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The Devil ⚧ PerPEtuaȴ I

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As a Comet passes close to the Sun, it heats up and begins to emit gases, which create a visible aura called a coma. Sometimes the visible coma can be seen from Earth. The coma’s presence has given rise to speculation that comets are harbingers of doom or incredible change. Comets have often been confused with shooting stars, which are the visible path of a meteoroid as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Shooting stars are said to bring fortune and good luck to their viewers. 

In either case, this card symbolizes placing one’s fate in another entity. Upright, this card may manifest itself in seeing either a physical sign that a wish may be coming true or a signal of the onset of great change.

Reversed, the card warns to “be careful what one wishes for” because its fulfillment may come with an unexpected price.

Δeatƕ ☠ IMAGination I

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gt   maybug    Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng maybug  bt mov 

The Hanged man↭Stable I

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 ?               isla      The sail is a crucial part of a ship, responsible for harnessing the wind and propelling the ship to its distant destination. But a sail alone isn’t enough. It’s a tool for a skilled navigator and cooperative weather. This card depicts javaJason and the the Argonauts passage through the treacherous  an Symplegades. The towering cliffs continually shifted and crashed together, making navigation extremely difficult, even for a trained crew. To navigate it without assistance would mean certain death, but Jason let loose a dove to lead the way through the perilous waters to safety.

Upright, the atmosphere is perfect for moving forward. With the right crew and a bit of forward momentum, you can be carried forward steadily, bypassing some of the most difficult terrain. The  cor dove in thejava Jason and the Argonauts story symbolizes faith in outside help when even when an expert is confident in their craft. This card also symbolizes asking for guidance, potentially from a consultant, a spiritual advisor, or a mentor. bc

   Reversed, this card symbolizes  troubled waters ahead. This could mean taking on an endeavor too difficult for one’s experience level, putting faith in the  wrong place or not having enough win    jd  8    mayan nawal    mayan nawal in our sails to go very far.

The Force ⚛ I of Act

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Adjustment↭Faithful/less I

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koobs Latin for “weighing scales,” Libra is associated not only with     justice and graceful diplomacy, but with balance on all levels. Like day and night, life and death, inhale and exhale, each requires the other to exist. Libra rules the seventh house, the house of partnership. One of Libra’s most interesting qualities is that they strive for balance at any cost. Libra personalities prefer not to choose sides, though they may be the first person to interrogate the parties in question in hopes of getting to the bottom of an issue. Though they are able and willing to provide support to whomever needs it, the middle of the road is where many Libra personalities prefer to be. 

Libras are gentle and charming, and enjoy the comfort of steady companionship. They have a fondness for perfection and in relationships, they want to sort out misunderstandings as quickly as possible.  Because Libra’s rationale is based on relative thinking, their opinion of perfection may sway depending on the information they gather at the time.

If Libra appears in a reading, a person may be called upon to act as an arbiter in a social or work-place stalemate. Often Libra can see the perfect compromise. This may include a bit of smoothing-over, or some sly management of personalities. 

When this card appears reversed, a person may find themselves waffling between two sides of an important issue where both sides seem particularly unhelpful or detestable. Uncovering the cold, hard truth may give a person enough leverage to rally for a more favorable scenario than the two present.

The L(eft)overs↭Disposing I

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 jù xiè zuò Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and rules over home, family, tradition, and communal activities. The constellation Cancer has evolved since Egyptian times to depict all manner of creatures, but has most commonly been depicted as a crab called KarkinOS from the Greek myth involving Hercules and his Twelve Labors. Hera, having sent Karkinos to fight Hercules, was so grateful for his effort that she placed him in the sky. The card depicts Karkinos in a sad state, being gently tended to by Hera. 

As a cardinal water sign, Cancer personalities are extremely in tune with their emotions. At their best, they may be affectionate and sympathetic, with the desire to give their all to protect what is important to them. When troubled, they may be possessive, smothering, overly sensitive, and easily hurt.

In a reading, a person may take on some of Cancer’s tendencies. Upright, one should pay special attention to matters of the home and family. Reaching out to loved ones is especially important at this time. Often a person’s loved ones are their greatest allies in times of joy or hardship. Now is a great time to refresh the bond between relations. 

