of energy reaches down to the pineal
gland. As this occurs, a burst of pure pranic energy is received. When the Crown Chakra is activated in this way, vibrationary levels throughout our auric fields become highly
charged with Light. Some believe that if the Light vibrations of the astral body are speeded up sufficiently, it will be able to separate from the physical body, leading to astra I travel.
To be able to astral travel, the Ajna (Third Eye), pineal and pituitary must first all be activated and vibrate in unison. This is done through deep meditation. This is the safest
way to develop many special psychic abilities (sometimes called "occult"), including astral travel. extra-sensory perception, clairvoyance and clairaudience. It helps to develop skills
with a group of people who will support your endeavors and enable you to share queries, although don't discuss of inner experiences,since they are for you alone to understand.

Clairaudience means hearing beyond your normal range, as your hearing becomes more acutely tuned. Did you know that you hear with the whole of your body as well as your ears? Play some enjoyable music and practice this: feel where-or which chakraresonates with different beats or musical instruments. At times your hearing may pick up high frequencies from the world of animals and insects, or very low frequencies such as the deep Earth moan of a distant earthquake. The practice of "channeling" beneficent entities that may want to transmit a personal or global message is closely linked to clairaudience. In shamanic terms, these are a person's "guides."
When endeavoring to awaken spiritual skills, it is important not to rush the process.If you do not approach activation in the right way, powerful interacting forces within your head may give you headaches, earache, migraine or other deeply embedded problems of a mental nature. If you approach it in traditional ways-receiving personal tuition from an enlightened being, a guru or teacher-the positive and negative forces interact together in a more focused manner. When combined into one "beam" of super-consciousness, they become strong enough to create a sublime experience of Divine Light in the head. With this Light you can project yourself away from your body, carry the Light with you and have the strength of Light to return to your physical body.


The power of the Siddhis

There are many tantalizing powers or siddhis, to be gained through yogic development. With practice you may even be able to learn how to separate from your physical form. But unless your life IS dedicated to working with spiritual energy in a profound way, this should not be attempted. What is important is to develop your Third Eye in the realm of dreams.
imaginatton and visualization. This ts a vttal step on the path to enlightenment. Intuition, prophecy, precognition, the ability to recetve channeled messages and express them through Vishuddha and Anahata are among the more accessible ways that you can learn to reach states of super-consciousness.

The power of the Imagination
Learn to honor your intuition and respect any flashes of insight (sometimes termed "second sighn that you may be blessed with. Don't say, "I only imagined it." Your Imagination is powerful; it can create worlds; as the old adage says, "As you think, so you become." Realize that unless you respect your Intuition by dedication to your spiritual path, you will block the workings of Ajna,which in tum will block the entry of W light and its counterpart, Divine Light Not only will your own path be slow, but stnce all is connected, it will slow the progress of other sentient beings as we progress in our development on Earth into Beings of Light in physically visible bodies. We each make a difference to the Divine "plan."
From a yogic perspective, as the pineal gland starts to resonate with Divtne Light, our kundalini serpent power begins tts spiralling ascent from the base toward the head chakras. Spiritual science states that this Divine Light is gathered together at the top of our sutratma-a kind of light conduit, or  "soul thread," which passes down from the highest (fastest vibrational) part of our auric field into our physical body .It is when we do not honor our spiritual nature that problems arise, energy radiance becomes blocked and illness manifests in the physical body. In connection w1th Ajna. we could then expect eye, nose, ear or brain disorders. Frequent headaches or migraine, can be caused by energy blocking something you need to see or hear, or is important for your soul development.

Sensing energies

The rocks and crystals that occur naturally in any area are what give that place its particular essence. affecting people, plants and animals. They are part of what IS termed the
Spint of the Land-the energies we pick up when we get our first impressions of a place. Throughout the ages such energies have been given form and have appeared as fairies, little people or landscape "devas"  (spiritual Earth guardians). All these are connected with the element of Earth. The element of Water IS the domain of spirits called undines; the element of Air of the sylphs; within Fire, the spirits are known as salamanders. These are all types of energy that you can train yourself to see. Often you do not spot the energy taking actual forminstead it is a quickly moving bright light, or you simply sense that something is there.

How to sense auras by dowsing
Practice the following aura sensing until you get consistent results. (It helps if you fully detach yourself and have no expectations.) 

1.Make two L-shaped rods from a bent piece of metal wire about 12 in. (30 em) long-wire from a coat hanger is ideal. Hold one of these rods in each hand, by the shorter piece.
2 Ask a friend to stand in front of you, not less than 16 h. (5 m) away. Say, ·show me the edge of my friend's auric field. 

3 Walk slowly toward your friend, with the rods horizontal and pointing in your friend's direction. When you reach the edge of their auric field, the rods will react, moving in or out in some way

How to send energy to a friend
This is a simple but powerful way to begin to feel subtle body energy. 

