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The Me-press↭The Infinite I

Written by probationideadlyi on January 30th, 2013. Posted in Book of The Law

Virgo is the sixth sign Six Sixes of the zodiac, symbolizing purity, curiosity, order, and perfection. The constellation vir Virgo depicts a virgin, who was traditionally seen  as a sensitive, wide-eyed soul, intent on discovering more about the world and their A Place To Belong within it. Though today’s Virgos are much more worldly than their naive Nativities symbolic counterpart, most still find comfort in sifting through the details of any new endeavor with an intense desire to grow with each experience. Interestingly, Virgos will occasionally research not only with the desire to learn, but to be prepared to fend off any individuals that might doubt their worldliness. They tend to become connoisseurs of a wonderful variety of subjects as a side effect of their incredible thirst for knowledge.

Upright, this card references learning and growth. If a person has been feeling self-effacing or over-critical, a class-like atmosphere with deadlines may prove most helpful to gauge personal growthas well as a new understanding of one’s abilities, emotions, or inspirations. Progress is more evident within an organized structure of milestones.

Reversed, the Virgo card may reveal that a person’s perfectionist tendencies may be getting in the way of true productivity. The release of a new project may be delayed, deadlines not met, or the slowing of progress may be a side effect of a struggle to make sure everything is “just right.” Reassessing personal values that determine success may be necessary in order to move forward at this time.

The High PrIestess↭Uniting I

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mt  mt an Mensa means tablet in Latin, and the constellation references a curious mountain near Cape Town, South Africa.    jd  8    cert      latitude grid   Dōng Fāng Qīng Lóng latitude grid  Table Mountain bu has its own local mythology which connects the flat-topped, cloud-shrouded mountain and the unlucky souls that braved the octans em comwaters where the Indian and  Atlantic oceans meet. Table Mountain’s magnetic pull was said to have veered ships off-course, running them aground against the rocky coastline. There, lost sailors joined the ghosts of lepers, gnomes, and other vengeful spirits at the top of the flat mountain, where they continue to lure others to their doom.

In an upright reading of this card,          anveiled communication, purposeful misdirection, and even getting lost on the highway are all signs that  Mensa mayan nawal  is at work. In addition to eerie “mistakes” and cloaked intentions, Mensa may exert its power through mental haziness, making it hard to think clearly. In any case, it is important to clear the table of any pressing business and wait for the clouds to dissipate before making any serious decisions. This cloudiness may also come in the form of clumsiness or naivety. 

Reversed, one may be at the mercy of the ghouls of everyday life. Whether or not a person believes that the spirits of Table Mountain walk amongst us, there are plenty of matters at work that a person can’t perceive until they appear out of thin air. Hidden intentions, scams, or individuals looking to take advantage of another are all very real dangers. In order to avoid falling prey to their whims, a person should try to stay  alert and focused, and do not be fooled into a false sense of security with anyone looking to get your attention, particularly when you are navigating new or unfamiliar territory.


The Magus↭I of tRAnsparency

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As the first sign of the zodiac, ram690ybAries embodies the qualities of a leader. They are the first to volunteer, the first to head into battle, and the first to  fi pisces  finish what they’ve started.   They’re aggressive, daring, and courageous by nature. Aries personalities are often pioneers in the fields of innovation. Inclined to answer any challenge, Aries is naturally bold and direct, finding ways to accomplish things in the quickest, most efficient means possible. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. 

As a cardinal fire sign, Aries is impulsive, opportunistic, and spontaneous. Aries’ enthusiasm and a get-it-done attitude are all part of the sign’s fiery nature. They are spirited and independent and often seek out new personal challenges wherever they are.

In a reading, Aries symbolizes a quick start to new projects. A person may find it particularly easy to roll up their sleeves and dig into a new big endeavor. As the sign of leadership, Aries often indicates that one may be spearheading an upcoming project or find one’s self facilitating a group effort.       drTerror   

Reversed, Aries’ independence may lead to a bit of friction in codependent relationships or in situations that require joint decision-making. As an incredibly   pulse    self-reliant sign,   Aries tends to act quickly, sometimes without thinking of how their actions affect those around them. Aries is also prone to binging on new interests and lusting after new people, projects, and material objects. When this card appears reversed one may have a strong desire to spend time, resources, and money on what may turn out to be short-lived interests.

The F⊗⊕l↭Scintillating I

Written by probationideadlyi on January 30th, 2013. Posted in Book of The Law


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