Reversed, a person may find themselves battling a wave of self pity or insecurity, potentially brought on by a lack of social outlets or connections to their kin or peers. Interacting with an active community and playing a participatory role in an engaged social group is essential. Feeling purposeful and connected to others may be all that is needed to get back on


The HΞrmiϮ ↭I of Mirrors

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 gstar  can  Canis Major depicts               Laelaps  anmov cererus, a mythological dog who never failed to catch what he was hunting  canmcharacter in question. Gifted to Europa by Zeus,  Laelaps   the dog was once used to hunt the  fox script fo fox script an Teumessian fox,    a fox that could never be caught  egypt anubis   Laelaps  was known for his speed, loyalty, and his persistence during the chase. Zeus cast both the dog and the fox into the heavens, where the chase continues to this day.

This card is all about the pursuit of an incredible, and hard-to-attain prize. Upright, this card indicates focus, determination, stamina, and steadfastness. In some cases this is a search for knowledge and understanding, such as in the case of the Hermit. The pursuit referenced in this card is also almost always done alone and for  selfish purposes, though the wisdom gained during the journey may be shared with others once the seeker deciphers its meaning. 

Reversed, the prey may seem so elusive that a person may wonder if they are chasing anything at all. With any good search, one must know if and when to end the pursuit. Adjusting one’s strategy and beginning the search again after a small rest may be just enough to revitalize the hunt. 

The Hierophant↭Triumphant& Eternal I

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bu Taurus, the bull, is a symbol of power, strength and purpose. Taurus rules the second house, the house of possessions. Traditionally seen as the house of material goods and matters of wealth and investments, it also rules over one’s abilities and identities. Taurus seeks supreme security. Taurus is hard working, dependable, and steadfast, using their efforts to ensure that they feel grounded whenever possible.

Taurus is patient and plodding, with a dependable schedule and faithful work ethic. They are often serious, concrete, and quite realistic about their view of the world. Finding comfort is of utmost importance in relationships, work, and finances. Taurus’s mission can make them possessive and immovable at times, making it hard to negotiate or compromise with them.  

When this card appears in a reading, it’s a sure sign that a methodical, practiced approach is best when pursuing an upcoming goal, particularly one of financial or workplace matters. Taurus has a connection to traditional philosophies, time-honored practice and ritual. A systematic schedule may be the best way to help realize new goals. There are no short-cuts with Taurus as all accomplishments must feel earned to be worthwhile.

When this card appears reversed, a person may find they are at an impasse with no way to move forward. This may manifest itself during negotiations with another strong personality, when battling against established axioms, or even when running up against regulations set in place without any workarounds. 

The Emperor↭Error of I

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sphinx shī zi zuò    lring    ast qmLeo, the lion, is one of the only constellations that resembles its namesake. Leo reins over the fifth house, the house of pleasure, satisfaction, and creation. The image of a lion conjures visions of nobility, power, and pride. Individuals born under this sign share many of the attributes of their namesake. Leos tend to speak with both authority and showmanship. They are acutely aware of how people may perceive them and therefore may embellish their stories and their personal appearance in order to leave a good impression. Though Leos have a reputation for being proud, idealistic and hard-working, they have a deep appreciation for relaxation and pleasure.  Leos do not always seek the lime-light in social situations, but they do love being at the center of a small team or when at home with family and friends. A willingness to motivate and entertain their peers comes naturally, and Leos have a fine time rallying energy for causes with humble or honest purposes. 

Leos tend to reflect traditional ideals in their relationships and the need for chivalry, loyalty, and passion are paramount. Their interactions with others are honorable and spirited, and they find the company of other like-minded folks comforting. Leos find the most pleasure in relationships when they feel appreciated and they will gladly soak up any attention their partners, friends, or family will provide them. 

 Reversed, a person may be lacking an outlet for proper self expression. That person may feel like they have a ton of energy but no one to share it with. It may be up to an individual to announce a call-to-arms for like minds and take on the role as the voice for change or the promoter for a worthy cause.

The House of ODG ✑ Connected I

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