1 Sit opposite a friend. 

2 Hold the palms of your hands toward each other, about 4 in. ( 1 0 em) apart.
3 Decide who will be the "giver" and who will be the "receiver." Both of you must then close your eyes and concentrate. If you are the giver, ask to send energy as a golden healing light from the Center Chakra in the palms of your hands into your friend's hands and body. They should be able to feel this as a movement of energy-perhaps a pushing, pulling or tingling. 

4 Change over, so that your friend sends golden healing energy to you.
5 When you have finished, shake your hands and then wash them in cold water to remove each other's energy.

Seeing energies

The exercise below is excellent training to enable you physically to see energies such as spinning chakras or auric emanations. You must have a firm belief in your abilities in order to do so-do not doubt them, or you will place blockages on yourself. If nothing is happening, don't say, "I can't do it," but "I will be able to do it another day." Remember that children, living in a playworld of fantasy, are much more accepting of other energies than most adults, so we need to take time in our busy lives to relax and play more. If you have children,
encourage them to use their imaginationlet them have imaginary friends and talk to fairies. You will often find that small children can naturally see auras or lights around people.
Although some people have had the ability to see energies since birth, others have to practice hard to develop it. Seeing and sensing energies form part of a professional spiritual healer's training, as well as a shamanic skill.

Exercise to see the energies of a tree
Perhaps the simplest way to see energies initially is around a tree. In natural surroundings, find a tree that is silhouetted against the sky, some distance away from you. You can do this during the daytime, in sunlight, in moonlight or at dusk. 
1Ask to see the tree's energies-this "asking" is important.
2Look toward, but past, the tree into the far distance and eventually you will spot the tree's energy field. Sometimes a big old tree has a huge aura, which may be visible as a kind of vapor, as a movement of swirling light or as a glowing light around the tree's silhouette.

AJNA yantra

'Ajna is like the moon beautifully white. It  shines wtth the glory of meditation. Within lotus dwells the subtle  mind. When the yogi  becomes dissolved  in this place, which is  the abode of uninterrupted bliss, he then sees sparks of fire  distinctly shining'  Sat Cakra Nirupana 


Description of the Yantra
Number of petals Ninety-six-depicted as having two, which overlap forty-eight on either side. The two petals symbolize the meeting of the energies of the secondary ida and pingala nadis before ascending to Sahasrara Chakra and represent the duality that is present in all things. 
Color White or deep blue.
Mantras The mantra "Hang," representing Shiva, is on one side. "Ksham," representing Shakti, is on the other side.
Together they form the phrase  drTerror     ? "I am that l am."?  and  the void. locker void icon  void icon  buc

Downward-pointing triangle contains the mantra OM and a lingam.
Linga itara Residence of the granthis (or blocks) of Rudra, which must be dissolved if we are to sustain the insights that we have achieved so far through the rising of kundalini energy.
Quarter moon Shown on the yantra, this indicates a vortex of energy.
Bindu The dot symbolizes complete detachment from our female or male body.
Showing control of the body, it has managed to rise above the triangle that represents sexual energy in an "impure" state.

The Bija Mantra
Ajna has no true bija mantra, but you may use OM/AUM, which is placed within the triangle in the center circle. The sounding of this connects us to the primal cosmic sound itself.
Intense concentration on Ajna yantra with OM will open the "Third Eye" and higher senses; physically the right and left hemispheres of the brain merge and symbolically the marriage of Sun and Moon, mind and body, takes place.


Deities associated with ajna

indian SHIVA (Security Handle Identity View Abuse)
Shava as the destroyer
and is represented at the center of Ajna by an inverted tnangle, which is symbolic of the trinity of the godhead, and of the supreme level that we can attain in our lives on Earth.
This trinity is Sat, cheatChit, Ananda-or reality. consciousness and joy. Shiva is sometimes shown symbolically as a white lingam (penis), within the golden triangle of the yoni (female sexuality), indicating divine sexual bliss. At other times he is depicted in the traditional lotus pose in his embodiment of Kameshvara, the most beautiful male, with snakes around his neck, his blue body resting on a staff and his Third Eye open.

Often as Kameshvara, he is shown embracing his beloved Kameshvari, the most beautiful goddess, who usually resides in the Base Chakra as kundalini energy, but has now risen through the chakras to meet him.

   ipeelawaystarhack SHAKTI HAKINI 

Shakti Hakini is usually shown as moonwhite or a mixture of  white (Albedo), black (Nigredo) and red (Rubedo)
She has numerous faces (sometimes as many as six), which are three-eyed. She normally has six arms and holds a book, a skull, a drum and a rudraksha rosary. The skull reminds us that we have many lives on Earth, but they all pass away and what we are left with is our Divine self. The small twoended drum that she holds symbolizes Time. Shakti Hakini makes the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear. Hakini is normally clad in red raiment with a white upper garment, and is seated on a white lotus. Her minds are purified by drinking the Divine "nectar."